Sunday, August 4, 2013

Now that everybody is settled in let the exploring began…

Monday was a nice relaxing day. It has been cold and windy the last couple of days which really makes my arms hurt so as I sustained bid for the day and relax.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. The sun came out a lot earlier than it had for the last couple of days. I got up and headed over to the boardwalk to watch the Jump City performance. It's a group of break dancer, stomp and acrobatic guys that perform for about a half hour. The start up on the boardwalk with breakdancing and drumming on buckets and then they go down in the sand and upon the stage and jump around for a while, actually pretty cool. I had seen it once before with Tom that I wanted to go back and check it out with Google glass, it wasn't very easy to take pictures because it was so loud but I did get a couple. After the performance they go down to the side of the stage to take pictures, I really wanted to get rub his picture taken with them so I took Seth to the later performance, there is one at noon and one at 3 PM, but he chickened out and kept making excuses so I decided to just come back another day would somebody else. I came home and Rosa put me to bed and I feel asleep before she left. Kelly was fixing recipes, styling and taking pictures of dishes with an octopus… It was really cool looking. I got to try a salad that she put together, I just love her cooking. She sent me some pictures that she took at Pigeon Point lighthouse that turned out really great.

Wednesday turned out to be a really great day. I took Robby for our regular cruise through the lagoon, across Bay St. Park, down to the surf Museum and back, down to the end of the wharf at back and we even cruise down to the end of the boardwalk and back. I ran into Lexi working one of the kiddie rides. I came back and rested for a bit and Tom, Kelly and I decided to go down to the farmers market and get something to eat, Kelly and I split a spinach naan wrap. Rosa wasn't going to come until 7 PM and it was nice to stay up a little bit longer. Kelly and I split a spinach naan wrap, it was so good. Rosa came and put me to bed.

Thursday was a nice beautiful day. I took Robby for a really nice long cruise and as we passed by the wharf I noticed that nobody was sitting in the corner by the artwork, I had been wanting to take a picture with my Google glass of the artwork they are but there's always somebody sitting or laying on it. I came back and rested on the porch, I love my porch. Kelly came down and we decided to go get something to eat, we decided on tacos and then some coffee, and then go see a movie… We had been wanting to go see The Conjuring for a while and decided we better do it before it's not in the theaters anymore. It was a really good movie, I heard a bunch of good things about it and that it was just a real terrifying movie. On the way back we decided to stop at stars cupcakes and get some cupcakes, they always look so delicious and I had a groupon so for four cupcakes it only costs two dollars. We came back home and Rosa put me to bed and I had some decaffeinated coffee and my cupcake, what a great finish.

Friday was a pretty boring day. I planned on getting up but personal care took too long and I figured I would try to sneak in a bath instead, it was definitely worth it because I feel great. I just hung out and watched TiVo all day. Jess came and got Robby because he has another dental appointment tomorrow along with Gigi, Jess and Theresa's dog. For breakfast I had a filet, avocado and bread-and-butter zucchini wrap, I am really starting to like those bread-and-butter zucchinis pickles. For dinner Tom made me and black bean, cheese, and avocado burger with some baked fingerling potatoes… When you have great food it's all worth it.

Saturday was also pretty frustrating day. I knew I wasn't going to get up so usually I'm pretty restless but I have to sand bed for two days in a row. I thought it would be great to sleep all day but that didn't happen so I ended up watching TiVo again. I was hungry for something in the afternoon but nothing sounded good, perhaps one of those days? And then my aunt and uncle showed up and said they were making chili, cheese and onion hotdogs… That's what I wanted. We had hot dogs and then played cribbage. While we were playing cribbage Jess brought Robby back  from getting his teeth cleaned and he was pretty out of it, Robby not Jess. He just kind of laid around and whimpered. They sent pictures of his teeth before and after, I don't know how a dog gets his teeth brushed every day can have cheap that look that bad… I am definitely going to look up how to properly clean a dog's teeth on YouTube. I lost three dollars.

Sunday was a really good day. Robby felt better but he wasn't back to his old self so we just kind of hung around outside and got some fresh air all day. My mom and Kelly made corn beef and cabbage, it was awesome. Jim, Ursula and her mom and my aunt and uncle came by and we had a great dinner. Even Heather and Mariposa showed up to say hello. Besides corn beef and cabbage Kelly made this really killer salad with cherry tomatoes, corn, feta cheese and avocado dressing. Almost everything that we ate tonight was from my aunts garden. Rosa came by and put me to bed, while she was putting to bed I could not keep my eyes open but now of course I'm wide awake.

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sunset said...

That Jump City performance sounded interesting, Tammie. I bet it was neat to see in person! Some people are so talented with things they can do! I loved the pictures of Robby; they all came out great! I hope he's fully recovered after his teeth cleaning, etc. and is back to his usual self. I have to say our weather this summer has been cooler than normal but I'm kind of liking it, not having air conditioning :)