Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting back to life...

I just had the best dinner I have had for a long time... yes, Heather is back. I have really missed her, I used to see her just about every day. She was still a little sore from her operation but she slowly getting back to her old self. She made blackened Mahi with Mango sauce, rice pilaf and green beans... it is good to have her back

It seems that I have been having problems for the last month or two and I’m really getting tired of it. First it was bowel problems and now I have a major bladder infection, I got some antibiotics and hopefully I will be back rolling around Soon. Tomorrow my aunt is having about 15 people over for cribbage and dinner, I really hope I’m going to be able to make it.

Luana ended up in the hospital with pneumonia but thank goodness she is going to be okay.

The little girls down the street were having a birthday party and part of their party was a scavenger hunt and they were supposed to come and sing me a couple of lines from the song somewhere over the rainbow but they ran in here so excited that they just grabbed the next clue and ran out so when they came over yesterday they sang the song for me, they are so cute.

Yoda, the neighbor’s dog, stayed here with me last night because my aunt and uncle went to San Jose to play cards with some friends. It was really great to have a dog in the house again. I got a not so gentle wake up reminder at 2 AM why having a puppy next to your bed is not always a good thing... really really bad gas.

I bought a collar for Yoda on Sunday so I can take him for a walk and I am so excited.

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a corgi said...

so glad you got to have some time with Yoda; Yoda and Koda (my dog) could be best buddies, LOL!

sorry about your health problems; that is never fun :(

I'm glad Heather is back safe and sound from her surgery