Sunday, June 18, 2017

Our lost cat Penny returns home...

Monday turned out to be a really good day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long bath. She got me dressed and up and the Woofpack came to get Robby for his hike. I was going to just go cruise around when I got a text from Kelly and she said she was downtown so I met her down there. We cruised around for a while and then headed over to the wharf for blackened fish tacos. They moved the homeless garden project store again but we found it, it's in the building over by Depot Park. I love that place, they have the most unique awesome stuff there. We cruised down to the end of the wharf and hung out for a while and then decided we better head home, I have an appointment with Susan at 3 PM and they drop Robby back off at the house at 3 PM. Susan came in to do some lymphedema massage, she's going back to massage school at DeAnza College and asked if I would be her guinea pig and I said of course. The new way of massaging is to softly massage the lymph nodes, it's supposed to help with stress, inflammation and nerve pain. It seems to work really well on me. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I wasn't very hungry so I didn't eat anything. Claudia came over and we played cards, it was so much fun. As we were playing cards Theresa and her daughter came in with Penny, they found her underneath the neighbor's house. I was so excited, I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the evening. what a great day!! It took me a long time to believe that it was really true, I messaged Karen to come over and verify and sure enough it is Penny. We finished playing cards although it is really hard for me to concentrate because I was messaging everybody to let them know that Penny was back.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and got me up and Robby and I cruised over to the wharf and then to downtown to meet my mom and Kelly at Zachary's for breakfast. As usual it was an awesome breakfast. I ran into Jake, I couldn't tell if he had a Zachary's T-shirt on or not. I met him at the wharf but the next time I saw him he said he was working downtown at new leaf. He's a really sweet guy. Before we left our server came up and said he remembered me from being in there before and you thought I was nice, how sweet is that?? We probably get about 100 customers a day but it made me feel good. Robby and I cruised over to the wharf and down to the end and back. On our way back a gentleman stepped out of his truck, he was parked behind one of the stores, and said "okay I have to ask…" I said "excuse me?" And he said I see you up and down here and up and down the boardwalk almost every day so I introduced myself and he introduced himself. He didn't have on a uniform so I'm not sure what he does but he was very nice, hopefully I'll see him again… I'm sure I will. For some reason the wink feature on my Google glass is not working so I have to look up, say "okay glass" and then say take a picture so I can't be as candid as I usually am. Most of the time when I meet people I take a picture of them because I'm really not very good with names.  We cruise down to the boardwalk and then home to rest for a bit. On our way back home we stopped by the lagoon to check out the goats, I saw a sign that said they were bringing them on Monday. Rosa came in and put me to bed and fed Robby and I, brushed my teeth and wash my face and I was out.

Wednesday was a really nice day. Susan messaged me and said she was coughing all night and she wasn't going to come in for my massage. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I didn't think I would have time to take a bath so I took a shower. I always seem to have problems with the receptionist at Numotion, I don't know if it's personal but I have heard other people complain about her. I called her a week maybe a week and 1/2 ago and told her that my batteries are dying, and only getting about 6 miles a day, and I needed new ones. She told me that she could have Daniel come out on the 21st, are you kidding me?? Three weeks from now? I was just thankful I was going to get new batteries so I didn't say anything but the last couple of days it's really been bothering me, I have been in a chair for 22 years and I know when my chair needs batteries. I've tried three chargers, one brand-new, and they didn't work and that only tells me one thing. I decided to send her an email and ask her if she could have Daniel bring me batteries when she comes, she replied back that that is not how they do things… Daniel needs to come out and verify. In my opinion she has no place with that job, she has no sympathy or empathy and refuses to help anybody out.  Because my batteries are so low Kelly agreed to drive me to my dentist appointment and she even waited for me, my dental hygienist and my dentist said my teeth look good. Kelly drove me back home and Robby and I cruised over to the wharf and then down to the life on wheels support group at Dominican rehab. There were only four people there, one gentleman I have never met before, but we had a really nice group. We talked about concerts, and a couple of other things I can't remember. After everyone left I asked Roger and Karen if there was anything I could do about Yvonne taking so long with everything I order, apparently I'm not the only one that has that problem. Karen said that she would send her an email and ask her if she could get my batteries replaced faster, Roger said he would also… They are so awesome! They made me feel a lot better. I cruised home and Rosa was already here so she put me to bed, fed me and I spent the rest of the evening watching television.

