Sunday, September 19, 2010

Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center, 40th Anniversary Barbecue...

Monday Teresa came in to get me up because Karen is on vacation, I told her she is never allowed to go on vacation again. I really miss her in the mornings. On my way downtown to meet Cassy for sushi I ran into Scott, the puppy raiser from CCI. He and his wife were walking the puppy so we stopped and chatted for a while, I had never met his wife before. After sushi we went to Santa Cruz skilled nursing and visited for a while, I am really liking going there and getting to know everyone. The place that got me involved in going there, IU adventures, had a barbecue on Friday and I was really sad that I did not get to go. I’m just having all kinds of problems with my van.

Tuesday I ended up staying in bed because of a mixup with the schedule. I have been really busy and exhausted all week so I guess it’s okay, I just feel bad because Robby doesn’t get to get out and get some exercise. I have been looking for a new van and the guy who I met at Ocean Cove gave me the name and number of a guy that his sister bought a van from so I gave him a call to see if he had any vans that I could look at and he said he did but he was coming to Watsonville on Thursday and he would stop by and talk to me. His voice sounded very familiar so when I asked him his name and he said it was Kevin I knew instantly who he was. He used to run a place called Southbay mobility, I used to take my van there all the time to get fixed and I knew him pretty well. I told him my name and he remembered me, it will be really good to see him on Thursday and catch up and hopefully get a new van from him. I really like the looks of the Honda Odyssey.

Wednesday was all about Robby Day, the first time in I can’t remember when I didn’t have any plans. We went for a really long cruise through the lagoon, along the Levy all the way down to Cost Plus World Market... okay World Market was all about me and my ginger snap cookies. We came back home and Ann called and said she was finished with a hat that she was making for me so we met her downtown at the post office. Robby slept like a baby.

Thursday Kevin came by to talk to me about getting a van, he was supposed to bring his van so I could check it out. He forgot that drove his motorcycle and I’m so glad that he did, it was the coolest thing I have ever seen. It is a wheelchair accessible BMW motorcycle. We did get to talk about the van and I kind of know what I want but were going to San Jose on Thursday so I can look at what he has. I’m so excited, my van hasn’t been running very well for a while now and we never really know from day to day if the battery is going to die. Because of the ramp they had to lower the floor and it hits every bump and slightly raised driveway, the side doors don’t even close all the way anymore.

Friday my aunt took me to the 40th anniversary barbecue at Valley medical center. I saw a lot of people that I haven’t seen for a long time, someone took some pictures and asked me to do an interview about Valley medical. I always get so nervous when I have to do stuff like that. After the barbecue we went to the Apple store in Los Gatos and I got a new iPhone four, I hope it works better for me than my old one. We came home and played cribbage with a group of friends, we skunked our opponents twice... we played for a dollar each game but if you get skunked you have to pay an extra dollar.

Saturday was our fourth support group meeting at Dominican rehab. There were six people today in chairs plus Terryn and the family of one of our young guys in a chair. Rogers showed us a website that he has been working on to put our support groups information online, it looked awesome. We talked about networking our support group with other support groups in the area, it all sounds so exciting. We took a couple of pictures to put them on the website to get everything started. We decided to have a Halloween party here at my place on the 17th, the day after the support group. I am already going to have this place decorated and it’s really going to be a lot of fun. I LOVE Halloween and I can’t wait. After the support group Cassy and I went to the Santa Cruz County fair. The first thing that we did was watch the pig races, they are so adorable. Of course we got something to eat, wandered around for a while, got some funnel cake and then left. Neither one of us are really big on crowds but we wanted to check it out. When I got back home and checked face book a guy that I used to work with wrote that he heard me on the radio talking about Valley medical, they did an interview with me yesterday at the 40th anniversary barbecue and took some pictures. He said it was on KCBS radio station but I couldn’t find it on the website.

Sunday turned out to be a really good day to stay in bed, I am exhausted from last week and this week is going to be another busy week. I slept most of the day which really felt great and watched movies when I could stay awake.

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That corgi :) said...

how neat that you are going to have that Halloween party at your place, Tammie! I do know you enjoy celebrating it so much! cool that you will be considering getting a new van; my sister has a Honda Odessey and likes it. I was amazed about that custom built motorcyle--amazing!!