Sunday, May 16, 2010

Melia's first birthday party weekend...

Today we went to see the movie “Just Wright” it was a really good movie, good choice Aunt Kathy. We’re going to try to go to the movies every Friday, I miss going to the movies. During the movie Robby came undone from his hook and started wandering around, not too far but I wasn’t paying attention and he ended up laying down behind me and when the movie was over I panicked a little bit because I could not see him.

On May 1st a bunch of people trashed some buildings downtown, I went down there the day after and it was really heartbreaking. Today they were replacing the Windows and Wednesday when I was there I noticed they put some statues of sea animals, I just love going downtown.

My brother Stanley and Corinne are coming down for the weekend. We are going up on Bear Creek Road for my cousins daughter’s first birthday, it’s always so beautiful up there in the mountains. the party isn’t till late in the afternoon so I’ll probably take Corinne to the Greek Festival, in his downtown this weekend.

On Saturday instead of going to the great festival the girls decided they wanted to cruise along the cliffs and go to the surfer museum at the lighthouse, that was a really good choice because it was beautiful. We got back just in time to load up and head to Melia’s birthday party up in the mountains. The weather was beautiful, the food was awesome... I ate way too much and it was really good to see everybody again, some of the people there I have not seen in a year or more.

On Sunday Corinne and Sierra, Corinne’s friend, went with Robby and I on our Sunday play date at the elementary school. I’m always amazed but grateful that there isn’t anybody on the playground and in the field so we don’t have to worry about the puppies bothering anyone, although they are adorable and who wouldn’t want to play with them?

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That corgi :) said...

that is sad the people trashed buildings in your community; I hope they can find who did this so they can receive their punishment for destroying other people's property. sounds otherwise that you are enjoying time with your friends and family :)