 Thursday turned out to be a relaxing and frustrating day. Karen came in and we decided to shave, do my nails and a couple of other things that we wanted to get out of the way before the wedding.  Robby got his bath and his nails done. We picked out some outfits for our trip to Modesto and an outfit for my birthday on Sunday. It was nice to get everything done but I'm so bored after, I really wanted to get out and cruise around while the weather was nice. Karen put me on my side for the day. Rosa came in and sat me back up and the rest of the evening was just watching TV and thinking about all of the events coming up.

Friday was a really good day. Karen came in and got me up and I cruised over to my appointment with Jennifer at simply skin, facial, waxing and eyelash tinting. After my appointment I cruised over to the wharf, I just can't go a day without looking at the beautiful views. I came back home and rested for a bit and then Kelly and by parked the van at the wharf, grabbed a beet sandwich and a Reuben sandwich from the picnic basket and headed over to the boardwalk for the first concert of the year… Eddie Money. We got there really early and met a couple of interesting people that we chatted with for a little bit before the concert started. The concert was excellent! They have one at 6:30 PM and another one at 8:30 PM, I have never seen that 8:30 PM show but one of these times I want to. They play a lot longer and of course more songs, not to mention the light show is awesome I hear. After the concert we cruised back home and Theresa was here doing my laundry and hanging out with Robby, I don't like to take Robby to the concerts because I don't want him to get stepped on… There's a lot of intoxicated people at the boardwalk while the concerts are on. Theresa put me to bed and I was out.

Saturday was a really nice day. Karen came in and got me up, Cindy has the weekend off. I headed downtown for my appointment with Jessica to get my haircut, died and highlights. After my hair appointment I met Kelly downtown to order some many cupcakes for the music in the park/birthday party for me on Sunday. We cursed around downtown for a while and then came on home.  We grabbed the van and headed over to Costco to get some stuff for sandwiches, some salads and chips and dip for the music in the park party. My friends Marshall and Elizabeth were coming to stay for a couple of days, Elizabeth is so good at organizing and putting together gatherings… I always feel relaxed knowing she will have everything under control. Theresa put me to bed and then marshal, Elizabeth and I watched at Harrison Ford movie called regarding Henry. I had seen it before a long time ago but Marshall and Elizabeth have not seen it, it was a great movie. I was so tired I nodded off a couple of times during the movie and by the time the movie was over we were all exhausted and went to sleep.

Sunday was a very exciting day! Not only was it my birthday but also Father's Day and the first music in the park in Los Gatos, a Doobie Brothers cover band was going to play and we were also excited. I took Robby for a little cruise just to expend some energy before we left. Marshall and Elizabeth went on ahead to set everything up, tables, chairs and food. Kelly and I went downtown to pick up the cupcakes and then over to pick up my friend Sacha. We made good time, I think the traffic was mostly going to Santa Cruz. When we got there they had a parking place saved for us right up front, how cool is that? We went and joined Marshall and Elizabeth for a while but it was just too hot, it was 102, we kept debating whether it was going to be too hot but I really wanted to see the Doobie Brothers cover band concert. Kelly, Sacha, Robby and I ended up hanging out in the Los Gatos Museum for a couple of hours because we couldn't stand the heat, it was 77° inside the museum. They close the museum at 5 PM and that's also what time the concert started so we left to go find some shade under the tree. It was so nice to see a couple of people that I had met before through Elizabeth, such caring sweet people. It was just too hot so we decided we better head home. Kelly and I took Sacha home, I was extremely overheated and everybody was dumping ice water and water on Sacha and I. We did get to watch most of the concert but then decided is better to leave. When were coming back to Santa Cruz the traffic was backed up on the other side, the people coming from Santa Cruz so we miss traffic both ways. We came home and Theresa was here so she put me to bed and we were going to hang out for a little while but everyone was just exhausted, I kept falling asleep. I had half a salad and a mini cupcake and fell asleep until I can feel my arms getting wet, my hydration bag hose came apart and all the water in the bladder was dumping out. Luckily only a little got on my shirt and the rest of it fell on the floor. I called my mom and her and Kelly came down and cleaned it up and got me more water, now I'm wide awake.

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betty said...

Happy belated birthday, Tammie! You had such a busy week! So glad Penny came home! That was the best part I bet!