Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More family visiting and then more family visiting…

Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and I took Robby for a nice long cruise through the lagoon, through Bay St., Park, down Westcliff Drive, down to the end of the Santa Cruz wharf and back down to the end of the boardwalk and back. It was such a beautiful day and the weather was awesome, too bad I don't have my Google glass working. I hope I didn't make a mistake by setting it back to the factory settings. Rosa came in and put me to bed and we did some personal care and of course a nice long hot bath. I went right to sleep.

Tuesday was another great day. Cindy came in and got me up and we were going to go run a few errands but the time went by too fast and she had to be to her other job, she agreed to come on Tuesday mornings as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings so I can have somebody that drives to take me to appointments, shopping and errands… Plus she's kind of cool to hang around with. Robby and I went for a cruise around Santa Cruz, it was another beautiful day and great to be out and about. I email Numotion and to my surprise she actually emailed me back and said that she could have Daniel come out on the 28th to see what's wrong with my chair. I would rather email because when I call they usually just ignore my call and at least this way I have proof that I tried to get in touch with them. Rosa came in and put me to bed and fed Robby and I and I was so tired I fell asleep.

Wednesday was a nice relaxing day. Karen came in and I decided to just stay in bed.  While Karen was doing the payroll somebody rang the doorbell on my back door, the one that leads to my bedroom. That means they have to come all the way down my driveway, past the front door, and on my back porch… That just kind of creeped me out. After he drove away on his motorcycle I was thinking maybe it's the guy that ran through the fence and pushed my barbecue island into my van but Rosa told me this guy at the door and looked older. I'm thinking it's probably the guy that owns the property that the apartment complex next door is on. Bank of America was supposed to send a notary to my house at 11 AM and they kept putting it off and changing the time and she finally got here around 5:30 PM and wasn't out of here until 7 PM so needless to say we didn't get any personal care done and of course that means no bath but we will do it tomorrow. Rosa sat me back up to the computer and then went home so I just relaxed and watched TV until I fell asleep. The remote on my computer hasn't been working very well and Karen set up a program that David got for me called Blumoo and it seems to work really well it's just going to take a lot of practice, sometimes change is really hard but I will love it after I learn it… Until then David fix my remote so I can use one while I practice with the other. Sometimes I get a little too frustrated if I have to learn something and use it all in the same day, as I get older my mouth doesn't work as fast as my mind wants it to.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and the guy from open-door came to fix my door opener, the one in my room wore out so Omar switched it with the front door until I can get it fixed. You not only fixed the door opener but he also fixed my door so now it closes and locks properly, they told me this guy knows a lot about doors and he does… He was so helpful. I took off for my appointment with my psychologist Carol, I didn't see her last week so there was a lot to tell her about so it went by really fast. My glass was still not working so Karen fixed it while I was at my appointment, I swear that girl can do anything. I came back home and grabbed my glasses and a notice that I got in the mail that said I have a box to be picked up from the post office, I got it on Saturday and my mom and I were here all day, they do this all the time… I think they just don't want to carry the box up to the door. They said the box was way too big for me to even try to carry it back on my chair so they said they would send it out in the mail to my house the next day. I asked them why would they not know from the door and try to deliver it and they said they would put a notice to deliver it to the back porch instead of bringing it back because I really have no way of going down there and getting it, they were very nice about it. Robby and I cruised over to the Santa Cruz wharf, I got my glass and I missed taking pictures so much that I wanted to go take a bunch of pictures. It was really windy and the water was choppy, it was just really beautiful out. We came home and rested for a bit and then Rosa came in and we did some personal care that I got to take a nice long hot bath, man that felt great. Rosa put me back to bed and I fell asleep almost immediately.

Friday was another really good day. Karen came in and got me up at the guy that fixed the front door came back and fixed my backdoor, I have been trying to get those doors fixed for so long and it's such a nice relief to have them both working. The back door was so messed up that I could get the keyless entry from AT&T security because the door didn't line up so they said they could put it on until I have the door fixed properly. I like the AT&T security lock because I can market and unlock it from my cell phone or my computer. Robby and I took off for cruise through the lagoon and then I came back to ask the guy if he could program two more buttons to open my door and he did. Robby and I took off again for the Santa Cruz wharf and we cruised down to the end and back and then over to the boardwalk and down to the end of that and back, I love the ramp and the cruise across the sand so much that I just had to go back over there again. I wish they would leave it like that all the time but I know they won't, apparently during the winter the waves come right up to the boardwalk and it would just ruin everything. We cruised back home and I rested for a bit until Meaghan came into put me to bed. I watched the TV show Catfish until I fell asleep.

Saturday was a very exciting day. My cousin Debbie whom I haven't seen for over 20 years is coming to visit with her family. We got back in touch on Facebook and it has just been awesome! Cindy came in and painted my fingernails and toenails and I decided to stay in bed. Meaghan came in early so we can do some personal care and take a bath before my cousin and her family get here. I really excited and really nervous, I always am when I meet new people or see somebody I haven't seen for a long time. Debbie and her family got here exactly what they said they would, 7 PM. I always get really nervous like I said but they were so sweet that they maybe feel at ease right away. We talked for a while but I could tell everybody was really tired and everybody disappear for a while to go find where they were going to sleep and then my mom and Debbie came back down and we chatted until about midnight. I wish we had waited so long but it was so amazing to see Debbie again, I met Steve once before, and meet her family.

Sunday was an awesome day, for the most part. Cindy came in and got me up and I got to visit with everybody in the living room for a while and then we decided to go for cruise. We were just going to go to the lagoon and back and that's what we should have done because it was already 80° outside but I decided to push it a little bit further and we were going to go down to the Santa Cruz wharf and to the boardwalk. We decided not to go down to the end of the Santa Cruz wharf because it's mostly laptop and Robby can't take that so we cruised down towards the boardwalk, I made it to the taffy pulling candy store and mentioned that I think we need to go back because I was overheated, a couple of them actually were too. We stopped at this little store on the way back I got a bag of ice and they filled Robby's poop bags with ice and stuff them around my neck, that helped a great deal. We made all of these plans to go out to eat or to get something and bring it back and barbecue but by the time by caregiver got there I just leave it to go to bed and cool down, everybody was so understanding. We ended up ordering pizza and just sitting around and chatting, I can't say enough how sweet and caring all these people are. Ever since we got back I was fighting sleep so I finally had to just say good night and we talked about getting up early in the morning and going to the wharf and the boardwalk before it got too hot, it was going to be a better hot day.

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betty said...

Seemed like you enjoyed your time with your family, Tammie! Always good to connect no matter how many years it has been! I like to do things in email; as our pool cleaner person says "it helps to have a paper trail" to look back and see previous conversations about things. I bet it is starting to get less crowded in your neck of the woods :)