Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...

The wound vacuum starts out with a piece of foam over the wound and a hose that sucks all of the air out of the foam and consequently vacuums and tickles the sides of the wound to keep it stimulated for faster healing.

On Wednesday I went to Stanford to get a bone scan to see if the bone was infected, the wound is now tunneling around the bone. There is absolutely no sign of infection, it is just a precaution. My appointment at Stamford was at 8 AM and as we were leaving at 6:30 AM the wound vacuum started beeping which means somewhere the hose is kinked or being crashed, none of these we can check in the van while I am fully dressed so we just try to ignore it. At 8:00 AM they gave me a shot and decided they were going to take the bone scan three times. After the first time of taking me out of my chair, putting me on the scanning table and then putting it back into my chair they decided that two times would be enough. The other bone scan they were going to do at 1 PM, the whole time the wound vacuum is beeping. By the time we got out of there, got home and got me into bed of course the wound vacuum was working perfectly. I woke up the next morning to the wound vacuum beeping and after calling and trying several things they decided to send out a visiting nurse that afternoon. The nurse replaced the dressing and everything worked perfectly. I’m going to Seton Hospital to see their wound care specialists, they are supposed to be the best in this area, and then I will know for sure how often and how long I will be able to beat up in my chair. My biggest concern is Robby, all of the time I am up in my chair is devoted to exercise and working with Robby and I just hope that it’s enough.

On Sunday I’m going to take Robby to meet Bela, my primary care doctors dog. They got her last Christmas and she is one year old. She is a bundle of energy, very friendly and I know will give Robby a good workout, I am so excited about it. I’m going to get a tennis ball launcher so that I can play with Robby but it’s nice to know that he will be able to have a playmate. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures.

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That corgi :) said...

that outing with Robby and Bella sounds like it will be fun for both of them

I'm glad the bone isn't infected Tammie; I would imagine that would be hard to get things cleared up if that was the case

of course it stands to reason that the wound VAC would go crazy with beeping when there was nothing you could do about it while traveling

we had a nice day today here weather wise; in the 70s and sunny; hard to imagine it is winter :)