Monday, January 5, 2015

Up and out of here this week, I hope it's nice…

Monday was a pretty good day. Lisa came and got me dressed and ready to get up, I stayed in bed until Audrei and Todd from Numotion came to fit me for my new backrest. Its foam fitted to my back is supposed to be pretty amazing, it seemed like it was… I am really excited about it. After we were done I asked the guy about getting a seat made of the same stuff and of course she said he wished that he would have known because then he could make both at the same time, at least I brought it up before he sent it off to the manufacture. It's always great to see Andrei and Todd was pretty cool. We were talking about diabetes and he has a monitor that he wears that beeps when he has highs and lows, he says he's had diabetes since he was nine years old. After they left we did some personal care and it was so late we just did a bed bath, I'll take a bath tomorrow. It looks like we have officially been adopted by a seemingly stray cat, the girls painting it Roxy. It won't come in the house or in the garage so that's great. We found an old blanket and it pretty much stays on the back porch. Her and Robby are slowly getting to know each other and this kind of cute.

Tuesday was a great day, really cold and windy but I got to get up and cruise around with Robby. Omar brought a bunch of rock so that hopefully we can keep the cats from pooping all over my yard and we can keep Robby from eating it, it looks really good… Clean! We cruised through the lagoon, up through Bay St., Park, down W. Cliff Dr. and back, down to the end of the wharf and back and down to the end of the boardwalk and back… I'm surprised I made it that far because the wind was really whipping and I was freezing. I wanted to go downtown and get my glasses and go over to Trader Joe's and get my cinnamon crack, I found this Earth balance cinnamon spread that is killer and I can't stop eating it on everything. I came back and rested for a bit and Andrei came by to get his jacket that he left here yesterday, he is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Rosa came in and said Robby and I… Robby had the usual and I had meatballs over miracle noodles and spaghetti squash and zucchini. Rosa gave me a shower, I would rather ha a bath because I was freezing but it did warm me up so I'll take it. The rest of the evening and just got to relax and watch intervention.

Wednesday was a pretty good day.  Karen came back from her two-week vacation in Mexico and it was so great to have her back. Angie came over the hill to put on my jamboree nails that I bought from her, it was really nice to see them all. She brought her husband and her three kids, her kids are so cool! I went downtown to pick up my glasses, the prescription on the changed and they update them for free… It will be so nice to have my glasses. When I went by I noticed that they were setting up for the farmers market, I went by about 1 PM and they usually are setting up by then, I'll have to check online because I thought it was year round. Rossa came in to put me to bed so she could spend New Year's Eve with her family.

Happy New Year!! Thursday was the first day of 2015. I got up and took Robby for a nice long cruise, even though it was really cold it was so awesome to be out and about. We cursed the lagoon, Bay St., Park, a little bit down W. Cliff Dr., down to the end of the wharf and back and down to the end of the boardwalk and back, and laid back in the sun on a few times and I just want to come back. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a shower, better than nothing.

Friday was a good day. A little bit colder than it has been or maybe because I have been up for three days the cold is really getting to me, I couldn't wait to cruise around with Robby and get back and turn the heater way up. We went through our regular cruise and again even though it was really cold it was better than staying in bed. Teresa came in and put me to bed.

Saturday was such a crazy day. I woke up with the feeling that I was getting sick, you know how your nose starts itching and I kept sneezing. It has been really cold outside so I'm not surprised when I decided to get up anyways, I was excited about going to Costco.  Maybe I should have stayed in bed… I decided to cruise Robby through the lagoon and go downtown to Fed ex, the FedEx driver left a note on my door… He didn't even try to knock… To say I had a package that need to be signed for. While cruising down the sidewalk by chair just all of a sudden stopped, and tried to turn it on but nothing would even light up so I texted Lisa. After about five or 10 minutes she didn't answer me so I texted Omar, and goodness he was at my house when I left. He said he was on his way and Lisa was following him. I remembered that one time after going over a bumpy bridge this switch on the back of my chair towards the bottom, I'm not even sure what it's there for, shut off so that was the first thing that I had Omar check and sure enough… I went over a bump and it shut off the switch. I'm so glad that it wasn't anything major. Lisa picked me up and we went to Fed ex only to find that it wasn't there yet, I guess they try to three times first at your house. We went on to Cosco and soon regretted it but I really needed some supplies, been there for quite a while. As we were leaving I saw a couple in the aisle waiting for us to so they could help our parking place so we loaded up quickly and as we were leaving another guy behind us screeched his wheels trying to get into the parking place. The guy waiting in the aisle got out of his vehicle and went over to talk to the guy and the guy actually pushed him back with his vehicle and have ran over his foot, Lisa said when she looked back the guy was putting his shoe back on and they were yelling at each other. I'm really sorry that we did not go back and get the couple our name and number in case they wanted us to be a witness. The guy made me so angry and I couldn't stop thinking about it all day long. I rested for a bit and then took Robby on a cruise to the wharf where we just laid back for a while and relaxed, it was so beautiful. The pelicans are coming back and I just love to watch them. We cruised over to the boardwalk which was a little crowded for us and then cruised back and waited for Teresa. She texted me on the way back and said she was going to stop by Tony and Alba's to get gluten-free pizza, told her I wanted sausage, pineapple, artichokes and mushrooms… The pizza at this place is amazing. I'd have their garlic bread and their meatball sandwich, everything I've ever had from their is awesome! Teresa put me to bed and I just relaxed and watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Sunday I decided to stay in bed, being out in the cold the last couple of days I was just freezing by the end of the day and I wanted a day to stay warm and make sure that I don't get sick.  Lisa to my manicure, partially jamboree nails… There are more of an adhesive than a polish… And she also put polish on some. We've been having problems with animals pooping in our yard so Teresa got some animal deterrent powder to spread around to see if that works, there was poop on the rocks again this morning so I saw an article on Facebook that said vicks vapor rub will detour animals so we decided to try that, we will see. I laid on my side for a while and then I got a call from my old neighbor Jerry, he said him and his girlfriend were going to be in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by. I wish I would have known because I would have gotten up, I wasn't sure if I was getting sick and I certainly don't want to get anybody else sick if I am so hopefully they will decide to come back soon… They're both really cool people and I'm glad that we kept touch all these years. Teresa came in and cooked meals for me all week while we did personal-care, everything smelled so good. Whenever I go to Costco now and get a rotisserie chicken, I used to not even like chicken very much and now it's one of my favorites… Especially the rotisserie chicken.


betty said...

I liked the picture of that long wooden walkway, Tammie. That wouild be fun to walk on and look around on. How cute with the stray cat; she looked like she was curious with Robbie! It was cold last week, but I heard it is supposed to be warming up a bit this week, even into the 80s in San Diego area.

We are settling in at Prescott, Arizona. I do have some sad news, didn't want to say anything before because of all the busyness with the holidays and then our move, but we had to put Koda (our corgi) to sleep on 12/23; his lymphoma (cancer) came back. We had him for 4 years almost after the first diagnosis of cancer so we were grateful, but of course it was devastating and he will always be missed. However, we are going to remain dog free for a bit while we settle here.


chippertue said...

Oh Betty, I'm so sorry about Koda… Losing a treasured dog is always so hard. It's great that you have such awesome memories that will stay with you forever.

Anonymous said...

I like your nails. Mine are in the same color family. Peace & Love & OPI.