Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let the week begin…

Monday was a perfect day. The weather was awesome and it was just nice relaxing day. I took Robby went cruising around on our usual route. While I was cruising around Tom texted me to see if I wanted to meet him downtown to do a little shopping. Wednesday is not only Tom's birthday but Kelly and of course Kevin's. He didn't find anything so we cruised back and Rosa put me to bed. Kelly and I decided to watch chasing Mavericks, she hadn't seen it before.

Tuesday was a pretty busy day. It was kind of cold but I took Robby out for our regular Cruise, I cut it a little short because I thought I was going to cruise down to the dentist but it was too cold so I asked Tom to drive me. Teresa picked me up after I had my teeth cleaned and took me to her chiropractor. I have been having a lot of problems with my neck and shoulders and I have always wanted to see if a chiropractor could help, she made me feel so much better and I can't wait to go back. I know it sounds weird but she not only took the pain away but she put me in a way better mood, I haven't felt this great for a long time. Teresa took me home and put me to bed and we did some personal care and payroll. We put a black light on the front porch so Teresa went in to take a couple more pictures of everything with blacklight, it looks awesome!

Wednesday was a good day. It was cold outside so I decided to take a nice long hot bath and just go back to bed and watch TiVo all day. I rested and or slept most of the day so it felt really great after going to the chiropractor yesterday. Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I played cribbage, my mom was my partner and we did okay… I lost all of my money but then got three dollars back. I was so excited to show off my Halloween decorations to Lee and Claudia but of course nothing on the timer came on that evening so they didn't get to see any of it, they will be able to see them next week.

Thursday was cold but another great day. A reporter, Marco, and his crew came out from USA today, They were all so nice. They wanted to do a story more focused on the disability aspect of the Google glass and what it can do for the disabled community. The lady from Google PR, Anna, the one who has set up all of the interviews wanted to come out also to meet me… I was really glad to get to meet her also. I'm always really nervous before the interviews but when I meet the people everybody is always so nice and so easy to be around that everything goes really smoothly I think. Of course they love the Halloween decorations and were very impressed with Robby, Robby never has any problem winning people over. After everyone left we rested for a while and then my uncle and aunt took all of us out to dinner at the wooden nickel, it was Tom and Kelly's birthday, I really miss that place… They always give you a very ample amount of food and it's really delicious. I had calamari steak, rice pilaf, zucchini and a huge salad plus they always give you a little cup of coleslaw and the most moist chocolate cake I have ever had. We came back and Teresa put me to bed.

Friday turned out to be a great day. I thought I was going to be cold but it turned out to be pretty warm. one of the doctors down at Dominican rehab, Dr. Quinn, and his daughter wanted to find out the possibility of finding student volunteers to help out disabled people with tasks around the house. They wanted to have a meeting and the only people that showed up was Roger and I, besides Dr. Quinn and his daughter. We tossed around some ideas and decided it would be a pretty good idea so we'll see where goes from there. I thought I was going to have to ask for a ride down there but the weather turned around so I decided to cruise down there and back with Bobby. We got back just in time to rest for a while and then Tom, Kelly and my mom and I went to ristorante Italiano for dinner. We were so hungry and so excited to be there and we all forgot to take pictures. I had breaded veal in wine sauce, lemon and capers and vegetables… It was awesome. Kelly had the same thing and Tom and my mom had the same thing but with chicken. Rosa came and put me to bed, she brought her daughter with her because it was late.

Saturday was a pretty good day. I got to sleeping in and the day went by really fast. Karen came in at 9 AM and we did some personal and I pretty much got to rest the rest of the day, I ended up staying in bed. Stanley and Corinne came to visit from Modesto and I'm out with corinne most of the day, it was nice. my aunt brought over some beef stew that made me so that for dinner, I love their stew.

Sunday was an alright day. I was stuck in bed again but I got to hang out with my brother and Corrinne a little bit more before they went home so that was nice. Rosa came by and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

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betty said...

You'll be a pro at interviews before long, Tammie :) The great thing is the Google Glass is such a good thing to promote through an interview it almost "does all the talking" so to speak. That food looked delicious! I bet it tasted fantastically good, including the chocolate cake.