Sunday, April 13, 2014

The weather is finally warming up around here…

 Monday was just a day. Susan came to give me my Monday morning massage but about halfway through she had to leave to go pick up her son because he was throwing up at school. Karen came in and we did some personal care, I slept through most of that. The day went by really fast and before I knew it Rosa was here to give me a nice long hot bath. I will be ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday was a great day. Terri, Angie, Parker, Phoebe and Pieper came to visit. They are all getting so big and they're so adorable and so well behaved, the perfect kids. We cruised over to the lagoon, they have never been there and they wanted to see it. We ran into about three school field trips and they all have to scrunch up against the side of the dock so that we can all get by but it was beautiful, the weather was perfect. They invited me to go with them to have sushi that Mobos, everybody's favorite, but my van was buried in the driveway and I have eaten just before they got there so I told them to go ahead and go without me. Angie posted some pictures and I was jealous. Omar came by and started my dry River rock bed in the front yard, he is so creative and he does such a good job and I can't wait to see the end result. I rested for a while and decided to take Robby for another cruise through the lagoon, down West Cliff where we ran into Seth and then down to the wharf and back. On our way back we were cutting through Depot Park and the wharf security stopped us and said not to go to depot Park because there was a guy waving a gun around, thank God we ran into him. We cut down by the police department and came down Laurel and there were cops all over the place looking for someone, probably the gun waver. We came back and rested for a while and then Rosa came to put me to bed. My uncle, my aunt, my mom and I played cribbage and I only have a dollar left to my name… In my cribbage fund.
Wednesday was another really nice day. Daniel came back from numotion to look at my batteries again, this is my third set of batteries and I'm still down to four or 5 miles a day per charge, it's getting very frustrating. He said that they ordered some brand-new batteries from the manufacturer and they will try those and if that doesn't work then they will figure out what is wrong with my chair, that means taking it to the shop and not having it for a couple of days. Robby and I went for a nice long cruise and the weather was just perfect. I cruised around until my battery was getting low and I couldn't cruise around anymore, I think I already said it but I'm really tired of this. I came back home and rested for a bit hung out in my backyard, I just love my yard. Rosa came in and put me to bed and the whole gang came over to play cribbage, I love Wednesdays. The only thing I didn't get to do was go to the farmers market but maybe next week.

Thursday the weather was great. I got up and Teresa came to take me for my abdominal ultrasound, it was pretty cool seeing all of my organs inside. I can only tell what they were because it set underneath, I had no idea if they were good or bad. I guess I'll find out in the next couple of days. I came home and didn't really feel very good so I decided to just go back to bed. Therese also went this morning to pick up my CPAP machine test, they've already established that I have it this is just trying on the actual machine overnight. It looks really scary and I have claustrophobia but I'm going to do it. It has a chip in it so they can see how I'm breathing or not breathing while I'm sleeping. I came back home and went to bed and pretty much rested for the rest of the evening. Kelly came over and visited for a while and we showed her how to test my blood so she can help me out while my mom is gone. I haven't seen Kelly for a while because she's been really busy working. It's time to put the machine on so I will say good night and wish me luck.

Friday was another day in bed, I'm so glad it was kind of cold outside.  That CPAP machine last night was a nightmare. It started blowing a bunch of air in my mouth and in my nose, I couldn't even breathe out of my nose. Of course I had an itch under the mask and I'm not able to drink any water at all. After the first half-hour it stopped and displayed a message that said "settling 35 minutes" I thought maybe it stopped because it already got the rhythm of my breathing or something but my mom came down after about an hour and checked it and it said the same thing. If I'm been aware of this darn thing at least it could be doing what it's supposed to be doing and not just annoying me. It also started pushing in the middle of my forehead and gave me a really bad headache so I had my mom come down and losing a little bit it helps but I still had a headache. At about 4:30 AM it still wasn't doing anything so I had my mom shut it off, then it started blowing out air but the power light was off so I just decided to take it off and it was such a relief. You know sometimes you have to do something that's really really uncomfortable or annoying and then when you finally take it off or get rid of it you realize how wonderful your life is without? I have a feeling I'm going to have to try it again and if it helps I will wear it but it sucks. Karen came in and did some personal care. Shauna came in and gave me a bath, that was nice and relaxing.

Friday was a really good day. The weather was a little cold but it was nice to hang out with family and cruise around. My cousin Rich and his family were camping at KOA campgrounds in Watsonville so Tom, Kelly and I cruised out to spend the day. I said this before but I can't believe how different camping is now from when I was younger. The campgrounds are pretty incredible. I have this bounce platform, like they have in the bounce house but it's flat and there's sand all around the bottom. They have miniature golf course, swimming pool, doggie play yards and you can rent any kind of strolling around vehicles. We cruised around a couple times, had dinner and dessert and then came home. It was a really great day.

Sunday I decided to stay in bed, I was really tired and it was supposed be a little bit cold outside. Also to get everything done so I could just get up and go tomorrow but it didn't work out that way. Teresa came in but she was feeling sick so she just checked around and went home. I had to cancel Susan again so that we could get the personal care done in the morning and I'd still have time to get up, that I can do the bath at night. My brother Stanley came down from Modesto to stay for a couple of days and then take my mom to the airport on Tuesday where she flies out to see her brother. She comes back on the 28th at noon which is about the same time that David's going to fly in and stay for three or four days. It's going to be busy here but I love it.

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betty said...

That would be scary, Tammie, to be in an area where a guy with a gun was; glad the police were there to direct you and others to safety! I hear good and bad experiences with CPAP machines; some people love them; some people barely tolerate them; some people don't want to wear them, but I think you are right, if they say you need to wear it, its probably a good idea to do so.