Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Still searching for a new caregiver…

Monday was a pretty good day, I was ready to get up and out of this bed. Karen came in and got me up and Lisa came in to take me shopping, I was ready to go shopping also. We went by the post office because I got one of those notices that they tried to deliver a package but nobody was home, there was about four people here… We went to Staff of Life to get dairy free plain yogurt, gluten-free cinnamon raisin bagels, already cooked ribs, already cooked chicken, olives, already made sushi, seaweed salad, mangoes, avocados, blueberries, baby carrots… I went there for yogurt and bagels, who says if you eat before you go shopping you don't buy as much?? We came back home and I rested for a bit before Rosa came in. She put me in bed and I fell sleep almost immediately. I hope I find a weekend evening caregiver soon.

Tuesday was a really good day. Cindy came in and got me up and Robby and I went for a cruise, it was a really nice day. We cruised through the lagoon and down Westcliff Drive, it was so beautiful we just kept on going… I forgot I was supposed to go out to dinner and the battery on my chair was pretty low when we got back. I rested for a bit and Kelly came down and we went over to Lupilo's to have dinner, they sometimes have pop-up restaurants and tonight it was Pho… I love that stuff! We left Robby here and as it turns out it's a good thing we did, we got there at 4:58 PM and there was nobody there so we ordered and got our Pho pretty quick and as we were talking I looked around and all of the sudden the place was packed and they were lining up down the block. It was so awesome! After dinner we decided to cruise around town for a little bit and then headed over to The Penny Creamery to get some ice cream, we both got writing with chocolate chips and Kelly got a scoop of Earl Grey ice cream. I looked down in my chair was almost dead, I forgot after dinner so we rushed back to the parking lot… I don't know why we rushed but we did. We got home and I again rested for a bit before Rosa came in and put me to bed, just as she left my TV screen went black… It had been cutting in and out for about a week or two but it was gone so I started to watch a DVD from Netflix, a series called Silicon Valley and I immediately fell asleep. I didn't think I was tired but I have noticed as soon as I start focusing on just one thing I'm out. Usually I'm going back and forth between TV Facebook and Solitaire but I had to concentrate on the screen in front of me. I woke up several hours later and the DVD was finished.

Wednesday was another pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and try to fix my TV but she couldn't do it, we looked it up and found out that it's probably one of the boards that went out in the television so I just decided to go take Robby for a cruise and maybe Karen will figure it out and fix it while I'm gone, she is so good at all that technical stuff and I really learned a lot from her… I just wish I could remember it all. We cruised through the lagoon and down to the end of the Santa Cruz wharf and back.  I called the place where I bought this TV and they said I had to repair it with the warranty through Samsung because it is a Samsung television. I just about went crazy trying to remember how I paid for the television, I knew they were going to want all kinds of information. All of my credit cards have been fraudulently used and replaced so many times I didn't even know where to start. My American Express turned into Citibank and I couldn't get into any of my American Express records. I don't even know how I found it but I did eventually on PayPal, I'm so glad because they have all of the information I needed… I love PayPal and I'm going to start using it more. I got a hold of the sand some people and they were very cooperative and they found a repair man in my area and asked him to call me… And he did. I wanted to go to the farmers market before Rosa came in, I was craving one of those chickpea Indian wraps. We didn't end up going before Rosa came in by Kelly went and she brought me back one Rossa brought me a taco and a quesadilla so I shared my wrap with her. It was the first time she had ever had naan bread and I'm pretty sure she liked it. We did some personal care and then I got to take a really nice long hot bath. I went to bed and fell asleep listening to an audiobook, maybe I should turn my TV off more often? It forces me to only concentrate on one thing and fall asleep.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I headed downtown for my appointment with Carol. It went by really fast because I had a lot to say. We cruised through downtown and then over to depot Park and back home, We cruise down towards the Santa Cruz wharf and I always noticed these titles along the walls surrounding the police department but they stopped and got a closer look and took some pictures. I stopped at Robby's vet on the way back to pick up some medicine that I ordered a couple of days ago but I couldn't ring the bell. They have a ramp in the back and a doorbell but you have to open this flap and it was hard to open with the little strength that I have, I had ordered it a couple of days ago and forgot all about it. Oh well I can't get in… I cruised home and rested for a bit before cruising back through downtown and over to my appointment with Jennifer for my facial, I always leave feeling so clean and fresh. I came home and talked to Kelly for a bit before Rosa came in and Kelly agreed to go down and get Robby's medicine. Rosa put me too bed and I relaxed and watched TV for a while before I nodded out.

Friday was another relaxing day. Los Lobos was the concert playing tonight and I'm so sorry that I missed it but I didn't have an evening caregiver so I ended up staying in bed. Karen came in and fed Robby and I and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath before I went back to bed and slept on and off all day. Stanley made beef Wellington, asparagus and fried potatoes, it was really really awesome!

Saturday was another relaxing day, I hope I don't have too many more of these relaxing days because it's making me crazy. It's funny, when I want to stay in bed it's great but when I have no choice but to stay in bed I go crazy. It's really nice on those days to have my older brother because he comes in every once in a while and cheers me up with his great/corny jokes and coffee and something to eat. I watched TV and then fell asleep.

Sunday was more of the same. Cindy came in and we did the flash and go on my legs and then Stanley made this killer breakfast and then she sent me back up for the rest of the day. I watched TV and make plans to start training a new girl on Monday… FINALLY!

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betty said...

Hope the new caregiver works out, Tammie. You took a lot of great pictures this week!