Monday, August 11, 2014

What kind of a week is this going to be…

 Monday I felt a lot better but still a little twinge every time I look one way or the other so I decided to take a nice long hot bath and see how I felt. After the bath I just felt exhausted and drained so I decided to stay in bed one more day.I dozed in and out all day and that was kind of nice. Rosa came by to get her check and I told her that she didn't need to come in and that my mom would feed Robby and I.  José called and said that the part for my bed finally came in and he would be over tomorrow to put it on, the top rail on the right side hasn't been working and boy is that a real pain in the butt. Everybody will be so glad when it is fixed. Susan came at 8 PM to give me a massage, she brought Ori to hang out with Robby… They are such good buddies. Of course Robby ran into the front yard and started eating sand dollars and then came into the bathroom and threw up a lot, he threw up again and started screaming so often the emergency vet. Thank goodness Susan was here to take him. The nurse called me to get some information and I could hear Robby screaming in the background, just breaks my heart. They are x-raying him right now to see if they're going to be able to get him to throw it up or if they're going to have to do surgery. I just want him to get better and come home. they did an x-ray on Robby and he still has a couple of pieces of sand dollar in his lower intestines, if it was in his upper intestines with acid from his stomach would disintegrate it but it's of the lower intestines so all they can do is either wait to see if it passes or do surgery to take them out. If they leave them in there and wait for them to pass it could cut through his intestines and that they would have to do surgery anyway. I told them to just go ahead and do the surgery so he won't have any more pain, that means two weeks of taking it easy and he's not going to like that but that's what needs to happen. The doctor just called and said that Robby came through surgery okay, they didn't have to cut into his G.I. tract so that's great. I get to bring him home tonight or tomorrow night. Now I can get some sleep, even though Lisa comes in in 15 minutes. But the good news is my puppy is okay!
Tuesday I was still a little bit sore and Robby wasn't here so I really wanted to just stay in bed and sleep but José was coming to fix my bed and he needed me to be out of it so I got up. Lisa did my fingernails and then Kelly came over and we decided to go have lunch at the picnic basket. We both had the beet Sandwich which has of course beets, hummus, wasabi and lettuce on wheat bread… Very delicious. I also got a piece of carrot cake loaf, the first time my holiday was a lot better. We got one for my mom also and we came back and ate it on the back porch. Rosa came in to put me to bed, do some personal care and take a bath although the bathwater was cold so that was cut short. That's good I guess because I basically slept through the whole thing.
 Wednesday I was still a little tired and sore so I decided to stay in bed, I didn't have Robby around to cruise with me so I wasn't in the mood anyway. Karen painted my toenails so they would match my fingernails but then I decided it would probably be best if I didn't go to Tiffany's graduation party, it would've been nice to see her and Roxy but I think it was too much excitement for Robby. They called me when Robby was ready and Kelly went over to pick him up. You could tell he was happy to be home but just worn out and slept the rest of the day. I just relaxed and watched TV. Somehow through all this I picked up a UTI so that explains why I am so tired and not feeling good, drink lots of water…
Thursday was another sad day. It just breaks my heart to see Robby wandering around in pain. I got up just to take him for short walks so he won't get stiff and because I had an appointment at the sleep disorder Center. I got all the way over to the sleep disorder Center and my appointment is next Thursday, I can't believe I wrote down the wrong day. Since we were out we decided to stop at Charlie Hong Kong's and get some pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu and prawns, it's been a long time since I've had that and it was awesome. We got back and Shauna came in to do some personal care but again no bath because no hot water. Teresa said it look like the fire went out on the water heater but nobody wanted to touch it, I can't really blame them. I sent a message to Omar and he said he would come and check on it tomorrow.
 Friday was another frustrating day. Robby was uncomfortable all night and all morning so I couldn't take it anymore and called the vet, they said after four days he shouldn't be this uncomfortable and to bring him back in so Kelly took him in for me. They said everything looked good but they kept his pain medication, thank goodness because I can't stand to see him in pain and uncomfortable. They said to put a warm washcloth on the incision for five minutes at night, good luck with that… Omar came by and fixed the water heater so I get to take a bath tonight, I'm so excited. Karen did some more personal care, I was a little backed up because I took a couple of Vicodin and a couple of tramadol when my back/neck/shoulders were hurting. Come to find out it was a bladder infection. Omar went and got the tank for my graywater system, I'm so excited about that. He's going to come back tomorrow and hook it up. I decided to just in bed and not go to see starship tonight at the concert on the beach, it would've been nice to go but I'm just too worried about Robby and I want to be here with him.I was getting ready to settle in and watch some TV and when I heard Shawna talking to someone outside saying "oh your home" I couldn't imagine who she was talking to because I know my mom was upstairs. Pretty soon I heard a knock on my door and in comes my brother Stanley and my nephew Robert, what a great surprise. Robert was getting ready to go away to college in Oregon to be with his brother, and go to college, so they decided to come by for one last weekend before he goes. We visited for a while and then Seth and his friend came over to see if I wanted to watch a movie, they said they would come back later but they didn't… You know how teenagers get distracted.

