Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This is going to be a really busy week…

 Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I just took a quick shower and got up. I visited with Marshall and Elizabeth for a while and headed for my dentist appointment, I get my teeth cleaned every three months. I left Robby here and he hung out outside with Marshall while Elizabeth relaxed inside. We decided on what to eat before Meaghan came in. She put me to bed and we started watching Dr. Phil and we both fell asleep, I woke up at 3:30 AM and they were just leaving to go home.

Tuesday was another good day. Cindy came in and got me up. Today was Robby's first day with the Woofpack, he was supposed to go yesterday but whoever was going to pick him up got snowed up in Tahoe and couldn't get back. Cindy took me over to my appointment with Dr. Owens, I haven't had a physical for a long time and it was really great to see her. She said I had a heart murmur and wanted me to get my hearing tested, I'm getting so old. After my appointment Cindy drove me over to New Leaf to do some grocery shopping. I came back home and rested for a bit and they brought Robby back, he looked so happy and she said everybody got along. Robby and I took off for a cruise through the lagoon and down Westcliff Drive, there was hardly any people out and I wanted to see if Robby had come down a little bit in front of other dogs and I am pleased to say that he did. I think this is going to be a good thing for him. It was so nice we just kept going down Westcliff Drive until I looked down and noticed that it was time to turn around, I had just enough battery charge to get back home. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I just relaxed and watched TV until I fell asleep.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and we started doing the program and I got to take a nice long hot bath, the jets in my tub still aren't working but it still felt great. I got some Himalayan bath salts and we started mixing it with essential oils, that is so relaxing. Karen got me dressed and up and I headed down to my facial/waxing appointment with Jennifer. I always feel so clean and fresh coming out of there. I headed down to the support group and hung out with Lisa for a while before it started, she was down there doing a wheelchair in eval. The support group was small, only about six people, but it went by fast and they are such neat people to talk to. Ronnie and I cruised back home and rested for a bit before Rosa came in to put me to bed. I was so tired I started watching TV and I was out.

Thursday was a pretty good day also. Karen came in a little early so we could make sure we had plenty of time to get me up and dressed and get over the hill to Stanford on time, last time we tried this there was a mudslide on 17 and we cruised around most of the day trying to find a way to get over the hill… We never made it. They gave me one of those paper outfits to wear for my fMRI, I am so nervous because I'm very claustrophobic but I'm trying to be brave. I took a lorazepam before we left and put another one in my chair in case I needed it for later. My aunt came over and drove Karen and I to my appointment. I had tendon transfer surgery done in 2001 and 2003 and every couple of years the research department at Stanford, Lisa Johansson, asked me to come in to do the fMRI to see how my brain is handling the switching of the tendons. The fMRI wasn't that bad but I was glad when it was over. We went to Panera on the way home and had a nice lunch. I got home and rested for a bit before Rosa came in to put me to bed, I was so exhausted I fell asleep right away.

Friday was a really long day. Karen came in early again to get me up for another appointment at Stanford. This time they put hair thin wires in the muscles on my right arm to test the strength, luckily Lisa and her assistant are really fun to hang out with… We joke around a lot which makes everything go faster. We did stop to eat, I thought we were going to so I only had half of a bagel and coffee. I had taken Robby for a cruise down to the wharf before we left because I couldn't take him with us, he's retired and not certified anymore, it's really sad and it breaks my heart to leave him here but I just can't take him. I took Robby for a cruise and rested for a bit and talk to my mom until Julie came, Julie and I had gotten tickets to see Judy Collins at the Rio theatre. I was so tired and thought about taking a nap but I thought it was better to take Robby for another cruise since he can't go to the theatre either. We cruise down to the wharf and ran into our friend Kevin, he's one of the security officers on the wharf and Robby just loves him. He was talking to another friend I had met named Babba, I see him all over town and he stands on the wharf on the weekend and places guitar… He's so friendly and lively he just makes you smile. He told me that he was moving to Europe and what a great trip he was going to have, he has had such a great life and he is such a happy man. I hope I see him again someday. We cruised back and rested for a bit before Julie came And we went to the crêpe place to eat before the concert, I had a salsa crêpe and it was amazing. The concert was sold out by the time I got tickets, I have no idea how I got them but I just went through the motions on the website and they charged me and gave me tickets even though it said that was sold out. Both Julie and I talked to a guy named Dave at the theatre, Foster knows him really well and he told us who to ask for. Even though we got general admission tickets we got to sit in the gold circle seating, right in the very very front row… It was amazing and everyone was so nice. There was a long line but Dave met us at the door and took us straight to our seats, as we were cruising to our seats I saw Mariposa and wanted to go say hello but I didn't want to get lost in the crowd. After we sat down she came over to say hello, she is always so sweet and it seems like I see her everywhere I go. Heather wasn't there, lately whenever I see Mariposa she's by herself or with friends so I hope they are doing okay. after the concert Julie brought me home, I was literally exhausted… Even though I didn't really have to do anything I just couldn't move and couldn't wait to just be alone I lay in bed and enjoy the quietness. Meaghan came in and put me to bed and I was out. I was really sad that I didn't take any pictures although they did ask us not to. I took my phone off to charge it while I took Robby for cruise before the concert and when I put the Google glass back on it wasn't linked to my phone and I couldn't get any pictures, I wanted at least one.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. Cindy came in and fed Robby and I and I was going to go on my side but I was still really sore and tired, my muscles hurt even worse today from the wires yesterday. Omar came in, it was really nice to see him, he had been on vacation in Mexico so course a lot of things broke while he was away.  He fixed the Jets in my bathtub. My aunt came over and I talked to my mom for a while before Meaghan came in, the thought of doing personal care horrified me but we had to do it. It was miserable but as soon as I got into the bathtub after I felt great. Karen fixed up several bags of Himalayan salt with essential oils so I tried one of those, it was the best bath that I have had for a long time. I went back to bed and watched this is us, I love that series. I then watch Dr. Phil for a while until I fell asleep.

My son was acting up, so I sent him to his room. As he stomped away, he yelled, "Jim Morrison was overrated!" "Hey," I said, "quit slamming the doors."

Sunday was a really good day. Cindy came in and I decided to get up, I saw on Friday how much traffic was coming over the hill and I knew it was going to be crowded but it was the first really really warm day and I wanted to be up in it. Cindy took me over to Costco and that wasn't too bad, I thought it was going to be a lot more crowded but I think everybody wanted to be outside. We came back and rested for a while and then Robby and I went for a cruise, he has been a lot more relaxed around other dogs since he's been hanging out with the Woofpack puppy Camp… Kinda shows me that most of the anxiety is me. We came home and Meaghan came in to put me to bed, she got done fast and went home which left me a lot of time to relax and watch TV.

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betty said...

How fun to see Judy Collins in concert! Sounded like a great evening too with where you got to sit for it!