Monday, January 17, 2011

A beautiful day to watch puppies play...

Monday I got a massage from Kimberly because Susan is on vacation. I felt so nice and relaxed afterwards that I decided to just stay in bed. I feel like I have been staying in bed a lot but is just too cold outside to do anything and if I’m going to stay in my house the bed is just more comfortable. I do felt bad for Robby but he had a really great play date on Sunday and he pretty much slept all day.

Tuesday Teresa, Cassy and I went to have Thai food, it was awesome. We all had comforters to wash and the Thai food restaurant is right across the parking lot. I came home and some friends came over to play cribbage, I lost all but one game but have fun.

Wednesday turned out to be a huge disappointment. I got all ready to take a bath, in my sling and water ready, and my ceiling lift didn’t work. It did this to me last week so I called the guy out and he said that we just weren’t making sure it got docked property so we tried to be extra careful, very frustrating.

Thursday was really cold but I did manage to take Robby out a couple of times to cruise around. Teresa took me to Cosco, I love that place. That’s what I get most of my care and cleaning supplies.

Friday was a beautiful day. I sent Robby with Cassy to the Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility because I had to stay here and wait for the guy to bring me a battery for my ceiling lift. Cassy got back before he came so she stayed here while I took Robby out for a cruise. The weather was so perfect and it was so nice to have some time with Robby and I really didn’t want to come back but I did. The guy came and changed the battery and my aunt came over to hook up my new Apple TV. I didn’t get to do the standing frame because the guy who put in the batteries set to let it fully charge overnight.

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day. I got to take a nice long hot bath, get dressed and out and head out to our monthly spinal cord injury peer support group. Roger e-mailed me last night and said that he wasn’t feeling good and she was not going to be able to make it, that made me kind of nervous because I felt like I was probably going to be the one to run the group. I would love to be able to do that but I just don’t think I have enough confidence in myself to do it. I was also very nervous that not very many people would show up, I think I just worry too much. About 10 people showed up and we have a lot to talk about and everybody was very comfortable, we talked for about two hours. It was such a beautiful day that Robby and I cruised down there and back and now he is sleeping like a baby.

Sunday was of course puppy play date with Bella and Ozzy. They get along so well and it’s so cool to watch them. It’s just nice to see a bunch of dogs getting together and playing nice. The service dog I had before Robby wasn’t really mean but didn’t particularly like to be around other animals so I couldn’t really take her into a public place, even though she was a service dog. I took Seth with me and I think he had a good time. Nana and Seth got along really well. We’re supposed to have a couple more beautiful days.

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