Monday, July 8, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like summer…

 Monday was just a great day, It was supposed to be warm but the weather was perfect. I got up and took Robby for cruise through the lagoon, I'm really disappointed that they brought sheep to the lagoon instead of goats because goats are so much cuter to watch, down to the end of the work and back. The lady that is going to paint the mural on by wall came by to take a look at it, while she was here I asked her if she could help me think of an idea for the hallway. I'm not sure when exactly she's going to start, she is real busy right now, but I told her "I waited six years and I can wait a little longer" I am really excited about getting started. I took Robby for another cruise and when we got to the lagoon I noticed that he had rubbed the Velcro strap off of his vest and it was hanging upside down. I tried to decide if I should just go on with the cruise or turn around and go home. I saw one of the grounds maintenance people, I see her at least once or twice a week and always say hi, if she would help me out and she gladly did. I went a little further and I saw a guy in a mosquito abatement truck, I wanted really bad to ask him if he knew Melanie and if she had had her baby yet but I didn't. She said she was due in June and I'm so excited to find out. We finished our cruise down to the wharf and back again and rested for a while before Rosa came and put me to bed, fixed me something to eat and then gave me a nice long hot bath. What a perfect day.

Tuesday I was supposed to have an appointment with Andrei and Jack to put the new back on my chair but that didn't happen. We did some personal care and I ended up getting up a little later than I wanted but I got up and cruised around with Robby for a while. Teresa came and brought noodles, I had my usual but they were a little more soggy than usual. It was a really fun day.

Wednesday was a perfect day. I was going to go to Monterey with Rosa and her son and grandson but I look the night before and it was going to take three hours to get there and three hours to get back, that only left us a couple of hours there so I texted her to see if she wanted to go to Capitola Village instead, that's only an hour there. I called her in the morning because Karen's bus broke down and she was an hour late getting to work so I thought it would be better to not go, Wednesday I have to be back and in bed by seven to play cribbage. I cruised around all day with Robby and took about 180 pictures with my Google glass, I'm having so much fun with them. We cruise through the lagoon and took a couple of pictures of the goats and lots of pictures of the lagoon and then cruised up to Westcliff and took the rest of the pictures up there. I always seem to forget about the time when them taking pictures with Google glass but luckily the battery ran out so I came home just as Rosa got here. She put me to bed and heated up some pineapple chicken, greens and made me a salad. I love the way she keeps everything up, she heats it up on the top of the stove so everything is crispy… I also love her salads because she puts EVERYTHING in them. For some reason I have been craving a croissant with chocolate pudding inside so she made me one of those for dessert, I could see myself gaining a lot of weight with Rosa around but she is great to have around. It was just my uncle, Claudia, my mom and I for cards and my uncle was my partner and we made a dollar. My aunt came over with Luana and Malia, they are so adorable. My uncle and aunt have a plum tree in their yard that produces quite an abundance of plums and she gave some to the neighbor and she made plum cobbler, it was really good. I couldn't sleep after everyone left so I edited a bunch of my pictures on Google Plus, I'm actually getting pretty good at taking pictures with Google glass AND it's a lot of fun. I ran into the guy that installed and fixes my lift on Westcliff Drive and he recognized the Google glass and said his son was excited to try them out, his son is also a quadriplegic. On the way back home I ran into Kristof and he said that he met my mom earlier that day, my mom took a walk with my aunt and the two little girls over to the lagoon. I asked him how he knew it was my mother and he said that he was talking to them and she introduced herself and said she had a daughter with a big service dog that comes through here every morning and he knew exactly who I was.

Thursday was fourth of July. I thought about getting up but I can't even imagine how crowded it was going to be here today and I woke up not feeling very good so I just decided to stay in bed and relax all day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, that always makes me feel better. I didn't just relax all day and watched TiVo. I'm really trying to rest my arm because of some reason my muscles aren't just for all the time. It's mostly my right arm and I was thinking about it and there isn't really a time that I'm not using it, in my chair I'm driving with it and in my bed I'm using my mouse with it. I'm trying to turn everything off at 10 PM but it just never seems to happen. I'm going to try getting a massage a couple of times a week and see if that helps, my massage therapist says that it might be because I have a cast on my arm for a month and then a brace on my arm for a month and my arm was pretty much upside down the whole time… I hope that's what it is. My aunt came over and brought me a salad that she got from Costco, apparently in six different salads and it was pretty good… Cranberry and walnut. I will definitely get someone on Saturday when I go to Costco. About 8 o'clock of course the fireworks started, I was trying to see if Robby was getting scared but I don't think he was. A couple of them scared me and my backyard lit up, obviously they were very close.

