Monday, July 21, 2014

Another great week in Santa Cruz…

 Monday was a really nice day. When I went outside to check the weather the sun was out and it was really warm but by the time I was ready to leave the sun was gone and it was chilly so I had to put on a sweatshirt. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, through the park on Bay Street, about halfway down to the end of Westcliff Drive and back, down to the end of the wharf and back and down to the end of the boardwalk and back… About 7 1/2 miles. We came back and rested for a bit and then Rosa came to put me to bed. Susan came to give me a massage, it has been a couple of weeks and it sure felt great.

Tuesday decided to stay in bed again, I seem to be invaded with pressure sores these days and it's really getting frustrating. I was going to have Lisa take me over to Dig nursery to get some air plants to put in the holes that Omar drilled in the surfboards but it looks like that will have to wait until Saturday. I did order some from Amazon so I want to see if those aren't really good shape when they get here I might just order the rest on there, they aren't as expensive. I watched more TiVo and drifted in and out of sleep all day. It looks like another overcast day outside. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, that makes up for everything.

Wednesday was a great day. I got up and took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon and then went downtown to pick up my prescription glasses for Google Glass, I also got them transitioned. I brought in my Google glass and the guy changed them to the new glass frames and I noticed when I left that something was wrong. They looked like they were just really dirty and the box on the prism didn't seem right so I came home to have Karen clean them off and take a look at them. Part of the little mirrored film fell off into my lap so I wanted to call Google support but I have a doctors appointment and I had to go. I went to see Dr. Owens and everything looked good, my blood sugars were all low and she approved of my menus. As soon as I got home I called Google support and they wanted me to take a picture of the affected area on the glass and tell them what happened so I did. I got another email and they asked me a few more questions and then said that they would take a look at it and let me know what they will do about it, I hope they're not going to think I did anything wrong and tell me I'm out of luck, I just spent another bunch of money to get the Google frames and have my prescription put in them. I came back and rested for a bit and Rosa came to put me to bed. We were supposed to play cribbage with Lee and Claudia but they have a family emergency and were going to make it so I just spent the rest of the evening watching Dr. Phil and worrying about my Google Glass.

Thursday was another perfect day. I got up and decided to try my Google class without the reflective paper that was in it. It still took really great pictures but I just couldn't see what I was going to take a picture of or even if I did take a picture, they could only tell by the sound. Google decided to send me another pair and when I get it I can send this one back, they have been really good as far as tech support and really fair.  I usually go out in the morning to check and see what the weather is going to be like and I ran into my neighbor behind me Mark, I run into Mark just about everywhere in Santa Cruz. He is so sweet and very smart. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, downtown and back, down to the end of the wharf and back and down to the end of the boardwalk and back. I ran into Lexi, he was working the tsunami ride. I came back and rested for a bit and then Kay came to do my hair, once again she did a fabulous job and I love it. Teresa wasn't feeling well so Shauna came in to put me to bed, do some personal care and give me a nice long hot bath… Needless to say I slept really well.

Friday I got to sleep in so I could stay up late and go to the concert on the beach, tonight is the fixx. I got up and took Robby for a cruise through our usual places and then came back and rested for a bit. Kelly came over and we went to the Mexican restaurant a few blocks down and I had vegetarian quesadilla, I don't know why they call it a quesadilla because it's more like a taco but they can call it whatever they want… It's delicious. We cruised over and once again found a place right in front of the stage to watch the concert, we were behind someone but about halfway through the concert they left so we screwed it up to the front. They only played one song, I know of three or four that they do, that I knew but it was a great concert. I always go to the 6:30 PM show but the one at 8:30 PM is always longer and they play more 80s hits. We cruised back and Shauna put me to bed.

Saturday was a really exciting day. I got up and took Robby for a long cruise and then went by Cowells beach where they were setting up for the 22nd annual Day on the Beach, is always a huge turnout and a lot of fun. I took my Google glass over to take pictures even though I really couldn't tell if it was taking pictures or not, turns out it was. I came back home to rest for a bit and then headed back over there and I ran into the therapist that help me get used to my standing frame Livnat, the guy that made my leg braces and my torso brace Tom and a couple of other people that I see there every year. I got to meet the other lady that Karen works for, her boyfriend and her son. I hung out for a while and listen to the music, to lobby for cruise to the end of the wharf and back and then hung out for a while longer and listen to music, with such a beautiful day. I came back and Teresa was here and so I rested for a bit and talk to her and then Shauna came to put me to bed.

Sunday was awesome. The weather was perfect and I'm glad I didn't decide to stay in bed. I got up early, I morning caregiver has been coming in at 6 AM and I love it. It makes it so I am able to get up and cruise around with Robby for several hours before the pavement gets too hot for his feet. I came back and rested for a bit and then my mom, my brother and I cruised down to the Mexican restaurant a couple blocks down and have a nice dinner. My brother had a chimichanga that looked really good, my mom had cheese enchiladas and they also looked good and I had a vegetable quesadilla which is my new favorite.  Kelly came by to visit for a while after her Sunday bike ride, training for like 100 mile marathon. Teresa came in and for me to bed and we did some personal care, no nice long hot bath today. I looked up my water consumption and I am already at my limit and we still have 10 more days to go this month so I'm trying to conserve as much water as I can until I can find out what's wrong. I did get a really nice and thorough bed Bath but it's just not the same.

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betty said...

I wonder if you have a leak somewhere, Tammie, and that is causing your over water consumption. Glad to hear Google will send you another pair of glasses! I bet that was a relief to hear. Should be warming up here this week, finally some summer heat, which always happens when the kids go back to school (they are on modified year round schedule). They go back on Wednesday.