Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh no, not again…

Monday was a pretty boring day, it looks like I'm going to be stuck in bed AGAIN for most of the week because of a pressure sore. I pretty much just laid on my side all morning, back on my butt for a couple of hours and I will be on my side for the rest of the evening. It's better to catch it and get rid of it before it gets much worse but I really hate staying in bed. Rosie came in to put me to bed and I really wanted to watch movies online but I fell asleep. I really do sleep a lot better since I got the CPAP machine.

Tuesday was a good day. The weather was perfect and I got to get up for a little while. I have an appointment at the sleep disorder clinic, I really like the doctor and everyone else is also very nice. Most nights when I fall asleep I only sleep about 10 or 20 minutes and I usually wake up panicked feeling like there's something wrong so I asked him if that was normal and he said he wasn't really worried about it so I guess I'm not going to worry about it either, usually I can go right back to sleep and I sleep pretty much through the night. He upped the pressure a little bit and I don't have to go back until February. After that I have an appointment at Dominican rehab with Andrei, I just love Andrei… He is definitely always there when I need help and gets me in right away. Roger is also pretty awesome. They are looking into getting me a new back for my chair and possibly a new seat, they have a back rest that molds to your body and I think that sounds pretty cool. They lifted me up and did pressure mapping for my chair to see where the problem is. I love how they just get stuff done. Lisa brought me back and put me to bed and on my side until Rosa got here.

Wednesday was another day stuck in bed, I'm trying to do every other day so I don't go crazy. It's pretty encouraging that my pressure sore is healing up really fast.  I got an email from a guy who was the assistant editor for PVA magazine, it has something to do with paralyzed veterans of America, she wants to do an article on Google glass. My Google glass hasn't been working very well so I called tech support back again and of course I need somebody here so they are going to call me back tomorrow at 10 AM so Karen can help me fix them.

 Thursday was a really great day. I got to get up and out of your other weather was perfect, it was so nice to be out and about. I went over to pet smart to practice being around other people and dogs, I want to say it was more for Robby but I think I am the one that gets tense when other people and dogs come around and that is a really good place to practice. I ran into Lisa, she got a CCI dog a couple of months back and both hers and mine were raised by the same puppy raiser. After that I had an appointment with Dr. Owens, she said all of my lab results for my last blood test shows everything looking good and if my A1 C keeps dropping pretty soon I can get off of the oral meds, my A1 C is down to six, my good cholesterol is still a little bad and my liver and kidneys look great. I called Lisa to have her come and pick me up because my backyard was getting low and because on the way to the doctor's office my chair all of a sudden stopped working, he didn't shut off it just stopped rolling… Pretty scary. We came back and Lisa put me to bed, I didn't get to take a bath because of the pressure sore but even after being up all day by pressure sore is looking better. I think I will be able to start getting up every day again on Monday, I'm so excited!

Friday was a really busy day for not even getting out of bed. The visiting nurse, my new case manager, came in the morning to get the schedule all straightened out.  She gave me these really cool medical honey patches, I have medical honey and I hear really good things about it so I'm excited to see how it works. They're sending a physical therapist out and also a psychologist, I have been thinking about seeing one for a while so this will be a great start. Since Robby's attacks and getting hit by the SUV my anxiety and frustration has soared, it's getting harder and harder to be around people that I know there must be some kind of tools out there to get over it and I'm excited that this might help. I've seen psychologists in the past and it seems like I just talk until I told them everything and then they wanted to talk some more, I need somebody who's going to give me tools so I can handle whatever comes along. Google glass support called and her and Karen fixed my glass, I can't wait to get up and try them out. Karen took Robby down to his vet appointment with Dr. Martinelli and everything looks good except for his bottom lip, he still has a lot of yeast.

Saturday was another day I was stuck in bed, it's not making me as crazy as I thought because there's been a lot going on. Omar, Teresa and Lisa put the finishing touches on the Halloween decorations and put batteries in everything… So exciting! I can't wait to have Lisa take pictures tomorrow so I can see. The rest of the day I just kind of relaxed and watched shows on TiVo, it seems like I never get caught up. Teresa stayed to feed Robby and I and catch up on some laundry.

Sunday I stayed in bed again, I'm starting to get a little restless and tired of this but it is necessary… I think I'll be up and ready to go again by Tuesday, the visiting nurses coming back on Monday. Lisa came in and took some more pictures of the final touches they did yesterday on the Halloween decorations, and looks awesome and I can't wait to get up and see it for myself. Shauna came in and filled Robby and I and we did some personal care.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your lover is doing great! ;-)


betty said...

Great holiday decorations, Tammie! So festive! I think I would be a bit anxious too after getting hit by that SUV! Hope it gets resolved soon as well as your pressure spot healing so you aren't stuck in bed as much as you are!


chippertue said...

Yikes thanks Susie lol

My pressure spot is almost healed and I am ready to get out of this bed and back into life!