Monday, March 9, 2009

Stupid chair...

When I first the only new wheelchair it took me about eight months to like it. After driving it for a while and even sometimes when I just turned it on it would start beeping and then just shut off. I called several times but they would always tell me that it sounds like it needs to be charged... make sure it's plugged into the wall, make sure it's plugged into the chair, make sure the lights are on on the charger... I have been in a chair for almost 15 years and I really do know how to charge a chair. Finally when I took it in to be repaired for something else it happened with the technician twice so they called me and told me that there was something wrong with the driving mechanism and it would have to be replaced...geeeez. A couple of weeks ago the recline feature would not work every once in a while, usually I would get stuck reclining back and have to wait until it decided to work again. I called and they send somebody out who plugged a diagnostic machine in and said that it needed to be homed so he did that and luckily he could see how many times it got stuck and he called tech at the shop and told me it was Fixed. Last Thursday it did it again so I called and they said that they would send somebody out on Tuesday. It’s done it at least once a day since but yesterday was the worst. On my way to my dentist appointment I was trying to adjust my chair at one of the stoplights and I noticed that it wasn’t working, my first thought was to turn around and reschedule my appointment because the dentist works on me in my chair and it needs to be reclined. I decided to just go one in and see what they say, it was a beautiful day and I wanted to cruise through the park. When I got there I told the receptionist that I was having problems with my reclined system and she said they would just do what they could, they are all so sweet there. Right before she started cleaning my teeth my chair miraculously reclined so everybody was happy. After she finished cleaning my teeth of course the recline system would not work so I was stuck in that particular room for about two hours while they called my mom and she came out with the van. I can drive while my chair is in a reclining position but is definitely not very safe and the hallways were too narrow so I just waited. My dentist came in and started checking out the chair and started pushing it up and it started working again, I was so happy and I’m sure that they were glad to get their exam room back. Hopefully the guy will just take my chair and have somebody check it out and bring it back when it's working, thank goodness I kept my old reliable chair.

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a corgi said...

oh my gosh, Tammie, I do hope they get to the bottom of the problems with the chair and fix it all completely. It does sound dangerous to be in it if it is going to continue to mess up like that. So thankful if it had a problem that you were at the dentist instead of some other place where you might not have been around kind people when it failed. I hope the technicians diagnose it and fix it properly when they come out today