Sunday, July 19, 2015

Waiting for life to get back to normal…

Monday was an okay day. My stomach was growling really loud all night long so I was really glad to see Karen when she came in. We did some more personal care and put me on my side and that's where I spent the rest of the day. David and Melissa made some mayonnaise from scratch, it was really good, and cooked some artichokes so we had that for lunch.I slept on and off for most of the day. Rosa came in and then she got a phone call from her cousin saying that her aunt had passed away and they were having service for her tonight. She always feels that when she has to leave early but she's always your and I know she only leaves if it's necessary so it doesn't bother me at all, family comes first.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Lisa came in and got me up and I decided to have her driving me to my dentist appointment because I didn't want to leave Robby at home and it was too far for him to go since he has been so sick. After the dentist Lisa drove me down to AT&T to get my phone fixed, it kept asking for a password and I didn't have one. We cruised over to world market and I got the curtain for my bathroom in case David or Melissa wanted to take a bath in my Jacuzzi tub, while I was there I found two throw pillows that match the curtain. We continued on over to Ross and found a shower Caddy, retractable curtain rod and shower curtain rings, we also found some other stuff that we couldn't do without of course. Janet came down for the night, to visit with her younger son and his new wife Melissa and to pick up her older son at the airport on Wednesday. I've been hearing about this new restaurant called Your Place up on Mission Street so we decided to give it a try. My mom, Janet, David, Melissa and myself went up to try the restaurant… All the food in this restaurant is from the farmers markets and in the area and the oil and vinegar's are from all of connection and it was great, everybody loved it… We will definitely be back. Each table at the restaurant had really cute, unique salt and pepper shakers so of course I had to go by and take a picture of all of them. My cousin Rich came by with his two little girls to meet David and Melissa, okay Melissa… Obviously he is already known David. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, I fell asleep before she left so she didn't want to put on my CPAP machine and wake me up… I really appreciate that.

Wednesday was another great day. Janet, David, Melissa, Robby and I took a trip over to Henry Cowell redwoods to hike around for a while, it's so beautiful there. After we hiked around we went to Oaktree Ristorante, I had been there once before and it's not only beautiful but the food is really good… We all enjoyed it very much. We came back and then went down to the farmer's markets, I have been dying for somebody to go to the farmers market with me… I need to learn to start going by myself but until then I have David and Melissa for a couple more months. Rosa came in and put me to bed and fell asleep again right away. I love these long days, I feel like such a grown-up being able to stay up past 4 PM.

Thursday was a pretty good day. I got up and cruise down to my appointment with my psychologist, I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks because of the Oregon trip and when I got back a pressure sore breakdown… I promised myself to stay in bed for even the littlest of pressure problems. It was really nice to see Carol and I have a lot to say, I always do. I came back home and rested for a bit and then Kay came over to do my hair, touchup and a haircut. Rosie came in, put me to bed and I did some personal care… And of course a nice long hot bath.

Friday David, Melissa, Robby and I cruised over to Capitola Village. We had lunch at Zelda's, I had heard about that place a lot and wanted to go and nobody was disappointed. We cruised around Capitola Village for a while, the weather was perfect and the wharf was beautiful… I have never been before. I cruised around the shops before but never really went in them, they have such beautiful stuff there. We came back home and David and Melissa took a nap while Robby and I went for a cruise, it seems like forever since Robby has pancreatitis and we were able to go anywhere… It felt great to be out. Our plan was to go to the concert on the beach, Berlin, but we never made it and we had a great time. We went down to the olive connection and tasted the wine and vinegar combinations and brought home a sample pack to try on salads, we were in there for a really long time and the owners are so nice it's hard to leave. As we left the store right next door is nut creations and the smell encouraged us to go in and check it out. We tasted a lot of nuts and came home with a care package, it was so hard to choose because everything is so yummy! We went down to Laili's, I had been telling the newlyweds about this place all day and I was so excited to go there but of course it was an hour-long wait because we didn't make reservations… I should have known better. We went down to Mobos and had a great dinner out on the patio so it's all good… We will try Laili's another day and make reservations. Elena came in and put me to bed and again I was fast asleep before she left.

Saturday was an awesome day. I got up and crew stand to Cowell's Beach for Day on the Beach, once a year and organization called Shared Adventures invites all people with different needs to participate in a bunch of really cool fun. They built a platform on the beach and have canoes, outriggers, scuba diving… It is really amazing to see so many people having so much fun. Share Adventures is such an awesome organization. Pretty much everybody participates volunteer, that is so amazing. They have different bands, magic acts, dancing routines… They also have food and drinks. I watched the therapists put a gentleman in a canoe and although I needed to go home I just couldn't stop watching, it took them kind of a long time but they all stayed caring and patient… The smile on the gentleman's face was the best thing I saw all day. I ran into Kathy, she lives in Sacramento and I met her when I was living in San Jose… Her and her caregiver came down and stayed with me a couple of times. I also ran into Sasha, I met her a few years back and I see her every month at the support group. I also saw Karen, a therapist at Dominican rehab, she is also cofacilitator for the support group. Her aunt Livnat volunteer for Day on the Beach every year. I hated to leave but I had to come home and rest because Teresa, David, Melissa, Robby and I went back to Your Place for dinner and then over to the Civic Auditorium to see the Derby girls bout… I don't usually take Robby but I wanted to see how it would go. We got to the auditorium a little early so we went back to nut creations to kill some time, of course we got snacks while there. Aki texted me to see if we were going to the bout, she usually does first aid standby but this time she was going to be in the audience so she sat with us, it was so great to see her and her husband Alex and catch up a little… We decided we are going to do a sushi, series watching, in and out painting party. I cannot wait to catch up with them more, it was kind of noisy at the Derby girls bout. They use a little across the street and their daughter Cassidy was my first caregiver and was with me for about five years, I still keep in touch with her a little but I'm hoping we can make it more. We came home and Teresa put me to bed and again I didn't even get to use my CPAP machine because I was out.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day, I decided to stay in bed and rest and David and Seth when surfing while Melissa relaxed on the beach and watch them. When Seth was little he really enjoyed hanging out with David when they were visiting, Seth is my cousin Rich's son. I slept on and off all day and watched TV. Elena came in and sat me up and got me something to eat… And Robby. David grilled bison burgers and Teresa made roasted potatoes and chard… It was awesome. I had a salad for lunch and dinner with cranberry and pear vinegar and Tuscany herb oil, Tuscany oil has garlic, sun-dried tomato and herbs… One of my favorites.

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betty said...

It sounds like you are having fun with your company, Tammie, getting out and enjoying restaurants and sight seeing around :) All the pictures looked great! I think I would have enjoyed the restaurant with the different salt and pepper shakers too :)