Monday, April 28, 2014

I believe summer is officially here…

 Monday was a really great day. Susan came I then gave me a massage, it felt so good and I needed it so bad. Karen came in and got me up and dressed and out of pure by 2 PM, they gave me two hours to cruise Robby around before Rosa comes. It looked cold outside but it was actually really warm. We cruised the lagoon, about halfway down to the lighthouse Museum and back, down to the end of the work and back and down to the end of the boardwalk and back. The crowd's are really starting to come to Santa Cruz now, this summer is going to be crazy. I cruised back home and Rosa came in to give me something to eat and put me to bed. When she was leaning me forward the room started spinning around and I didn't feel really good the rest of the night. I put one of those things that are made of beans that you put in the microwave to heat up around my neck for a while and I felt better, I think I'm just a little tense.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. I got up and took Robby for a nice long cruise and then came back and rested for a bit. I had an appointment with Dr. Majuk, he is a gastroenterologist, he did my colonoscopy a couple of years ago and I thought he was great. This sign we saw his physician's assistant, she remembered me and I guess she knew Teresa when she worked at Doc in the box. I'm still having gas and bloating problems, not as much as before I started this diabetes diet but it's still there. She thinks I might have built-up bacteria in my upper intestines so here I go on another diet. This one is called Fodmap diet. There's not a lot that I can eat but if it helps I will do it. I gave Heather the list and thank goodness she is so helpful. I came back and Rosa for me to bed.

 Wednesday was another great day, the weather was just beautiful. I got up and took Robby for our regular cruise through Santa Cruz. I wanted to go to the farmers market but I didn't have anybody to go with, I really need to learn to throw myself and I'm sure everybody would be glad to help me out. Hopefully help you to go to Costco on Saturday. The game came by and we played cribbage for a couple of hours, we have five people so it was everybody for themselves and I won eight dollars… Happy days!

Thursday was yet another great day. I got up and Robby and I cruised over to my dentist, it was time to get my teeth cleaned. I asked him about a surgery that my uncle was talking about get rid of sleep apnea but he said the same thing that my sleep apnea doctor said… Don't do it. My dentist said that he could make me a mouthpiece so I don't have to wear that whole thing over my nose and mouth. We came home and rested for a while and then Teresa came to take us to my diabetes class, I really learned a lot in this class and I'm not only excited about making them my menus now that I can relax and not have to be so exact. I guess your A-1 C is supposed to be four or five, mine was originally 9.5 but now it's down to seven so maybe a couple more months and I won't even have to take medication… I can control it all with diet.

Friday was a little cold. I got up and took Robby for a cruise and just made it home in time for the downpour, the ladies were still cleaning my room so I sat outside underneath the carport and just watched it rain… I love to watch a rain. I knew that it was going to rain so I asked Shauna to come in a little early so I could get to bed and relax and watch TV.

Saturday was a nice day, the weather has been so tricky but I never know what is going to be like when I get up. I ended up wearing a thermal and a shirt and I thought I was going to be too warm but it was perfect. I went down to eye Q to pick up my prescription sunglasses, they put my prescription right into my Ray-Ban sunglasses… How cool is that? They gave me my old lenses back which I am grateful for because apparently once I get my diabetes under control my eyesight might get better. I took Robby for a little cruise and then came back and rested for a while. Teresa came and picked me up and we met Jess and Duane at the Kaiser Permanente building for the Derby girls bout. When I went to pick up my glasses I also went down to outfit this to get a derby girl T-shirt to see if I can get the Derby girls to sign it for Alex. She just found out she has cancer and is not going to be held to make it to the bouts for a while and she just loves the Derby girls. Teresa went up and talk to the manager, I think she is the manager, and they were so supportive and helpful and she said almost all of the Derby girls were able to sign it… Alex is going to love it. It was really exciting and I love attending. On the way in we ran into Dr. Owens and Leaha, they always go to them also. We got home and Shauna was busily doing a lot of stuff, is just awesome. Shauna put me to bed and got to go home about midnight.

Sunday was cold. It was supposed to rain so I decided to not get up and I'm glad I did, it didn't rain but it was really cold outside. Robby got a bath, he really needed it and he always looks so much better and feel so much better after his bath. Teresa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take the best long hot bath I have had for a while, I enjoyed it so much. Kelly made some cioppino and it was killer. The other day she made some clams with couscous, it was a certain kind of couscous and it was awesome. She is such an amazing chef.

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betty said...

As always, Tammie, I like your pictures! Its fun to see your part of California as you feature the pictures here. Great place to visit and I guess that is why it is crazily busy during summer months! Good if you can control your diabetes with diet, the less meds taken I think is the best way to go!