Monday, January 18, 2010

Pre surgery...

A week ago Wednesday I went up to Stanford to have a bone scan to see if my wound had reached the bone. Last Thursday I went up to Seton medical center to see Dr. Crew, Seton is supposed to be the best place to be if you have a wound. Dr. crew said that I needed to get flap surgery so I went up today to talk to the surgeon and it looks like I’m going to have flapped surgery on Friday. They cut a teardrop shape piece of skin from your knee to your thigh, work the muscle up over the wound and stitch it closed. They put you on a clinitron bed, a bed that is filled with moving air and sand so you don’t have to change position, for 6-8 weeks. In order to heal the wound like this it would take six months in bed and it will always be a place to open up a really easy.

Canine companions for Independence has agreed to take Robby back while I’m in the hospital. That way they can continue working with him and exercising him and when I get out I will be able to get him back and we can start living a great life. Except for this last week I have only been able to get up for a couple of hours every other day and the entire time was dedicated to exercising and working with Robby, we have become really close and this is going to be very hard.

I had just introduced Robby to the dog around the corner, Bean, and they got along really well. Both are puppies and love to play. On Sunday I have been taking Robby to Bayview elementary school for a play date with my primary care doctors puppy, Bella, and another couple couples puppy that we met over there, Bonnie. They all get along so well and it is He so much fun to watch them play. I am sure that when we come back home we will resume.

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That corgi :) said...

good luck with the surgery, Tammie, but it sounds like a great thing to have done to speed up the healing. I know you will miss Robby though, but he sounds like he is in good hands

take care of yourself!!!