Saturday was a really great day. I got up and I could smell bacon, one of the best feelings in the world. My brother came down with an omelette, bacon and some toast with butter for breakfast. I think there must of been about six pieces of bacon and a quantity them all but I only ate two, it was really hard. I only ate one piece of toast and half of the omelette, I was pretty proud of myself because I wanted to devour it all. Luckily Lisa was here and she helped me out so I didn't feel like it was going to waste. I took Robby for a short cruise over to the lagoon and back and he seems to be doing much better but I didn't dare go any further. Robby and I hung out most of the day in the backyard, it's so beautiful back there and the weather was perfect. I was trying to get some music on my TV and my computer so I could listen to it outside but it just wasn't working. I got Cromecast a while back but haven't really used it that much and I don't know why because it's awesome. I figured out how to watch Netflix on my TV and yesterday I was trying to get iTunes to play on my TV so I can listen to it outside and I think I figured it out and downloading my iTunes library right now, at least I hope it is because it sure taking a long time. I thought I would be nice to be able to get some Bluetooth speakers so I could listen to my library on my phone so I started looking and I saw the Bose Bluetooth speakers and thought "hey, I have that so why am I looking" I texted Tom and asked him if he still had it over there and he brought it back so didn't buy anything else… I can't wait to try it out. My brother Stanley came down and we hung out for a while, did I mention what a nice surprise it was to have him and my nephew Robert come to visit? We decided to go to Ristorante Italiano for dinner, everyone time they take people there they are always satisfied. Stanley and Robert had cioppino, my mom had pasta with bacon, prosciutto and caramelized onions and I had calamari pasta… Once again everybody was happy. We were all stuffed but decided to get a couple of desserts and everybody try a bite of each one, we decided on a cannoli because Stanley always heard them rave about them on everybody loves Raymond and wanted to try one and we also decided to try the key lime pie because the server said it was her favorite… Both of them were awesome. We came back and Shauna was here sewing, she came early to watch Robby so we didn't have to take him with us. Some of me to bed and my brother and nephew went home, it was sad to see them  go but we had a great time. Omar texted me and said that he was fishing and fell so that's why he didn't come over today to hook up the graywater system to the tank, he texted me a picture and it looked pretty bad BUT he caught an awesome fish so he was happy.

Sunday was kind of a lazy day. Robby still wasn't feeling his best so I decided to stay in bed and rest. Lisa came in and put some succulents on a couple of topiary balls I had in the garage and replanted a spider plant that was way too big for what it was planted in, she is so creative and loves doing that kind of stuff. Teresa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, it felt great.


betty said...

Poor Robby and you, Tammie! What an ordeal he had with the sand dollars and his surgery! I hope he continues to slowly improve. My son gets music that he listens to through his smart phone through Pandora; I think it is 99 cents a month, but he can also play it on his tablet and I think most laptops. He can choose what type of music he wants and make his own play lists, etc. That might be something to check in for your music.


chippertue said...

I can only say I'm glad it's over! Thanks Betty, I will look into that. I hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I've done that. Arrive at an appointment or an event days early.