Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ready to get back into my routine…

 Monday I ended up stuck in bed again but I did get two really killed her meals out of it. Kelly made me some wheat berries with greens and some kimchi and poached/steamed eggs on top. I pretty much just relaxed the rest of the day and then Heather came in and made some cod with prawns, roasted brussels sprouts and this really cool vegetable called Romanesco broccoli… it was a combination between broccoli and cauliflower but tasted mostly like cauliflower I really liked it.
 Tuesday was another nice day. Teresa came over and got me up and I had another appointment with Dr. Piro. There is kind of this lumpy thing under my chin and he said it would be all right but he would like to do some ultrasound plus the massage just to make sure. He and everybody else in his office are just so nice. When I had my flap surgery done I didn't get a chance to get to know him, I just met him briefly, he did the surgery and I met him again briefly after. I'm glad I got a chance to get to know him a little bit. Since we were in San Mateo we couldn't help but stop at our new favorite Roman place. This time I had barbecued pork Ramen and Teresa had the same old Miso Ramen that she got last time, we also got potstickers, it was awesome. We decided to go by Home Depot because I needed to get a few things for some projects I have. I found a guy who does maintenance and he is really great. Right now he's  sanding down the top of my fence and today he power washed everything, it really looks great out there. For some reason all day today Teresa and I tired and cranky so we decided to just put me to bed and do everything tomorrow.

Wednesday the tree fell down in front of our house and it looked way too cold and wet outside so I decided to stay in bed. I was glad because I was so tired. I slept until about 1 PM, Sonja came in and did some personal care and I feel like I could sleep the rest of the night. For breakfast Teresa brought me some lentil soup and I had some of the bread I got from Santa Cruz local foods, it was really good. For dinner I had some cod, some more of that cauliflower broccoli vegetable, some super greens and some more bread.

Thursday was a really great day but cold, not chilling down to the bone cold but just cold. I got up, I almost didn't because by lift wasn't working right but I refuse to stay in bed another day. I did my exercises, I took Robby for a cruise, we practice our commands for the day and when we were done I was on my way home and I got a text from Kelly saying that she was on her way down to the wharf so I met her there. We cruise the war followed that and went in a couple of shops and then decided to go have lunch. We picked this place called Firefish Grille, every time I go by it smells really good so I wanted to try it and boy am I glad we did. Kelly had cioppino and I had scallops with artichoke hearts and mushrooms in this really killer sauce, I wanted to take my straw and just drink it all the sauce. It also came with rice pilaf and mixed vegetables,  Everything came with rolls but we had to order some garlic bread… I LOVE garlic bread. We will definitely be going back to that place. We strolled through a couple more shops and I got a sweatshirt and we came home. Teresa put me to bed and I was so cold that turned the heater way up which meet Robby go into the bathroom, he has a bed there and that's where he likes to go when I turn the heat up because it's cooler in there with all the title.

Friday was another great day. I got up and did my exercises and took Robby for cruise and then came back home and my mom and I took Tom and Kelly to  Café Cruz for their birthday, birthday was actually Tuesday but we decided to spread it out. From where I was sitting in the restaurant I could see all of the food we put up on the counter after it was fixed and everything looked great. We went there for lunch so was mostly sandwiches and burgers but in the evenings it's mostly a rotisserie place. I was looking at the menu the night before and I saw that they had a calamari sandwich,  they had a picture and it looked awesome. I pretty much convinced myself that that was what I was going to have but when I got there for some reason I teach to my mind and had a flank steak salad, it was really good but I was sorry I changed my mind. Tom  had the calamari sandwich and it looked so good and he said it was really tender and delicious, all definitely be going back there just to try to that. Kelly had an udon noodle chicken salad that also looked really good and my mom had a chicken, avocado and bacon sandwich. We shared a peach breading dessert  and of course went home stuffed. I got home just in time for Teresa to put me to bed and I just relaxed the rest of the evening. Of course I forgot to take pictures, we were going to try to remember to take a picture of the desert and forgot that also… next time I will definitely take pictures. Stanley brought Corinne and one of her friends for the weekend, it had been a really long time since I had seen them so that was a nice surprise. Corinne and her friend  Jordan watched TV in my room with me for a while and then everybody went to bed.

