Thursday, July 9, 2015

Trip to Oregon on Thursday and the wedding on Saturday…

 Monday was an okay day. We were going to do some personal care and that I was going to get up and get in a really great day of cruising around with Robby but that didn't happen, personal care took way longer than we anticipated. Karen came in and we got a lot of last-minute stuff done before our Oregon trip so that's a relief. Rosa came in and I got to take a nice long hot bath and fell asleep right after.

Tuesday was a really good day. Lisa came in and got me up and took me over to see Dr. Hurray, such that happy name for such a happy Dr. Robby loves to see him and after my appointment he sits in the chair in the hallway and when I really sloppy is so cute… I can't tell which one is the happiest. After the appointment we went to AT&T to see at my phone was there yet, it wasn't. When I went on Sunday they told me it would be there on Monday but I waited until Tuesday to make sure, I told them I was leaving Thursday morning for a trip and they assured me it would be there and they would call but I never got the call. I don't know what I'm going to do it is not there tomorrow. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, down W. Cliff Dr., to the end of the wharf and back, to the end of the boardwalk and back and home. It looks like the goats are almost through at the lagoon, it didn't even know they were there until Sunday. I came home and rested for a bit, it was really hot out today. Teresa came in and help me do some last minute things for our trip, cleaned up the bedroom for David and Melissa and cooked. Rosa came in and put me to bed and cleaned up my chair really good for the trip. David showed up about 9 PM, it was so exciting to see him and I'm so glad he's here.

Wednesday was a great day. Karen came in to get me up and go over the final check on the packing list, she did such a great job packing and thought of everything. Dave took me over to see if my cell phone came in, thank goodness it did… I thought it was going to have to get my money back and go over to Best Buy because I needed it for the trip. We went downtown to look for a gag gift for the wedding and David found a puzzle and he was going to put a note on it that said something like "if you two can finish the puzzle together you can conquer anything in life"… I thought that was pretty cool. We went over to target so David could get a gift card for a wedding present. We came home and had Chinese food with mom, Tom and Kelly. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Thursday was an exciting day! Karin came in and got me up and make sure that we had everything that needed to go out on the porch. Lisa came in and we packed up the van and left. I'm always so ambitious in thinking that we would be able to make it in one day, the traffic was so bad it took us a couple of hours just to get San Jose. We decided to stop in Red Bluff for the Knight, we found a really nice comfort in… I was really impressed with the place.  They had a really beautiful fountain out in front so I asked David, Karen, Lisa and Robby to sit on the edge of it so I can take their picture. They were all smiling really nice and then all of a sudden they all started screaming, Robby's tail was in the fountain and she started wagging it and everybody was getting wet… It was hilarious. We did have a lift because I rented one in Oregon so I left mine at home but everything worked out great, We put the sling on me, I laid the chair flat and David, Karen and Lisa just picked me up with the sling and set me on the bed… It was so easy. 

 Friday was also a great day, it was so nice to be on a trip. The girls woke up early and went and got breakfast… Eggs, bacon, fruit and a mini bagel. I ran Robby around the parking lot while they packed up the car and we were on our way once again. We made it to Silverton Oregon and it was pretty warm. The room was really nice and all of my stuff was waiting there. We've rearranged the room, thank goodness it was hardwood floor, so my cot would fix along the wall… It worked out perfectly. We did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot shower, I didn't want to get out but I had to get some sleep.

 Saturday was very exciting, the day of the big wedding. Everybody slept really good, Karen and Lisa worked really well together and had me up and ready in no time. They had a great kitchen and the purpose was delicious… Poached egg, hash browns, bacon and hazelnut toast! Well got back in the van and cruised up to the park when the wedding was, such a beautiful park, Karen and Lisa dropped us off and then went to go cruising around and see the sights. Dave and I cruised around the park a little bit before the wedding started, everything was just so beautiful and perfect. I asked David what he thought about me having Robby bark when Stanley comes to the part about "is there anybody here who thinks this marriage should not happen?" He thought it was funny and went to ask Stanley but Stanley didn't really give him an answer… Stanley never asked the question. My brother Stanley performed the ceremony and he did such a great job!  I told David that when they asked "does anybody disapproval of this reunion" I was going to have Robby bark, David thought it would be hilarious but went to ask Stanley what he thought and he didn't really get any answer so we decided not to… Stanley never asked. They had the coolest setup! Each table had a little bag of cookies with the D, the & sign and the letter M for David and Melissa. Somebody else crochet xoxo on all the napkins and they were tied with rosemary. There were chips and pineapple salsa on each table with a really beautiful centerpiece. They hired a taco truck, they were trying to figure out what to have for the wedding and they saw a taco truck and stopped to try one and they were really good so I asked them if they want him out and serve tacos for the wedding… What a great idea. Everyone got three tacos, rice and beans… They were delicious. Instead of a wedding cake they set up two ladders, but place in between the steps and serve donuts… They were so fresh and it looked really cool. After we ate and cruise around with Robby for a while and everything was so beautiful I almost didn't want to turn around and come back but I was afraid I would get lost. We all went back to the inn and went to sleep. The lift that I rented was awesome!

Sunday we got up and cruised over to the restaurant in the inn and had breakfast, of course I have the same thing that I had Saturday morning. The restaurant was so beautiful and they had a really nice bar, I kind of wished I wouldn't know that the night before. We drove about halfway back and stay in the same comfort inn that we stayed on the way up. The girls put me back to bed in no time at all and we fell fast asleep.

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betty said...

The wedding looked really nice, Tammie! Glad the trip went well and you had your new phone for it. LOL with Robby and his tail in the fountain, that would have been a sight to see!