Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Lions Club and the Christmas party...

Last Wednesday I was invited to the Lions Club in Los Gatos to meet all of the wonderful people who helped me to get my service dog, they really are a very caring group of people. Of course Robby loved it because people were lining up to say hello to him, once you start loving on Robby it is often necessary to get a restraining order... he just loves attention. They have a Lions Club here in Santa Cruz and they asked me to become a member so I can show them the side of having a service dog that they don’t often see, I cannot wait to get involved in that. They gave me an award for speaking in front of everybody, it was so awesome. There was somebody there from the Los Gatos paper so I’m anxious to see the article they wrote, hopefully they will send me a copy.

On Sunday we were invited to a Christmas ornament exchange party at some friends in Los Gatos. After the Lions club luncheon on Wednesday we went downtown to pick out some ornaments for the exchange. We had a really good time and I came home with the ornament that I wanted, people were stealing each other’s like crazy. They had a new puppy there that was just a little bit smaller than Robby and they ran around and played almost all the time that we were there, they had so much fun and it was so neat to watch them. I had never seen Robby play like that, I hope they can play again. Robby doesn’t have any playmates here, he slept so good that night.

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That corgi :) said...

Robby is such a nice looking dog! glad you had some fun events Tammie! I admire you for speaking in front of the group! that is one thing I don't like to do

Christmas ornament exchanges are always fun; glad you ended up with the one you wanted