Saturday was also a really great day. I was hoping it wasn't going to rain because I was looking forward to going to a car show with Tom at San Lorenzo Park. Kelly wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party with all of his friends from the area so my job was to distract him and not bring him back until 2:15 PM. We got there and of course it was on the lower level of the park and the grass was still wet and soggy from the rain the day before. I was a little afraid to drive my chair across the wet grass but Tom assured me that there would be enough people there to pull me out if I got stuck so I just did it and I didn't get stuck, it was close a couple of times but I made it. The car show wasn't real big but there were a lot of cool looking vehicles there. We walked through it and then I was wondering what I was going to to to keep him away from the house for another hour so I just told him I wasn't ready to go back yet.  We decided to just cruise around and we came across the Paradox Hotel, I saw it on the website and it looked really cool. It was all built to bring the nature inside. The desks were made of huge trees, there was twigs lined up on one of the walls and little sculptures of squirrels all over the walls and bookcases. The bookcases were filled with books but they were all covered with white paper so you couldn't see the title on any of them, I thought to myself how many trees did they kill to cover all those books? Not very nature friendly? They had a really nice dining room and we decided we should go back there one day for lunch or dinner, the menu looked really good. On the way back we walked along this picket fence and somebody had slammed a tambourine on one of the point he pickets, I mentioned it to Tom so he went back and grabbed the tambourine. We joked on the way back home about how somebody must've quit the band or got thrown out of the band and slammed it on the fence as they went by. I texted Kelly when we got a couple of blocks from the house so they would know we were on our way home and I let Tom walk in the door 1st and he was really surprised. Everybody started singing happy birthday and Tom started playing this tambourine. Ever since Tom and Kelly got here this summer they have been talking about this awesome dinner that Tom cooks once or twice a year with mashed potatoes on the bottom, sauerkraut over that, a pork roast cooked until it falls apart and kielbasa sausage so Kelly talked him into cooking that and told him we were having family over… he did not know he was cooking his own birthday dinner. It turned out AWESOME, everybody loved it and couldn't stop talking about it. Ursula made a couple of really delicious apple tarts out of apples that my uncle stole from the neighbors yards. Everybody has such a good time, I just love having people over and it especially feels good when they are comfortable in my home.

Sunday turned out to be a really great day for everybody except Stanley and Corinne. They started not feeling very good on Saturday night and they were sick all through the night. Tom, Kelly and I were going to take them to breakfast and then to the new tie-dye place downtown but Tom and Kelly said they saw them in the morning and they looked miserable. We decided to go to breakfast at the roadhouse restaurant, I usually have my wheat berries with greens and a poached egg but I decided to have a chorizo, avocado and goat cheese omelette and it was also really good. Kelly had wheat pancakes and bacon and Tom had biscuits and gravy. Kelly mentioned that her pancakes were cold but didn't want to send them back so Tom insisted, she was glad because it was a lot nicer to eat hot pancakes. Once again we forgot to take pictures so there are none, take my word for it they were awesome. It was such a nice day that we decided to drive out to the pigeon point lighthouse, last time we were there they were remodeling and repainting everything and I have been wanting to see how it was coming along. We couldn't even find a place to park and it would be too hard to get around with all that traffic in my chair so we decided to just drive on and see where else we could stop. We drove down to Pescadero and parked by Duarte's Tavern and see what was going on there. It's a good thing we did because we ended up stopping at this little restaurant and there was a band playing out back, the band was really amazing. I couldn't get out there because the deck had steps and none of the gates were open but Tom sat inside with Robby, Tom had a beer and Robby rolled around in the grass. Kelly and I sat outside the fence and listen to the band for a while until it was time to go. I can't remember the name of the band that they had just come back from a tour and said the night before they were at Neil Young's house in Redwood City. Tom bought a CD so we could remember the name and look it up to see when they're going to play in the area again. We came back home and Karen put me to bed. Stanley and the gang took off to go home while Karen was putting me to bed so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye, I hope they are feeling better. What a great weekend.

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Seems like it was a good week, Tammie! Glad you could pull off the surprise for Tom; I'm sure he did enjoy his party!