Monday, November 11, 2013

Out with Halloween and in with Thanksgiving...

Monday was a pretty good day. I got to sleep in, got a massage and got dressed and got up, I came really close to staying in bed because it was already 2 PM when I got up. I was getting ready to take Robby for a cruise when time came over so we chatted for a while. Seth came over with his wetsuit and his surfboard to see if I wanted to go out to Cowell beach with him and watch him surf. He sat in the water for a while and there was no waves so he came and got Robby and they played in the water for a while. It's amazing I can put a baby pool in the driveway and Robby won't touch it but take him to the beach and he's all in the water. I came back and Kelly have made some fish stew with clams, prawns and scallops and garlic bread, needless to say it was awesome, I had two bowls. We visited for a while and then my uncle came over and had a bowl also. Rosa came and put me to bed and I just rested the rest of the evening.

Tuesday was a busy day. The crew from Dunton came over to rip out the wall around my door to install a bigger door so I could get my bed through it I have been wanting to do that for sometime finally getting to do it. Also be nice to be able to go out on the porch I'm stuck in bed. I took Robby out for a cruise to the lagoon, to the wharf and back. Heather and I went for sushi, it was her birthday and we haven't had lunch for a long time. We had such a good time catching up. Teresa was supposed to go with us but my time clock crashed so she stayed behind to fix that. I came back and rested for a while and then I had a chiropractor appointment, I always feel so much better after. I also had an appointment to get my mammogram, I wasn't too thrilled about that but I'm glad it's done. We came back and Teresa was really tired, it was a long day for both of us. She put me to bed and Seth came over to watch the internship with me. We had just been to Google last Friday for a tour so it was nice to see the movie after going.

Wednesday went by really fast. I got up and took Robby for short cruise and then Tresa came over to take me to lunch in Mountain View, to a Korean barbecue, and to Valley medical Center in Santa Clara for an appointment with Dr. Hentz, Dr. Shem and Lisa from Stanford, Lisa asked me if I was ready to do another exercise program for her research. I like doing exercise programs for them because then I actually do the exercise, I always mean to but never do. I ran into a couple of the ladies that work there that used to work at Moorpark health clinic, I haven't seen them for about six years, it was really great to see them. Tom and Kelly's friend Jim came by to install the door and it looked pretty good. Teresa went home and Rosa came by to do some personal care and a nice long hot bath.

Thursday was a nice relaxing day. I was so tired and just didn't feel good, I think because I was tired, so I decided to just stay in bed. The electrician came and put the stuff back around the door and put some sheet rock and plastered it so the doors almost done. He said he needs to come back and send it and texture and then the guy from open Sesame is coming tomorrow to put the automatic door in and it will be done, I'm so excited. They put up a little wall so that dust and stuff can not come in and they put plastic, the plastic has a zipper in it… How cool is that? I slept most of the day, I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. Actually I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, it's almost 2014.

Friday was a really good day. The weather was perfect and I think Robby and I took out here about 10 AM and didn't come back until 4 PM, it was awesome. We just Cruising around cruising around and not want to come back home. Everywhere we went with some millions of pelicans, on Westcliff they were just flying back and forth and diving into the water and on the wharf they were playing in the water along with the see lions. I finally decided to come back home because it was time for Teresa to come and put me to bed, I took Google glass and took some pictures of our travel.

Saturday was also a great day, the weather started out really beautiful. We cruise through the Lagoon, up through the street park and down Westcliff. There were a bunch of tense sit up and I could hear somebody announcing something but they look like there was absolutely no waves and the surfers were just sitting on the boards looking bored. I started to cruise down past the lighthouse museum and all of a sudden the sun went away and started getting really cold so we came back home. Teresa was taking the last of the Halloween decorations to storage and started putting out the Thanksgiving decorations, I love Thanksgiving. I got this new pressure cooker/smoker and Teresa made a beef brisket and it was so awesome, I couldn't wait to dig into it. I had a sandwich and some guacamole and chips. Rosa came and put me to bed and we did some personal care and I got a nice long hot bath, I'm just in heaven.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I think I slept in till about 11, that felt great. I give everyone the day off so that I could just sleep and relax all day, I don't get to do that very often. My mom brought me some coffee and half a scone when I woke up. For lunch she brought me some mustard chicken, eggplant and spinach. Kelly came over and visited for a while and we decided to have some prosciutto, salami, cheese, olives and pickles for snack and then watch the movie The Heat, it was really nice. After the movie I was really tired so I fell asleep early.

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betty said...

Love the pictures, Tammie. Like I've said before, so pretty where you live! Too cute how Robby enjoys the ocean water but not the small pool water, maybe he doesn't like to be limited on the amount of water?