Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas...

On Monday a few weeks ago, David my brother from Georgia, came to visit. Stanley, my brother from Modesto, came on Tuesday and we had a really nice visit. We mostly just hung out and went to get Santa Cruz slug sweatshirts at UCSC campus. It is always great. It looks like for a while I’m only going to be able to get up for a couple of hours a day. My pressure sore just is not getting any better and now wound care called in the visiting nurses and a treatment called the wound vac. It is pretty much what it sounds like and it is supposed to heal the wounds about 50% faster. It is a couple weeks later and I’m still pretty much confined to my bed except for a couple of hours every other day. All of my time out of bed is dediated to Robby, exercising and practicing commands. He loves Santa Cruz and so fun to see him prancing around sniffing the air. Christmas was AWESOME. I have the best family in the world. They brought everything in my room so that I could watch everybody open their gifts because I had to stay in bed. Corinne was going to stay here with me for a week but she got an offer from a friend to go skiing, I can see her right now shushing down the slopes. Tomorrow I have an appointment at Stanford, a bone scan, and on the seventh I have an appointment at Seton medical center, they are supposed to be the best wound care facility around. Unfortunately I had to reschedule my follow up to team training next month. They were very understanding, they are the greatest group of people at CCI. I worked it out with the visiting nurse so that I can take a shower right before she gets here, the no shower thing was driving me crazy. She calls me about an hour before she’s going to be here and we just take off the wound care vacuum and then she puts it back on when she gets here.

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That corgi :) said...

looks like it was a great Christmas Tammie (thanks for the card, very nice :)

sorry that darn old pressure ulcer is still causing you grief, but I am glad you are getting it checked out by experts and I hope they can figure out a new strategy or plan of action to get it healed

Robby looks like he is fitting in just fine with you and your family :)

I hope the new year is a good one for you and yours, Tammie :)