Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Eagles concert...

On Monday my uncle Ronnie, aunt Patty, cousin Eric and his wife Jill came to visit from Arizona. I have not seen them for several years and it was really great to see them. On Thursday afternoon my brother David came from Georgia and my brother Stanley came Thursday evening and his wife Janet and daughter Corinne came Friday evening. On Thursday we went to the wooden nickel in Watsonville for dinner. My uncle Dick and aunt Kathy go there once a week for lunch and EVERYTHING there is awesome, it is always a real treat to go there although it’s very small so I don’t go there a lot. On Sunday we went to my cousin Rich’s house up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and it was really beautiful. Everybody that was visiting has at one time or another lived in that house and had really fond memories so we all had a good time, almost everything had changed but everything stayed the same. The week went by really fast and by Monday everybody was gone again but we have a lot of fond memories and hopefully everybody that took pictures will forward them to me so I can put them on face book for everybody to share.

I call the DMV to find out if they could mail me a form to renew my identification card and they said my wait would be 10 minutes. After saying that about six times it change to “your wait will be longer than 10 minutes so we suggest you call back another time or come down to the office”, really??

Last Saturday I went to an Eagles concert in San Jose. I used to go every year when I lived there and I can talk one of my brothers into going, it wasn’t that hard because they love them as much as I do. Of course they put on an AWESOME show. Some new stuff as well as a bunch of classics. I went with Susan, my massage therapist, and her husband. Before the concert we went to a place called the grill for dinner, it’s inside HP Pavilion and the food was really good. I had halibut with shrimp over rice with a garlic and butter sauce. Susan had stuffed chicken and her husband, Eric, had prime rib... everything looked really good. I had never met Eric before but it was really comfortable and we all had a great time, we are all excited about doing it again next year.

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That corgi :) said...

sounds like a fun concert, Tammie; they do put on a good show, don't they? I saw them when we lived in Montana and it was so very good

glad you got to see your family visiting from Arizona