Monday, January 31, 2011

Just another week...

Monday Teresa took both my new chair and my old chair to Campbell to get the headlight and taillights put on my new chair, it is so awesome to have lights. We also put a cigarette lighter attachment on the batteries so I can use my electric throw that is run by batteries, I am ready for the winter and for the darkness. It’ll be nice to be able to come home from the concerts on the beach and have lights. I have been trying to find a place to get rid of my old wheelchair and they agreed to take it off of my hands, what a big relief. It was just taking up room in my garage and nobody wanted to take it because of the liability, I know they can find a good home for it, I’m sure there’s somebody out there that can use it. When I took a bath my lift broke so I had to call Bill to come and fix it, luckily he lives close and is always here when I need him. It got stuck in the bathroom so Karen had to push my bed into the bathroom and put me on it and then push me back into the bedroom, she is so clever.

Tuesday I was just too tired so I stayed in bed. Monday wasn’t a very relaxing day with all the people running in and out so I just wanted a day to stay in bed and relax. Teresa and Jess took Robby over to the dog park and he had a really good time so I don’t have to feel guilty about him not getting out. I think I must be going through something and I don’t know what it is. When I first moved here I was hardly ever home and out cruising with Robby everywhere. Lately I just get up so that people don’t ask me why I didn’t get up and I can’t wait to go back to bed. I still take Robby on long cruises but now it’s because I feel guilty if I don’t and not because I want to. I used to cruise all the way down the ocean to the beach but now I’m just afraid that somebody’s dog is going to attack my dog. I hope that I get over this soon and I wish I knew how to rush through it.

Wednesday I decided this just hasn’t been a very good week. Again because the morning procedures took way too long I ended up staying in bed again. It was more relaxing and I didn’t get extremely anxious like I usually do. I watched a couple of movies and enjoy the peace and quiet. Cassy brought Jack and he played with Robby for a little bit, that always makes me feel better. Tomorrow’s going to be a great day, I’m going out to lunch with Teresa.

Thursday was an awesome day. I felt better and more rest and than I have in a long time. I was supposed to go out to lunch with Teresa but she wasn’t feeling good so we rescheduled. I did however take a very long cruise with Robby, I keep meaning to gauge how long it is on my telephone but I always forget until I get home. We went down past the lighthouse to natural Bridges Beach and a little bit further, they really felt great, we used to do that almost every day and I think were going to try to do it again. I ran into Andrew at the lighthouse, he works for parks and recreation and I seem to see him everywhere. On the way back I ran into my uncle who was riding his bike down to natural Bridges Beach, maybe we will start doing it together since we both want to get out.

Friday we had a great time at the Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility. They were having a Valentine/Chinese new year party. They showed a couple of DVDs of silly animal pictures with music and pictures of the residents with the pets at pet therapy, it was really cute. We came back home and went through the four containers of dog stuff that I have and got rid of most of it, we’re going to take it to the animal shelter tomorrow. I did the standing frame for 45 minutes and went to bed to watch the social network, I think I’m the only one left in the world that hasn’t seen it yet.

Saturday morning I took a nice long, hot bath... what a great way to start your day. It started out sunny so I decided to take Robby for a nice long cruise but about halfway to the lighthouse it started sprinkling so we had to turn around and come back. Cassy cleaned out some more in the garage and we took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and to the pet adoption place. I have had a craving for KFC chicken for a while so we stopped there on the way back and got some, I got enough for Teresa and Karen in case they get hungry when they’re cleaning tomorrow. I got home and Cassy said it looks like my refrigerator is broken, there’s not much I can do until Karen gets here tomorrow and if it seems like it’s still not working life take everything out and put it in the refrigerator in the garage. If it’s not cold I guess it’s time to clean a refrigerator and start over... it’s always something.

Sunday it was supposed to rain and it did for most of the day so I decided to stay in bed and Karen helped me set up my new computer backup for the automation system. All we have left to do is program all the numbers on the remote to the box, for each button on the remote you have to program a button. Somebody is coming out on Wednesday to fix the refrigerator, thank goodness I have one in the garage.

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