Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm excited about visiting with family…

 Monday was an awesome day. My aunt came by with Jan and Jim, two of their friends that I have gotten to know really well, I play words with friends with Jan and she really kicks in my butt every game but it's fun. It was really great to see them. We all took the train ride from Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to the redwoods in Felton, everybody had such a great time. The train ride is so beautiful and just makes you feel great. It takes a little over an hour and then they let you off in Felton at Roaring Camp Railroads where you can have lunch and take a walk through Henry Cowell State Park, we did both. I had a turkey sandwich and it was really awesome, I don't know what kind of bread my sandwich was on but it was awesome… It had nuts in it. We cruised over to Henry Cowell, I just love the redwoods. We cruised on back to Roaring Camp and the train ride back was just as beautiful. It was a little warm outside but the train ride cooled everyone down. We decided to cruise down to the end of the wharf, everybody wanted to check out the sea lions. It was such a beautiful day and Melissas family is so much fun to hang out with, of course so is mine. Rosa came in and put me to bed while David barbecued steaks, roasted potatoes, made garlic bread and a killer salad. Such a great day!

Tuesday was another great day, any day that I don't have to stay in bed is a great day. I almost thought I was going to spend another day in bed, Lisa didn't show up until 8:30 AM. She got me up and I waited to hear from chef Jamie until noon, he was supposed to come by here at 11 AM… I hope this isn't any indication. Lisa took me over to Costco to do some shopping. For some reason I had to keep stopping and tilting back because I kept breaking out in a sweat. I texted the chef when we were leaving Costco and he said he was on his way to pick up his kids at day camp, I hope this is an indication that he's going to be a flake. I told the chef and I just wanted to start trying some of these meals and see if I liked them so he said he would Bring me some samples of lunch and dinner on Thursday and we'll see how it goes. I asked him if he also made breakfast and he said yes he would send me a list. I got home to rest a little bit before Rosa came in. She put me to bed and we did some personal care. Lisa didn't charge my lift right so Rosa had to get buy a portable lift out of the garage and use that, unfortunately that meant no bath. Robert and his new girlfriend McKenzie came to spend a couple days.

Wednesday was a really great day. Karen came in and got me up and Robert and Mackenzie, David and Melissa and I went to the Monterey Bay aquarium. It was so cool and everybody had a great time. We had a salad before we went through the aquarium and after we found a really nice restaurant, after we sat down we remember that we have been there before along time ago. The dinner was really nice and the calamari was awesome. We came home and Rosa came and put me to bed. I slept really good.

Thursday was a pretty good day. We were going to go to the San Francisco zoo weather was really tired from the day before so we just decided to do local stuff. I took Robby for a really long 8 mile cruise around Santa Cruz, it was really nice to get out and about… we haven't gotten along cruise for a while. Rosa came in and put me to bed, her uncle was in the hospital and have an operation so she wanted to go see how he was doing so we did do any personal care or a nice long hot bath, we will do that tomorrow morning. David made gluten-free and dairy free Pizza and it was really good, everybody was surprisingly impressed. We found some cashew cheese that really tasted good and a gluten-free pizza dough crust from of course… Amazon!

Friday was a nice relaxing day. I decided to stay in bed, actually fate decided it for me. Karen came in and we get some personal care and I got take a nice long hot bath and the rest and watch TV the rest of the day and evening, it was kind of nice.

Saturday was a pretty good day. Karen came in to observe and answer any questions Cindy had getting me up, she did really well and I think she's ready to do it solo. I wanted to get up and cruise around with Robby early before it got too hot, it was supposed to be 91°. We cruised through the Lagoon, Down W. Cliff Dr. And back, Down to the end of the wharf and back and down to the end of the Boardwalk and back and then home. I'll day I was wondering why it was so crowded everywhere and then it dawned on me… it's Saturday, I kept thinking it was Monday. I came back and talk to Omar for a while, he went fishing on Tuesday and brought me some codfish… I can't wait to have it for dinner. Rosa came in and put me to bed and cooked the codfish and some egg plant… it was excellent! I spent the rest of the evening watching movies on pay-per-view.

Sunday I decided just staying in bed and do beauty parlor staff. I found some electrodes that are supposed to kill the hair follicles, I always really want to believe that this stuff will work. I watched a movie on people you called still Alice, it was a great movie. The rest of the time I just napped on and off. I had no evening caregiver so my mom came down and fed Robby and I and set that up, I was laying on my side all day.


betty said...

It looked like you had a great week, Tammie! That train ride sounded fun, as well as the aquarium! Robbie also looked like he enjoyed getting out, I bet he liked the trail ride! The pictures of the ocean were so very nice! Now living in Arizona, I miss the ocean so its nice to see pictures of it on your blog!


Anonymous said...

I liked the photo of Robbie looking over the fence.