Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting closer to freedom...

Monday was just another day of staying in bed. I just about think that I’m going to go crazy and then I remember the days when I was in Seton Hospital eating nothing but oatmeal, cottage cheese and tuna fish sandwiches. It was always so cold and there and I had to watch the same stupid television programs over and over. I guess it’s not so bad here in.

Tuesday was yet another day of staying in bed. I’m trying to eat a lot of protein and drink a lot of tea. The visiting nurses are supposed to come by today and check it out, I hope it’s good news. Teresa and Karen have been on top of everything and taking really good care of me, I don’t know what I would do without them. Jess, Teresa’s boyfriend, has been taking Robby to play with their animals and for long walks.

Wednesday was pretty much the same old thing, laying on my right side until I can’t stand it anymore, two hours on my back and and then back on my left side. It is getting better but it takes a long.

Thursday was the same thing all over again. Thank God for Jess and Teresa for taking Robby to the beach every day to play and thank God for Karen for putting up with my crankiness and. Nothing really exciting happened.

Friday was the same old thing BUT my family came down from Modesto. It was really great to see them and they took turns keeping me company, I hope it wasn’t too cranky. Corinne brought one of her friends, Jordan, to hang out at the Boardwalk with. I have some coupons for some free movie rentals so that kept them pretty busy.

Saturday was my support group Halloween party, I was really sad that I had to miss that. Teresa went to drop off some stuff for me and ended up staying in talking to everybody. Then Robby visited with some patients, she took him to the beach and then came back. My brother barbecued ribs and steak and made some brussels sprouts with bacon and some asparagus, it was awesome. Oh he also made egg and bacon omelette’s and toast for breakfast.

Sunday was the same old thing again, flipping from side to side. For some reason my body REALLY hate being on my left side and after a couple of hours I start sweating and I just can’t stand it any longer. We ordered pizza from Woodstock and my family left for home. I am thankful that I am at home instead of at Seton. They’re coming out on Tuesday to reevaluate my bed and get the low loss air flow mattress I should’ve gotten a couple of years ago. The pressure sores started I’m sure from having too much air in my cushion and then I thought it would be better staying in bed but when the nurse felt the mattress she said it was just making it worse.

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That corgi :) said...

Your decorations look so good Tammie!! Lots of work there, but I like it all! The neighbors across the street put up a big black inflatable cat that Koda barks at all the time! Sorry its been a tough week for you, but I'm glad you have had the support you had with friends and family to help you the best they can!