Thursday, March 12, 2009

We need to order a part...

ATG rehab came out on Tuesday to try to figure out the same problem I had with my chair two weeks before. They calibrated it again and said that they were going to order our part. The guy told me they start with the little things and work their way up until they find out what is wrong, to me this sounds very frustrating and very expensive.

I finally found material that matches the chairs I had reupholstered and I am so excited. I had some antique furniture that I got from my uncle reupholstered and while I was out at I had a couple of chairs that my mom had redone in the same fabric. I got rid of the antique furniture and I now have the chairs that my mom had in my room. I have been looking since I moved here, about eight months, and I finally found it so I'm going to do the drapes and the headboard and footboard. I have the blinds and the drapes for the living room, they just need to be installed.

Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. Owens because I have been having bowel problems. I always considered myself really lucky because a lot of people in chairs have an ongoing battle with the bowels, I think mostly because they take a lot of prescription medication. I only take one prescription anymore, the rest are all supplements. Unfortunately it is very hard to do an examination in the office, it would be really hard to transfer me out of my chair, so the doctor agreed to come here and I am so glad that she is so accommodating.

Next Saturday a bunch of us are going to get together to play cribbage at my aunts house and Sharon is going to come in early and make me some pillows for the living room that match the drapes, I am so glad that I found her because she is awesome, she can not only sew but she is a massage therapist and a really neat person.

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a corgi said...

cribbage sounds fun! I hope they can fix your chair Tammie without a lot of problems and expense

It is neat that there are doctors out there still willing to go the extra distance to help people and make house calls

supposed to warm up here next week; I'm looking for that. In case you don't post before next week, I'm going to be away from the computer from next Thursday through Sunday (03/19 to 03/22). I have a friend coming into town so we are going to "do the town" so to speak. I'll catch up with you when I'm back if you make any entries during those days