Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Starting off the week with rain…

Monday was a really wet day. I should have got up on Sunday and stayed in bed on Monday, supposed to be the same tomorrow. I got up and took  Robby for cruise through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back and then home. It started sprinkling a little harder and my sunglasses were getting spots all over them, not to mention my phone in my chair control. I came back and Lexi and Seth came over and wanted to go to the movies so we went to go see This is the end, it was both funny and scary. I came home and Rosa came to put me to bed and brought me a whopper and fries, the night before we saw the commercial that both of us were craving that.

Tuesday was another drizzly day but a good day. I took Robby for cruise through the lagoon and ran into Kristof, a guy I met about two or three years ago. He's 80 years old and lives in the apartments above the lagoon. He rides his bike or walks every day, I see him all over. He is such a sweet man and always has something encouraging and wise to say. I'm still a little cautious about running into a mountain lion but my chair makes a lot of noise and apparently that scares them away. I started to take my Google glass because it would've been the perfect day to take pictures on Westcliff Drive or on the wharf but I wasn't sure what would happen if I got them wet so I decided I better wait and ask somebody. We cruised over to the wharf and down to the end and back and started sprinkling a little harder so we decided to come home. Good thing because I forgot the guy was coming today to fix the blinds, they needed to be trimmed and tightened up after the guys painted. My hand brought over some friends that grew up with my uncle, I have met them several times and they always come by to say hi… They are such a sweet couple and just the best of friends. Teresa came to put me to bed, she wasn't feeling very well and she didn't look very good so we didn't do any personal care. I guess we can do it in the morning, the weather is supposed to start getting nicer tomorrow. Lexi and Seth came over and we watched a couple of movies, sinister and the call… Both were really good movies.

Wednesday was a really hot day. We ended up doing some personal care because I didn't get it done last night so I didn't get up until about noon. I had to go over to Hanger prosthetics, about 3 miles away, to drop off my back brace so they could make a new soft front for it. I didn't expect it to be as hot as it was, the last couple of days have been really cool, until I realized it about halfway there. I made it to Hanger and he gave Robby some water and we came home. I ran into Seth on the way and he wanted me to go watch him surf but it was way too hot and both Robby and I needed to get home, it would've been pretty cool to watch him surf. I came home and turned up the air conditioning and we both rested until it was cool enough to go back outside and practice a couple of commands. Rosa came by and put me to bed and got me something to eat. Lee and Claudia, my uncle and my aunt and my mom and I played cards, Lee was my partner and we broke even.

Thursday was a pretty relaxing day. Karen gave me a nice long hot bath and I just watched TiVo programs the rest of the day. The lady that is going to paint a tree on my wall was supposed to come by today but she didn't make it, I hope she's okay. I know she's really busy. Lexi and Seth came by and watched crazy, stupid, love. I realized after it started that I had already seen it but it was a great movie and I never get tired of looking at Ryan gosling and Steve Carell is hilarious. Here is the tree she's going to paint on my wall.
Friday was a great day. I got my morning massage and then got dressed and got up. I didn't get to take Robby for a very long cruise but by the time I got up it was already noon and way too hot to do anything. Lexi, Seth and I cruised over to Bank of America and then to the candy store downtown… The candy there is really expensive but they finally decided what they wanted and then we cruised through town where they were apparently having a big sidewalk sale, I remember those in Los Gatos… Very fond memories. I had a couple of groupons four stars cupcakes so I went down there to pick some out, it was really hard to decide but I finally decided on a lemon one, peanut butter and chocolate, toffee and I still can't remember what the other one was. I came back and rested for a while and left Robby here as I went to the concert on the beach to see Greg Rolie. He always puts on a really good show, where these days I'm going to stay and see the 8:30 show. Rosa met me there with her son and bought me a hamburger. After the show Rosa took her son home and I stayed there and watched the fire truck and the paramedic fight through the crowd to scary some guy out who had a tissue shoved up his nose, I heard someone say something about the Ferris wheel but my guess is a fight or something. Rosa and I cruised home and she put me to bed.

Saturday was a really good day. I thought it was supposed to be really hot so after cruising through the lagoon, where they decided to bring sheep instead of goats, I cruised up to Westcliff Drive… Of course taking pictures with Google class all the way. We also cruise down to the end of the wharf and then back home, it was getting warm and we needed to rest for a bit. Rosen called and said that they needed her to stay at her other job until 5:30 PM so Robby and I went out into the yard and played around for a while. Rosa came and we did some personal care, I ate way too much and then watched the Anna Nicole story.

Sunday I decided to stay in bed and it's a good thing because I slept all day, it felt great. My mom cooked corn beef and cabbage with red potatoes, onions and carrots… It was awesome. I ate and then decided to just rest the rest of the evening. Lexi and Seth Came over and we watched the horror movie called chained, it's so nice to have finally found someone who will watch Kerry movies with me.

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sunset said...

I like that tree that is going to be painted on your wall, Tammie. I bet it will look good when it gets done! Its hard to believe tomorrow is the 4th of July; whatever you do to celebrate it, I hope it is a fun and safe one!