Friday was such a great day. I started out with a two hour massage and then had some ribs, greens and some pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu and prawns. I got up and took Robby and Google glass for a cruise around Santa Cruz. Teresa drove me by this place the other day that looked deserted but had a wall, some sculptures and a couple of buildings. Everything was so awesome, there was abalone in the brick work. I couldn't get very close but I did get some really good pictures. I came home and rested for a bit and then went to the concert on the beach, tonight was the tubes and they were awesome… One of my favorites to go see. I came home and Teresa put me to bed and here I am, midnight Wide-awake.

Saturday was a good day. Overcast but not really chilly in the morning. I got to talk to Omar about a bunch of stuff I would like for him to do around the house, she is such a great guy. I took Robby for cruise through the lagoon to say hi to the sheep and then we came back. Adriana took me to Costco and I got a bunch of stuff, some stuff I actually needed… Never go to Costco hungry. I came back and took Robby for another cruise through the lagoon and down to the wharf, this time the weather was gorgeous but it still crowded around here. I came back and Rosa put me to bed and then went home, we decided to play cards tonight. My aunt made some really killer hamburgers with a lot of the ingredients from her garden. We took out a bunch of hamburgers and hotdogs because my family was going to come down and we were going to have a big barbecue but they had a big party before and they were really exhausted, it's a long drive. I love hamburgers and hotdogs but I don't get to eat them very much anymore, I'm sure the homemade ones are way better than the ones you get outside and especially with the fresh ingredients from the garden. My uncle and aunt and my mom and I played cribbage, my mom was my partner and we won a dollar.

Sunday I just decided to stay in bed and avoid the crowd. My morning caregiver was supposed to be here at 7 AM and when she wasn't here by 9 AM I called my mom to come down and feed Robby and take him out. My caregiver finally messaged me at 10 AM and said that she had a really bad night and she just woke up. I decided to watch despicable me because it looked really cute, I didn't expect it to be as sweet, touching and funny as I was… I can't wait to see the one that's in the theaters now. I'm sure everybody's tired of seeing the same old pictures of Santa Cruz I have taken with Google glass, I never get tired of taking the pictures because I live in such a beautiful place. On the way to Costco yesterday I thought of another place to go to take pictures so that's what I will do tomorrow. I love to take pictures of my yard and I can't wait to have it redone. I am thinking of doing the front with a succulent garden, River rocks and flat rocks. I have a stump in my driveway that I would like to incorporate and a birdbath, I have been taking pictures of yards and looking up yards on the Internet and I think on Thursday Teresa is going to take me to the succulent gardens in Aptos. Along the driveway I have these pink flowers that I don't really like, and also has teacup and saucer vines and passionflower vines that I love… I want to take out the pink flowers and replace them with those.  Against the house on the driveway I have roses and I love them and want to keep them. At the end of the driveway by the gate I have nestersions that are growing like crazy, I like those but will see what the designer thinks. I have a waterfall and pond but the waterfall is one that I bought and I think it's broken either from use or from the raccoons playing in it at night. I want to redo that area with plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. In the back part of the house there are a lot of bushes that spill over into the walkway so when I take Robby to his dog run to go potty and come back with sticks and bushes and spiders all over me so I want to redo that was sometimes I grow up instead of out. I came to know what I want but there's no way I'll be able to put it together so luckily I found a yard up on Westcliff Drive that I like centuries and knocked on the door and talk to the guy and got a business card from the guy who did it, I'm so excited to find out what he can do for me. Rosa came by to give me something to eat, she heated up some ribs, some asparagus and some chicken, vegetable, noodle soup my aunt made today. We did some personal care and I got to have a nice long hot bath, that felt so good and I'm so relaxed right now.

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sunset said...

I don't get tired of seeing your pictures, Tammie. You do live in a beautiful place. Some of the pictures you displayed could be used on post cards I think! Its funny to think there are goats in Santa Cruz, they seem a bit out of place there, but I bet they are cute. Glad to hear Robbie wasn't affected by the fireworks. Koda was, he hid the whole time they were going off and I closed all the windows and doors during that time. We always stay home on the 4th of July so he doesn't have to be alone.

So glad you are enjoying your Google Glass!