Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kevin is coming to visit, I am so excited…

 Monday was not a very good day. I had a miserable night and I almost canceled my massage but I'm glad I didn't. Personal care took most of the day but then I got to take a nice long hot bath. I'm exhausted, sore and worn-out. I didn't get to you breakfast for lunch I had a pulled pork burrito and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday turned out to be a really good day but by the time I got up it was getting pretty warm. Personal care this morning took a long time AGAIN. I don't know if I'm getting sick because there is something going around but hopefully it's just a little bad luck. I did get to get up and cruise Robby around for a while and it was nice because everything was deserted. I started getting really warm   so I just came back home and went back to bed. My aunt called early this morning from up on the hill to say that she needed somebody to come and get her and the kids, she was really sick. My uncle and Kelly went up to take care of her and get the kids to school and brought the 2 little ones back here and Kelly and my mom babysat them the rest of the day.  For breakfast I had mustard chicken and greens and for dinner chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese, greens and a couple of breadsticks.

Wednesday was a really good day. I got up and did my exercises and took Robby for a long cruise, it was really nice because there was hardly any people around. I came back and Sonia put me to bed and my cousin Kevin and his friend Scott came to visit from San Diego, Kelly picked them up from the airport this afternoon. We visited for a while, they are so much fun to talk to. I couldn't figure out why I was so hungry and then I remembered I just had cantaloupe for breakfast at 7:30 AM. For dinner I had some chicken, mixed vegetables and kimchi. My uncle came over and 6 of us played cribbage, Scott was my partner. I don't remember who won or lost but we had fun.

Thursday was a perfect day. We decided the night before that we were going to take the roaring Camp Railroad train, I have only been on it once before and it is such an awesome experience. Of course I looked up and bought the wrong tickets so instead of leaping from the boardwalk, that train stops running at the end of summer, it was leaving from Felton. It turned out okay, Felton is only about 20 min. away. The one from the boardwalk is a regular train and the one that we went on is a steam train. The train ride was so beautiful and everybody was so nice and helpful. Kelly barbecued some chicken the night before and made chicken and avocado sandwiches to take with us. She also made a lentil, quinoa and arugula salad. The weather was so perfect, I was afraid it was going to be too warm. After the train ride we ate our lunch, I cruised Robby around for a little while and then we went home. Kevin and Scott wanted to go work out at the gym for A bit and Kelly took a nap. Tom and I sat on the back porch, just talked for a while and then decided to take some stuff out of the freezer to thaw for dinner. I got some meat hub groupons and ordered a bunch of stuff. We took out some seafood kebabs, salmon burgers, crab cakes and a couple fillets… everything was really good and everyone enjoyed it a lot. Before we barbecued we decided to cruise down to the wharf and I still can't believe how warm it was, it's usually way too cold for me on the wharf.

Friday was a good day also, overcast but warm. There has been some kind of stomach flu going around here and it got my uncle on Wednesday night and Kelly on Thursday, it also got my aunt, my brother, my niece and one of my cousins little girls… I hope I escape it because it is really nasty. I decided to take Robby and get the heck out of here after Kevin and Scott left, they went to spend a couple of days in San Francisco before they went back to San Diego.  I took Robby through the lagoon and decided to go up the hill and along W. Cliff Dr., I haven't been down there for a long time and I forgot how beautiful it was. We ended up cruising on the way down to natural Bridges Beach. I wanted to go further to natural Bridges Park and check out the monarch butterflies but we started passing a lot of dogs and I was getting really nervous, I guess I still really am a little nervous after the last time Robby was attacked. It's still a really nice cruise, I believe Westcliff Drive itself is about 3 1/2 miles. Robby and I used to do it every day and I think as long as it stays nice we are going to try to do it again, it's really nice on the weekdays because there's not a lot of people. We cruised back home and Teresa put me to bed. She wiped everything in the house down with Clorox wipes and My bedroom door closed just in case the bug is still going around. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Saturday was a pretty good day, kind of cold but I wore a thermal under my shirt. I forgot that today was the day that all the high schools in the area brought their bands to Santa Cruz. There was about 50 bands that started at Santa Cruz high and marched over to the boardwalk. It was pretty cool except people had their chairs lined up along the sidewalks in some places were pretty hard to get around, luckily Robby has really loud tags on his collar and everybody hears him coming and most people move out of the way. We did our normal cruise and then came back and I did my exercises and Karen put me to bed and we did some personal care, tomorrow is bath day and I'm so excited. My uncle came over and luckily he is feeling better but Kelly is still locked in her room. I heard that Kevin's friend Scott got the flu, I can't imagine how awful it is to go on vacation and didn't catch the flu… I hope he feels better.

Sunday was not really the best of days. Saturday night at almost 12 midnight we had a 5.3 earthquake, I was almost asleep.  Needless to say I waited up the rest of the morning for another one, I never felt another one. I finally shut the TV and the computer off and turned on my little turtle that put stars on the ceiling and tried to go to sleep, it didn't work. By the time Sonia got here in the morning I was exhausted and my arms hurt, I get really bad nerve pain sometimes on the inside of my arms. It took like it was going to be cold outside so I decided to just stay in bed and of course the sun came out and it was nice outside. I slept on and off during the day. My uncle, Tom and my mom came in a couple of times to see if everything was okay. Heather came in and cooked a bunch of food, it smelled really good here. While she was here I asked her to give me something to eat and she brought me some fish, some cauliflower and some mashed potatoes… it was so good. For dinner Tom, Kelly and my mom decided to order some Chinese food to be delivered… how can I turn that down?? I ordered some war wonton soup for breakfast tomorrow and some eggplant with garlic sauce and some shrimp fried rice, it was pretty good but of course I forgot to take a picture. Kelly is feeling better and it turns out that Scott didn't have the flu… well he had the Martini flu but that isn't quite as bad as stomach flu that's going around. Kevin never got sick either. I think it's over and Tom, my mom and I made it through without getting sick… knock on wood.

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That corgi :) said...

That was a pretty big earthquake Tammie!! Glad you got to spend some time with Kevin; sounds like you had a great visit with him! I would have enjoyed that train ride I think!