Monday, January 19, 2015

My mom and Kelly are going on a trip…

 Monday was a pretty good day. The visiting nurse came and said that my pressure sore is completely closed up, that means not only can I start taking a bath but no more waiting for the visiting nurse to come in the morning before I can get up. I got up and cruised with Robby through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive and back, to the end of the boardwalk and back and partway down the wharf and back and then home because it was already 3:30 PM… Today went by fast. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I watched Big Bang theory until I fell asleep, I love that show.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. I got up and cruise Robby through the lagoon and down to the end of the wharf and back and then Lisa picked me up and we went to Costco, thank goodness no fights broke out this time… It's definitely better to go on Tuesday than on a Saturday. Omar made a kitty litter box for the cat and adopted us. We came back and I rested for a bit and ate my chicken bake, well half of it anyway, and then took Robby for another cruise. This weather is so incredible! I came back and Rosa put me to bed, we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath… Man did that feel great! I started watching intervention but fell asleep, thank you nice long hot bath!

Wednesday was another really great day. I got up and took Robby for our extra long regular cruise, about 7 1/2 miles. I love looking over at Robby while we're cruising along and he looks up at me and just has the biggest smile and look so happy, it just melts my heart. We came back and rested for a bit and then Teresa came in and cook some beef Wellington, it was AMAZING, and she did some zucchinis in a coconut/lemon oil I got on Amazon… It was also incredible! Rosa put me to bed and I just watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Thursday was a great day. I got up and cruised over to Walnut Street where I have an appointment with my new psychologist, I hope this one works out because after listening to me for an hour the other one decided I was too much for her I guess, that was a scary. Anyways this one seems perfect, a lot of things in our lives have happened the same. I felt really good and really validated when I left, I really like Carol. I decided to cruise down Soquel Avenue to check out the new overpass that goes over to the harbor and East Drive, I have been looking for a way to get over there since I moved here. The sidewalks are really narrow, too narrow for both my chair and Robby and I usually don't have somebody to drive me over and drop me off and then come back and pick me up. One of the problems I have is I only get 7 miles out of my chair before the battery goes dead and it takes about 3 miles to get there so he leaves me about a mile to explore, and think when I'm in a do is have Lisa dropped me off one day and cruise around and then cruise back. I can't wait until it's time to get me a new chair, and definitely not getting this one again. I came home and rested for a bit and all of a sudden I started sweating and I got a really bad headache, this is at 2:30 PM and my leg bag was full. I called treason to see if she was out and about but she didn't call me back until 3:45 PM because she was sleeping. Rosa FINALLY got here about 5 PM and emptied my leg bag and boy what a relief that was, it took me a couple of hours before I felt okay again but I had a really bad stomachache. I have actually had one for about three days and my stomach is making terrible noises, I think I'm just going to have to give up and quit eating cheese… I hate to say it and I have been denying it for a long time but I think cheese upset my stomach. Rosa put me to bed and we did some personal care and I finally got to take a nice long hot bath, it felt great and I could have enjoyed it more if my stomach was upset. I took a lorazepam because Rosen thinks that I'm having problems with my stomach because of nerves and I did feel better and fall asleep.

Friday was another great day. I got up and took Robby for a cruise through the looking and then we decided to cruise down to the Riverside Garden, I passed by in the van all of the time and think to myself I'm going to go check it out so I decided today would be a perfect day to go. It's a little tricky to get over to it because on one side of the street there is no sidewalk and on the other side of the street the crosswalk is about two blocks down so we just took a chance and darted across the street between two driveways. It was really nice but really small. We cruised down the reservoir to the boardwalk and cruised through there, down to the end of the wharf, through the lagoon again and then back home to rest for a bit before Teresa came in to put me to bed. She brought vegetable polenta lasagna from Gayles, I love that place. I watched TV and rested for the rest of the evening. It's so great to be able to explore all these new places again and it's even more exciting with Google Glass.

Saturday was another great day, I just love living in Santa Cruz. I'm trying not to put so many pictures on my blog, especially since they're pretty much all the same, but it just can't help myself. Each picture is so beautiful. I got up today to cruise over to the Santa Cruz Civic center and get my Santa Cruz derby girl season tickets, and think I got pretty good seats. The guy then told me it's a good thing that I can hardly because they were going to sell out fast. Last season their bouts were at the Kaiser Permanente Arena and now it will be back over to the Civic Center, the first bout I went to was at the Civic Center and that's what got me hooked… That and my doctor/friend's daughter was on the team. I'm liking it more each time I go. I got my tickets and then cruised over to see if they could fix my phone, error message keeps coming up saying my phone cannot find my Sim card. The guy held down to buttons and rebooted it and told me that would solve the problem. I told him that my phone bounces around a lot and my brother said it might be the sin card is loose, and guess he didn't feel like checking it out because he just gave it back to me and said if it happens again to come back in… How hard would it have been for him to just check it?? We cruised down the reservoir to the boardwalk, to the end of the wharf and back and then home. When I came through the door I could see Corrine and her friends in the kitchen, I knew they were coming but I just didn't know what time. They went down to the beach for a while and Teresa came in and put me to bed. We all watched Juno, Corrine had never seen it before and she loved it.

Sunday was another really great day. Corinne's friend made breakfast and it was really great, she made an Italian sausage, mushroom, bell pepper and cheese omelette. Had a couple of regular coffee and a cup of decaf… It was a great morning. I took Robby for our regular long cruise around Santa Cruz, about 7 miles. It was so gorgeous! When we came back from our cruise and brother, Corrine and her friends were getting ready to leave… It was such a nice visit. I rested for a while and watch TV until Teresa came in, she put me to bed and we did some personal care.


betty said...

That is great exercise Robby gets, Tammie, when you guys go for your 7 mile adventures! Always love to see the pictures you post on your blog! Such a pretty area up there! That Riverside Garden looked great too! Glad the weather has been good for you to be able to go out and enjoy the sights!


susie said...

I laughed at the Psychologist remark. Not sure if you meant that to be funny, but it was.

My post tomorrow will have lots of sky and water, but everything is frozen.

I like Big Bang, too. :)

chippertue said...

Thank you Betty, it is so nice to see Robby so happy. I am having so much fun exploring new places.

I also thought it was funny Susie. I can't wait to see the frozen photos.