Sunday, March 21, 2010

The weather is getting beautiful...

It is so nice to be back up in my chair again and have my puppy back. I got Robby back last Tuesday and it was a very happy reunion. The first time I brought him home I was supposed to let anybody pay attention to him for a month but of course that is very hard to do especially with lots of family and friends around but I quickly learned why they ask you to do that. This time I’m holding strong and not letting anybody but me pay attention to him and it seems to be working out really good. Before he would of course follow around whoever is moving and was starting to get more attached to a couple of my caregivers rather than me, this time he is paying more attention to me.

On Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, we had about 10 people over for corned beef and cabbage and cribbage, I really miss those get-togethers. The meal turned out absolutely wonderful, everybody raved about it. After Teresa brought Robby back Tuesday evening she put the corned beef in the crockpot, one in Guinness beer in the other in water in a room full really good. Besides cabbage, red potatoes and carrots she also did some root vegetables.

On Thursday and Friday Robby and I took a long stroll out past the lighthouse. The weather was really beautiful and it was great to see Robby prancing down the walkway with his head up and a big smile.

I’m done with the visiting nurses and is released sad to see them go because they were so much help. The rest of my chair fitting I will do at Dominican with the rehab OT said PT’s. It will be nice to get back up in the standing frame, I was almost done with my session and ready to order the standing frame when I had to quit for my surgery. We need to work on my back rest in my chair. I have to do some tests to find out if I really have scoliosis or just weak muscles around my spine. they now make a mold of your back and make it into the back rest instead of adding a bunch of mechanical things, I’m really excited about that.

I got REALLY sick this weekend, I don’t remember the last time I have felt this miserable. My head felt like it was about to explode, my ear and throat were hurting really bad and I kept sneezing. I missed Robby’s play date and he didn’t get to go out and get any exercise but we will make up for it tomorrow and all next week.

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That corgi :) said...

so sorry you felt sick this weekend Tammie,but glad that Robby is home with you and you are able to spend time with him; seems like things are relatively going as well as they can

that St.Patrick's gathering sounded fun too :)