Thursday, May 9, 2013

It looks like were back to cold weather again…

Monday was just a relaxing day. I haven't had very good luck with personal care lately so today was an exhausting day. I'm glad we got everything done, including a nice long hot bath so I am ready for tomorrow. Just get dressed, get up and go. It looks like the temperature is going to be in the high 60s this week, I don't know what is worse… 60° or 90°.

Tuesday Vicente brought to his friends over to start putting all of my furniture in the garage so they can start sending the floors on Wednesday. I didn't think it would take up that much room but my garage is full and my house is very empty. I was sitting in my empty living room just thinking about when the last time I select that empty was, right before I moved in. That was almost 6 years ago. I really love my home and I can't wait to see it after the floors are redone and it's painted. The weather was actually really nice so Robbie and I took a really long cruise. I came back and Teresa for me to bed and cleaned out a couple more classes, I think we are ready.

Wednesday was a good day but a little cold. The guys showed up at 8 AM and started sanding the floor. I thought there was in a be a lot more sawdust floating around but I guess now they have bags on everything so it's not that bad. They decided to take out the refrigerator and the stove and I'm glad they did because I thought it might look weird if they didn't. The guy seems to really know what he's doing. Robbie and I went for a really long cruise because I didn't want to stick around because it was really loud and I thought sawdust would be everywhere. We started to go down by the lighthouse but they were doing some work in the walkway was blocked so we went down to the wharf and the Boardwalk, I was glad it wasn't really that crowded. As soon as school lets out it's going to be crazy. Laid back on the boardwalk for a while and just enjoyed being in the sun and listening to the seals around the wharf. I came back and Rosa put me to bed and got me something to eat. They moved to the refrigerator out on the back porch but I had already put everything from the refrigerator into the refrigerator in the garage. We set up everything in my room and the microwave on the back porch so were trying to get used to that. And I went on vacation to Hawaii yesterday for 2 1/2 weeks so Teresa is going to cook for me. My uncle and aunt came over and we played about four games of cribbage, my aunt was my partner and I think we lost three.

Wednesday was another great day. Robby and I went out for a long cruise through the Lagoon, down the wrong Westcliffe, to the doctor wharf and back into the into the boardwalk and back. I came back and went to hang out in my room for a while but the smell was really toxic, they had stained the front of the house. I went outside for a while and opened all the doors and turned a bunch of fans on and open the windows hoping maybe it would not be so bad but there was no way I was going to be able to stay here tonight. I waited until Teresa came by and we tried a couple times but we decided we needed to either go to a hotel or go across the street to my uncles house and stay. Teresa went upstairs to check on my mom and it wasn't that bad up there and I didn't want to stay in a hotel by myself so I called my aunt and they said I could stay across the street house. Luckily the kid that stays there was gone for the weekend and they were going to have the girls that next week so it turned out great. We had to break out the traveling mattress and the portable lift and luckily they both worked perfectly. have a really hard time staying anywhere that is not my bedroom so I thought it was going to be a rough night but it was very comfortable and I slept great, maybe because I took all of PMs because I had a headache. 

Friday was another great day. Using the portable lift and the extra mattress is kind of a pain, it really makes you appreciate the easy life that you have at home. I'm so glad that the weather is finally getting the nice. I got up and took Robbie for a cruise down past the lighthouse and then to the boardwalk and then to the wharf.I came back to my uncle house and rested for a while and I was going to meet Teresa at OfficeMax to get a chair mat so it would be easier to roll the lift on the carpet but my uncle said he had a big piece of plywood and that worked even better. I met Theresa for some sushi and we came back and put me to bed and then she left, her allergies are really bad too tired.

Saturday was such a great day. got up, ate breakfast and took Robby for a really long cruise through lagoon, down past the lighthouse  museum, to the end of the wharf and back… He was really tired. We rested for a while and went for another cruise down Westcliff Drive, down to the end of the boardwalkand on the way back and we stopped at the  Monterey Bay Marine sanctuary, I have been wanting to stop by there for a long time so I finally decided to just do it. It was pretty cool. There was a lot of really cool exhibits and a 15 minute movie that had some really awesome shots in it.Teresa and Rosa came by and some personal care. I think I fell asleep before they even left, I have been sleeping really good here. I'm pretty sure it's because I don't have all the distractions that I have at home, the computer and TV.

Sunday was another awesome day. I got up and took a long cruise through the lagoon and to Westcliff Drive . As I was cruising along Westcliff Drive I got a text from Angie and she said she was on her way over to Mobos so I went over there to meet her, her mom, Peter in the kids for lunch. Robby and I cruised down to the wharf to wave at Angie from her boat but we didn't see her so we turned around. I ran into Dr. Owens on the way, it was really great to see her… It has been a while. She's done remodeling her house so she was talking about having a barbecue, it's that time of year again. Every once in a while I run into this guy named. He and his partner Tammy train and give guidance on the segues down by the wharf. He was saying that he wants to get the lab and he wanted to let me know that you finally. He was so excited. Teresa came by and got me something to eat and put into bed and that's all I remember…

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That corgi :) said...

I bet the floors look really good Tammie, but it does sound like a bit of a hassle to get all the work done. Glad you were able to stay at your uncle's house! You'll have to include a picture of the floors when they are all done!