Monday, July 25, 2016

A very busy and exciting week...

Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and I took Robby for a cruise through the Lagoon, down West Cliff Drive and up and down the Santa Cruz Wharf a couple of times before I had to go back home for my appointment with kay. I think I got all of my appointments out of the way and am ready for the trip on Thursday.

Tuesday was another great day. Lisa came in and got me up and we cruised over to cost plus because they have the best snacks ever, I like to have a lot of different snacks when we travel... A lot of stuff that I probably shouldn't eat but I will. We cruised back and I rested for a bit before Rosa came in, while we were doing some personal care and a bath Lisa was giving Robby a bath and spray painting seashells and other nautical figures on the screen doors because people keep walking into them. It looks awesome!

Wednesday was another busy day. Karen came and got me up and did some more packing, she thinks of everything and I am so relaxed knowing she will pack everything I need. Robby and I took off to see Jennifer for my facial, I always feel so great after my facial because I'm not afraid that somebody will see all of my whiskers… She is very thorough. We cruised down to Dominican rehab for this support, there was only a couple of people there but we always have a really nice time talking and it goes by fast. Omar took my van and picked up David at the San Francisco airport and then cruised over to Santa Clara to pick up the rental van, David drove it home. It was perfect, I was nervous all week hoping it would hold everybody and everything. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I got to visit with my brother for a little while, we have to get some sleep because we wanted to leave early in the morning.

 Thursday was a great day. We packed up the van and headed for Ashland Oregon, we wanted to leave at 10 AM but of course you know that never happens… I think we ended up leaving about noon. I really love traveling but I always get a little nervous when we get close to the hotel were going to stay at. I have tried pretty much everything but I just can't stop panicking as soon as everyone goes to bed, I know all I have to do is call for help and somebody will come running… I don't know what the problem is. The first night in the hotel Lisa turned off the television in the middle of the night and I woke up panicking, I tried to calm myself down and I did make it until morning.

Friday was another great day  We left Ashland Oregon and got settled into our hotel in Clackamas Oregon. My nephew David texted us to see if I wanted to go out to dinner so we met them at the Olive Garden, it was so nice to see him and Melissa.  We met everybody at a place that Stanley and Janet rented for the groomsmen, this place was amazed! Everything in the house was made of pine and redwood. There was a lake in the back and a zip line swing, Lisa was having a lot of fun with it and try to get Karen to try it… Eventually she did. Dr. Bob barbecued and it was a killer dinner.  Dr. Bob gave Robby is very first taste of tai-tip and Robby went crazy, I think it was probably the best thing he had ever tasted. We went back to the hotel and Lisa and Karen put me too bed and then Karen and I did some personal care and a shower while Lisa ran some errands. They make such a great team and are so much fun to have around, everybody has so much fun traveling together.

Saturday was the day we have all been waiting for, Robert N McKenzie's wedding. I woke up early enough to take Robby for a nice little cruise, with Karen and Lisa working together they can get breakfast and get me up in record time.we got to the venue and had a little time to cruise around and check the place out, it was gorgeous. A beautiful park in the woods with redwoods and a lake. Mackenzie's family lives there and runs the place, I got to talk to both of them for a while and they are pretty awesome. The ceremony was so beautiful, their backdrop was made out of redwood and after the ceremony was going to be Robert in Mackenzies headboard for their bed. They have a bunch of tables lined up down by the river for the dinner afterwards and the food was awesome! Melissa's mother made these little tiny pies that were so moist and delicious. The decorations and the table were so creative and beautiful. It was so nice to be able to cruise around and everybody I met was really nice. My mom, David, Karen, Lisa and I headed back to the motel and they had me back in bed in no time at all. What an amazing day!

Sunday was another great day. We had breakfast and then headed over to Mackenzie's parents place to watch Robert and McKenzie open their wedding gifts. The house is up there are so cool and there was no exception, so beautiful and decorated perfectly. Corrine and Nathan wanted to take us down to the Pearl District to go shopping. They gave us the address and we met them down there, it was a little scary at first because there was a lot of homeless people and trying to run down park. In Oregon people who don't have homes are allowed to pitch a tent, they don't allow that in Santa Cruz and in fact go through during the day and gather up any tents, sleeping bags etc... they find laying around. Once we got down to the streets where all the shopping was it was amazing! We went into quite a few shops and had a really good time. We ended up in this really big beautiful park and I noticed my battery was dying so Corinne and David went back to get the vehicles while Nathan, Karen, Lisa and I explored the park and got to know Nathan a little bit more, he is such a sweet kid. We decided to stop at this pancake place on the way back to the hotel and get something to eat, the menu was amazing. I got chicken and waffles, I have always wanted to try it and it is an amazing combination. Karen got cappuccino pancakes and we split our dinners, of course the cappuccino pancakes were also amazing. Corrine got the Elvis pancakes which were peanut butter, banana and bacon… She got them without the peanut butter and gave me a taste and they were also delicious. We all met in the hotel kitchen and it was really nice. After dinner we went back upstairs and Karen and Lisa put me to bed.

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betty said...

Sounded like a fun trip, Tammie! What great pictures from the wedding! Wishing them the best in their new live together! Looks like they also got some nice wedding gifts too!