Monday, October 19, 2015

More family leaving and more family coming to visit…

Monday was kind of a busy day but it was nice. Karen came in and got me up and I went to my dentist appointment well she took Robby in for his ultrasound to see how the tumor on his liver was doing. They took x-rays and I need to go back next week for some dental work, other than that the dental hygienist said I was doing a great job and she didn't have to scrape anything off of my teeth at all… all she did was take x-rays and polish. I cruised back and hung out for a while and then Dr. Shuman called and said the things that were on Robby's liver were gone he has a clean bill of health. He weighs 76 pounds but that would like to see him Down to 70 pounds, he looks really good.  Robby and I cruised down to AT&T so I could ask them why my battery is only lasting three hours, they gave me a phone number so I can exchange my phone. We cruised over to cost plus to check out all of the Halloween decorations and I found some Halloween wine for my wine racks, they have the coolest stuff there. Rosa came in and put me to bed and Seth came over to watch a movie but I was exhausted.

Tuesday I didn't feel very good so I decided to just stay in bed. Lisa came in and we just straight out around here, it's nice to stay in bed once in a while and get some other stuff done around here. I stayed on my side and watch TV and slept most of the day. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and I took Robby for a nice long cruise through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back where I saw this really cool new water fountain that they were installing outside of this restaurant they have been remodeling for about six years, to the end of the boardwalk and back and then home. I thought it was going to be hot so I left Robby home while I went to Dominican rehab for our monthly support group. I didn't make the support group the last couple of months so it was really nice to see everybody, 10 people showed up. We had such a nice time talking them before we knew it the hour had gone by and it was time to vacate the yoga room, we only have it for an hour but sometimes we can get away with an hour and a half if nobody scheduled it after us. I cruised home and Rosa came in to put me to bed, it was a really great day.

Thursday was kind of a bummer day. I think I have a bladder infection because the last couple of mornings I woke up in my bed was soaked, at least I hope it's a bladder infection and not something more serious. A couple of days I woke up and my urine was really dark, that's why I think it's a bladder infection. I ended up staying in bed on my side and just watching TV all day. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and my all-time favorite nice long hot bath.

Friday was another pretty good day. There wasn't a lot of sun but high humidity. Lisa came in and got me up, Karen is on vacation until next Wednesday. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive to watch a little bit of the cold water classic… I think it's going on until Sunday. We cruised down to the end of the wharf and back, down to the end of the boardwalk and back and then down to the end of the wharf and back again and then home… It was so nice to be out and about I didn't want to come home but it was time. Theresa came in and put me to bed and I watched Dr. Phil the rest of the evening.

Saturday was a bittersweet day. I decided to stay in bed to nurse my UTI but that means I'm going to miss the last bout of the derby girls. I am really glad that it is a UTI and not bladder problems that will need surgery or something. Cindy came in and turned me on my side for the day, the pressure sore on my butt is also looking better so I'm feeling good about staying in bed.Well the chills on most of the day so I decided to look it up on the Internet and most of the postings said that the hose leaks when it's improperly inflated and guess what?? It was improperly inflated. Why didn't I think to look it up earlier and save myself a headache… Literally. It has a huge relief knowing that it was the tube and not something more serious.

Sunday was a great day. It was so nice to finally be able to get up and cruise around with confidence, no leaking during the night. Cindy came in and got me up and took me to Costco and it started raining really hard, I was so excited until I remembered that I put my electric throw outside to dry off… I was still excited although I was at Costco and unable to rescue my blanket. I go through the electric throws kind of fast, because I use them every night they seem to wear out. On Amazon I usually pay $60, they held them at Costco for $20… I couldn't believe it, I bought four of them. I came back and decided to take Robby for a cruise through the lagoon since it stopped raining but as soon as I got to the lagoon it started raining again and I didn't want to ruin my Google Glass so I came home. When I got to our street Seth met me outside of his house and told me that Kevin and his friend Chris were here, Kevin is my cousin from San Diego. He owns a group of bungalows and there's a gym on the property… he has a personal trainer. They came over from across the street and we hung out for a while and then decided to go to lunch at Your Place, it's a restaurant I found a while back that is a farm to table restaurant, I've been there three or four times and food is really good… Everybody enjoyed their lunch. We came back and hung out for a little while longer and then they left, they won a dinner in San Francisco at a silent auction so they were heading there for the evening. Theresa came in and put me to bed and we did some personal care and of course a nice long hot bath, I was falling asleep as she was leaving.

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betty said...

So many cool Halloween decorations, Tammie! That Halloween wine looked interesting; might have to see if any store here carries it. So glad to hear that Robbie's tumor was gone; I bet it will be manageable to get his weight down a bit with cutting back a bit on his food. Looked like it was a pretty good week all in all for you :)