Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving next…

Monday was an awesome day, Halloween! One of my favorite days of the year! Karen came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath before getting up. I was a cowboy, except everybody kept calling me Woody and come to think of it I did look like Woody. Robby was a bull with a cowboy riding on his back, when he would run the cowboy would flop back and forth and it was so cute. I went down to the post office to pick up a package, the slip was left in my mailbox. The mailman isn't knocking on the door because I saw him slip the slip in the mailbox, this has happened before and they said they would put a note on my box. They are only supposed to leave a slip when you're not there, the lady behind me was there for the same reason. What happened to the times when the mailman was so friendly and helpful?? Robby and I cruised downtown and just walked up and down the street taking pictures, they block off all the streets downtown from cars so people can walk around. They have the most amazing, creative costumes and I just love to take pictures. I ran into Sacha, Trish, Sandy, foster, Mariposa eight and a bunch of other people that I know or know of. I came back home for a while to rest and recharge everything because I knew it was going to be a long night. At 8:00 PM I started to go back down town and daughter not halfway and it started sprinkling, the water ruins my Google glass so I turned around and came back. I texted Rosa and told her it was starting to sprinkle so I wasn't going to go downtown and she showed up about 8:30 PM and talked me into going, we made it down to the end and halfway back before it started a downpour. We waited underneath one of the awnings and called Cindy to come and get us. We came back and Rosa put me to bed, such a great day!

Tuesday was an okay day, I just couldn't seem to wake up and that's okay because I don't have a morning caregiver. Cindy has the day off and Karen couldn't come in so I just stayed in bed and relaxed. I watched the movie Central Intelligence, it was a great movie. Halfway through the movie it stopped so I called her DirecTV and they said to try it again and they would take the first one off my bill… The second movie worked great. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I fell right to sleep.

Wednesday was a really great day! Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I were out of here, unfortunately because after more than a month I still don't have my batteries from Numotion so I can only go about 6 miles… I'm so tired of this but I don't expect to get them anytime soon. We cruised through the lagoon where I saw some really cool birds, I wish I knew what they were all called but they're really beautiful. I pass a lady in a stroller and she told me to look into the trees as I go up the hill to Bay St., Park and there's a beautiful eagle sitting in the trees. I finally got some really good pictures but when I came home and cropped them you can't even tell that there is an eagle there, I nature to take a lot just to be sure but you just can't tell. We cruised down Westcliff Drive for a little bit and then cruised over to the wharf, to the boardwalk and then back home. I saw the coach of the Derby girls and I really wanted to go up and say hi but I didn't do it, sometimes I just don't have enough nerve. Karen was taking down the Halloween decorations inside the house and Omar was taking them down outside, I'm going to be really sad to see them go. I rested for a bit before Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath. I was so exhausted I went right to sleep again, I don't know why I'm so tired all the time.

Thursday was a pretty good day. I wish I could've produced around a little bit more. Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I took off downtown for my appointment with my psychologist Carol. After the appointment I cruised over to the bank and I wanted to cruise down to Ross and world market to see what they have in the way of after Halloween sales but I didn't think I have enough time or battery so I just came home. Kay came in and touched up my hair, put in highlights and cut it, I'm trying to let it grow and is growing pretty fast… My hair is finally getting healthy again. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I watched TV for a little while.

Friday went by really fast. Karen came in and put me on my side and I decided to stay in bed. She finished taking down the decorations inside and took some of them down outside, I don't know if they're all down or not… I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I get up. Meaghan came in early so we can do some personal care and a bath and I still have time to relax and watch TV. When I stay in bed I usually stay on my side and my body really hates it, after a while I start sliding and I have a sore neck and back for couple of days but it's better than a pressure sore. I felt a lot better after a bath.

I have one of those Ring audio/visual doorbells. Every once in a while you have to take it off and charge it so I was charging it in the living room and this is what it picked up… I just got rid of all of my cable boxes so it couldn’t have been the TV. I just can’t figure it out and it’s kind of creepy. I listened to it over and over and this is what I could pick up… You have to turn the volume way up.


“I’m really sorry” “do you want to go trick-or-treating with me and your sister” “no no that’s stupid” “I don’t know what to say, I’m really sorry” “I get it I get it that’s what 15-year-olds do when they have a boyfriend” “your heart is broken, I wish I had a easy fix for that”

Saturday was a really nice day. Cindy came in and got me up and Robby and I went for a really nice long cruise, our regular cruise only with a lot of really cool big waves, I just couldn't take enough pictures because they were so beautiful. They have the Santa Cruz sea glass festival and the Santa Cruz hot rod Festival down by the boardwalk but I didn't go this year, I forgot to put some money in Robby's wallet. The sea glass festival will go on tomorrow, I don't know if Andree and her sons would be interested in going… I guess I'll find out tomorrow. They are coming over to hang out and celebrate Robby's birthday, he's going to be nine years old. Weather was really beautiful and I didn't want to come home except my batteries were dying so I had to, I hope I get my new batteries soon but I'm not can hold my breath. Meaghan came in and put me to bed and helped me figure out what the Ring reported, she's young and her ears are a lot better than mine. I watch Dr. Phil for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was an awesome day! Robby turns 9 today, I am so happy that he is in such great shape for a nine-year-old lab. Cindy came in and got me up and while I took Robby for a short cruise, I can't go very far because I STILL haven't heard anything about my batteries. I want to save a little bit of batteries to cruise around later. We cruised over to the lagoon and back, over the fence of the lagoon I saw a bicycle… We are having a huge problem with stolen bicycles here in Santa Cruz. I thought if I took a picture and saw the posting later on on the neighborhood watch website I could help somebody find their missing bike. We cruised back and rested for a bit and my friend Andree and her three sons MJ, Lucas and Vico came to help celebrate Robby's birthday. Cindy made a dog birthday cake with dog frosting and I found an edible card, some balloons, plates and napkins and candles. We went for a cruise over to the wharf and the waves were amazing, the weather was overcast and cloudy but comfortable. We cruised down to the end of the wharf and then back, we were going to watch a movie but we were having so much fun cruising around I lost track of time. My brother Stanley got here before we left so we got everybody downstairs and saying happy birthday to Robby and then Andree and her kids sang happy birthday to them in German. They made an apple cake that was really awesome so we all had cake, I forgot that I got dog ice cream and it was in the freezer. Meaghan came in so unfortunately it was time for everybody to go but we had a really good time. Meaghan put me to bed and I spent the rest of the evening looking at the pictures and watching TV. My mom and Stanley came down to put on my snorkel and take Robby out a final time. I fell asleep within the half-hour of putting on my snorkel.

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betty said...

Happy belated birtheday to Robbie! I can't believe he is 9 years old already!

Great pictures of the costumes, so much variety there!!