Monday, July 13, 2015

Back from the wedding and all is well…

Monday the girls got me up and packed everything back up while I cruised around the parking lot with Robby. They were so fast and efficient, they work really well together and got along great. We Dropped Karen off at her place in San Jose and when we got home the front door was unlocked, I purposely locked all of the deadbolts from the inside so nobody could come in but of course they did anyway. David and Lisa unloaded everything from the car and we decided to clean everything up the next day. David and I walked down to the little Mexican restaurant and got dinner. Rosa came in and put me to bed, we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath. I was knocked out before she left.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Lisa came in and got me up and I took Robby for really long cruise through the lagoon, down West-cliff Drive, down to the end of the wharf and back and then home. I wanted to spend a little bit more time with my little brother before he had to leave in the morning. We had dinner and hung out for a while until Rosa came in to put me to bed and once again I fell right to sleep.

Wednesday was a great day. It was sad to see my little brother going back home but we really have a nice visit. Karen came in and got me up and I headed down to Dominican rehab for our Life on Wheels support group, I don't remember what number but I want to say our fourth or fifth. Eight people showed up and we had a really nice chat, was 3:30 PM before we knew it… The support group starts at 2 PM and is supposed to go for an hour but it's always really nice when it goes longer. I cruised back down and met Teresa at the farmers market and restock to the refrigerator. We came back and Rosa came in to put me to bed while Teresa cooked. I had ribs, potatoes and greens for dinner. I'm trying this new enzyme diet to see if it will help with my stomach problems so Teresa made the greens with black garlic, it's supposed to digest better and it tastes pretty good. I watched TV for a while and then fell sleep, I have been sleeping so great lately and it really makes for a happier day's.

Thursday was a really bad day. I was starting to get a pressure sore so I decided to stay in bed and it's a good thing I did. Karen came in and we did some personal care and when she took Robby out before she left he kept running back to the dog run and he had diarrhea and got sick. She brought him in and gave him some canned pumpkin and about a half hour after she left Robby just started screaming, she kept moving around uncomfortably and I could hear his nails scratching the floor. I called his vet and they sent to bring him right in so my mom drove him down and dropped him off. Dr. Martinelli called and said that they didn't witness him screaming and they're going to give him an x-ray and then she called me back after a while and said that they couldn't see anything but last time we brought again Dr. Shuman said that he thought he might a sore back. Dr. Martinelli even something for his stomach and some tramadol and said they would watch it for a couple of hours. I called Dr. Martinelli at 5 PM and she said that he had calmed down and to bring him home, keep him calm and give him rice and cottage cheese for a few days. Kelly went and picked him up for me and he's resting quietly on his bed. Rosa came in and I got to take a nice long hot bath and I know Robby's okay so I'm just relaxed.

Friday was not a good day but it was… Susan came in to give me a massage at 6 AM, Robby started whining shortly after that. I decided it would be better to take him back down to the vet for the day so they can watch him, my other choice was to wait but I would rather have been down there where they can give him something for the pain if he needs it… His crying just breaks my heart. Dr. Martinelli called me and said they think Robby as pancreatitis, they don't really know how he could have gotten it because he could have gotten it several different ways but they're going to keep him and watching for the day… There is one more blood tests before they are sure. If that's what he has its just sedation, rest and a bland diet and he will be back to normal. I decided to just stay in bed and miss Macy Gray tonight at the concert, I didn't think it was fair for me to go out while poor Robby is miserable. The newlyweds are here, very exciting! My nephew and his new bride are going to be sitting here for a while, they already have a bunch of things planned! I should probably let them get settled in their room first before I bombard them with outings?? Elena came in and washed, folded and put away a bunch of my laundry… there was a lot left from the trip and there will be a lot more when Stanley brings my luggage that he took. I just got a message from Karen and she said that she is really sick a not able to come in tomorrow morning, I'm having a big barbecue four everybody that works for me so I don't know what I'm going to do but I do know that Karen never calls in sick so she must be feeling pretty bad. I texted Teresa, Lisa and Rosa and didn't hear back from anyone of them so I decided it would just be better to cancel it reschedule for another time, hopefully I have enough room in my refrigerator for all of this meat.

Saturday was kind of a bummer, I texted as many of the girls as I could and nobody answered. David got up and fixed breakfast for everyone, it was a great breakfast… I could really get used to this. Omar came in to clean up and set things up for the barbecue. David and Melissa had breakfast with my mom and I and we visited for a while, Kelly came over from across the street and hung out with us for little while so it made the day go by faster. EverybodyFinally got the message and the barbecue was officially canceled. It's probably a good thing because Robby needs to be kept quiet for at least the next five days. Dr. sugar called and said he definitely does have pancreatitis so more sedation, bland diet and no exercise… She says out to the yard to go to the bathroom and back and that is it. He already seems better and that is a big relief. David also barbecued dinner and it was really great, it is so great to have David and Melissa around and not just because David Cook's great. Elena came in and got everything started until Teresa got here and then we started the very long personal care evening. I was really looking forward to getting it over with and taking a nice long hot bath but it didn't quite about the way. We didn't get any results at all so no bath. I drank some prune juice, took three Dulcolax… As well as a lorazepam and hoped for sleep.

Sunday so long, miserable day. Teresa came in and did some personal care, it basically took all day long. We thought I was finished so I got to take a nice long hot bath but I wasn't. Elena came in and took over for Teresa, she was exhausted and needed to go home. We finally finished up and Elena went home and my mom, David, Melissa and I played cribbage… We haven't played cribbage for a long time and it was so much fun. My mom and I partners and David and Melissa were partners and we each won one game.

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betty said...

Oh Tammie, I'm so sad to hear about Robby and his pancreatitis; glad the vet figured it out, but sad Robby will have to be quiet for a bit. Glad you were able to spend the time that you did with your brother and that the newlyweds are in town for a bit too! I'm sure you'll enjoy the time with them!