Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ocean Cove...

Monday Kelly Cassady and I went for sushi at Mobos, always a great experience. After sushi Cassidy drove Robby and I over to Santa Cruz skilled nursing for a visit. The more I go over there the better I get to know some of the people, I love visiting with them and the time just seems to go by really fast. After we came back Heather made the most awesome calamari steak I have had in a long time, she also made brown rice and a really good salad. A great day for a Monday. Tuesday I went to see Claudia to get my haircut. I know exactly how I want my haircut but I can’t seem to explain it. I found a couple of pictures of hairstyles that I want but I can get a picture of the back, I looked all over the Internet. I took Robby for a cruise a couple of times and came back and Heather made me a calamari steak with her homemade eggplant marinara sauce and some brown rice, it was so awesome. Wednesday Kelly and I went to the movies to see Eat Prey Love, I really liked it and thought it was hilarious. I heard some reviews that said it was too long and not very good but I guess everybody’s taste is different, we both enjoyed it very much. We came back and Heather was cooking up a storm. A friend of my aunts brought over a bunch of corn on the cob, zucchini and squash and we were wondering what to do with it... I should have known Heather would find something awesome. she cut up the zucchini and added spinach, artichoke hearts, spinach and Fontaine cheese sausages, Rocotta cheese and mixed it with her killer eggplant marinara sauce. I can smell it right now because she just took it out of the oven and I cannot wait to try it, the smell is out of this world. Thursday Kelly and I decided to take a road trip to Ocean Cove in Jenner California, my uncle and aunt were camping there with some friends. Luckily right before we left we heard there was an overturned beer truck blocking both lanes of Highway 17 so we decided to take Highway 1 all the way there. I think that was the most beautiful ride I have ever been on. It took us about five hours but it didn’t seem that long, we had so much fun talking and catching up. We got there and the abalone diver decided that he would go out to try to get some abalone for dinner. Since we got there so late we couldn’t stay for dinner so he told us to bring it home and we can have it when my uncle and aunt get back. I have never seen a live abalone and it was so cool. It looked like a large black tongue reaching out and feeling around for something to grab onto. I cannot wait to try that. The ride back was really nice except that on the way back I was way too close to the ocean, it was right over the cliff. Friday Kelly and I decided to head over to Home Depot to get a stand for my moms topsy-turvy tomato plants, they were hanging over the deck and kept getting squished on the driveway below. Friday was the last concert on the beach and I am so sad, it went by way too fast. I did go to all the concerts except one. We decided to go to the later shown because I have never been, I always go to the 6:30 PM show. I thought it would be better but I think next year I will stick to the earlier show. By 8:30 PM there are a lot of intoxicated people getting out of hand on the boardwalk, kind of scary. I liked the lights and the tubes put on a really great show but they only sang one song that I knew, they did not sing she’s a beauty or what you want from life. Saturday We finally got to eat the abalone we brought home on Thursday, I have been so excited waiting for it. It was everything I had hoped it would be, it was so tender and it just tasted AWESOME. We also had some breaded pork chops, roasted red potatoes and roasted asparagus, I ate way too much. Sunday was puppy play date and not only Robby but Bella was ready to play. There ended up being about six dogs, all about the same size, and they all got along really well and had so much fun. I need to work on recall with Robby because he doesn’t always listen to me once he starts playing. Dr. Owens suggested that we go to the great Mall in Milpitas next Saturday, SHOPPING... I’m so excited.

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That corgi :) said...

wow, I can't believe the concert season is over already; this summer has gone by way too fast! that abalone does sound good; like you, Tammie, I never saw a live one before. Love Heather's cooking!! I can almost smell it through the computer :)

and what a fun day trip; beautiful pictures!! I've been on Highway 1 a few times, might have even been on this stretch in the past, but all of it is really pretty indeed!