Sunday, October 20, 2013

It looks like the weather is going to be beautiful and it's going to be a great week…

Monday was a really good day. I got up early because the lady that's going to paint the mural on my wall is going to start today, I am so excited. She came and we talked for a little bit and then I went to take Robby for a nice long cruise because I wanted to stay out of her way, I picked it a couple times and it looked amazing. Robby and I took a cruise through the Lagoon and down Westcliff and back. Of all days of course today I didn't bring my Google Glass so I missed getting pictures the whale, the Dolphins and the pelicans, it was just a gorgeous day. I came back and hung out with Kelly for a while and then Rosa came to put me to bed. The mural looks gorgeous and I can't wait to get a picture.

Tuesday was not a good day, I was so bloated and uncomfortable but I had to get up because I had two appointments. The first appointment was with Andrei and Jack to get my laterals fixed once again, I think we got it this time. I was really glad that they didn't need to take my back brace because then they would see how my stomach was. We made it out of there at approximately 11:00 AM but unfortunately my next appointment wasn't until 4:00 PM so we decided to do a little shopping and come home and eat lunch. While Heather was gone on vacation we decided to try a group on that we got from fresh prep kitchen. The first bill that we had was portobello mushroom filled with ground beef and ricotta cheese and top with mozzarella cheese, it was awesome. We also had some roasted potatoes that were also really good. Some of the stuff is ready to heat and others you have to cook but the instructions are enclosed. I also tried some chicken tenders from there, the best chicken tenders I ever had. My second appointment was that I doctor, I haven't seen an eye doctor since lasic surgery in 2000. Teresa said behind me during the exam and couldn't believe how blind I am, guess I faked it pretty good all these years? She dilated my eyes, I definitely don't miss having that done, and gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. At least I don't have any eye diseases. We came home and Teresa put me to bed and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, my eyes are still extremely dilated.

Wednesday was a really good day. I got up and Tom, Kelly and I decided to go to natural Bridges State Beach Park and check out the Monarch butterflies. it looks like they were just starting to gather but is just an awesome home feeling to watch them, We will definitely be going back. We went to burger to get something to eat, I had Colby sliders and tater tots… Awesome. Rosa called and said that she was going to be late and tonight is cribbage night so my mom started putting to bed, she had done for a long time but she didn't miss a beat. Rosa showed up to finish and we had a nice cribbage game, My mom was my partner and we broke even.

Thursday was an okay day. I was having stomach problems so we decided to do some personal care. We did some personal care and then I got a nice long hot bath and decided to stay in bed. After my bath I didn't really get to rest before Teresa came, we had an interview today with a lady who will hopefully start doing morning weekends. I watched a movie called the thing with Seth, actually I think I fell asleep couple of times.

Friday was such a great day. The weather could not have been more perfect and I was up and out of here by 10 AM. I took Robby for a really long cruise through the lagoon, up to the park, down Westcliffe past the dog park in back into the end of the war and back. I got back and rested for a while and then Kelly and I decided to go and get some tacos, we both love tacos. We came back home and Teresa was here to pick me up for my chiropractor appointment. The last time I went she made me feel really good and for a long time, I think just three days ago I started getting a little sore again. She made it feel great again and this time worked on my left arm little bit, the muscles are so tight it's always painful. I thought it was hypersensitive but she says she thinks that the muscles are just so tight in there that everything hurts. I think I'm going to start seeing her once a week. We got home and the lift for the van would not come out, we finally got it to come out with the crank so I could get out but then we couldn't get it to go back in. We tried a couple of different things and then finally called Tom down. I called the company and they told us what to do but it didn't work. Tom had to lift it up and ship it back in, of course this happens on Friday? I'll give them a call in the morning and see when I can get my van into be fixed, I hope it still under warranty. Rosa came by to put me to bed because Teresa hurt her back again.

Saturday the weather was great. Unfortunately I forgot it was every high school band in California come to Santa Cruz. Not only that but it was also the opening of the Undertow, the new ride on the boardwalk. Robby and I still cruised around and I got some good pictures with Google glass. I came back by and Tom and Kelly were cleaning up the bathrooms behind my aunt and uncles, they're going to move in there for a while. I'm really glad they decided to stay and not go back to Florida, it's really nice having them around. I came back home and rested for a while and then Rosa came to put me to bed. We did some personal care and then I got a nice long hot bath. stanley, Janet, Corrinne and two foreign-exchange students that they have living with them stopped by to say hello but unfortunately I was in the middle of personal care so I didn't get to say hello or meet their new friends.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. It looks like the weather outside is beautiful, I hope we have many more days like this. I got to sleep in which is always nice and Kelly made me some eggs and some sprouted wheat toast and brought me some coffee for breakfast. I decided that I was going to cut gluten out of my diet for a while to see if that's why I'm having problems with loading, I hope it is because I could really live without gluten. I'm going to try to have oatmeal in the morning, what Heather cooks me for lunch and a salad for dinner and see how that works out. I found some green drinks, fruit drinks and nut drinks at Costco so I'm going to try to supplement with them. It was really nice to just relax all day and catch up on some of the TeVo programs and watch a couple of movies. I fell asleep and slept really good for a couple of hours. Then I watched once upon a time, I love that series

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betty said...

Must have been a band competition with all those bands, Tammie? That mural definitely looks great; the artist did a great job on it!