Friday, May 16, 2014

Starting out the week stuck in bed…

 Monday was another day stuck in bad because of the not so smart things that I do sometimes, after I see the effects it makes perfect sense. I watched a movie called Labor Day and it was really good, I remember seeing the commercials for it and thinking that it looks kind of good but it never really stuck in my mind but I'm glad I saw it. Most of the day I just kind of slept, it looks pretty hot outside.

Tuesday the same old thing, stuck in bed on my side until I could no longer stand it.I finally called my Mom down to put me on my back until Rosa gets here and then she got me something to put me on my side for a while. I can't take a bath so she gave me a bed bath and it felt really good, not as good as a bath but I felt clean. Jim and JoAnn came by to stay for a couple of days, Jim's aunt fell down and broke her hip and a couple other bones and they just wanted to be near her. They are really neat couple and fun to be around.

Wednesday was a great day. A day out in my chair and it was awesome. I had to go down and give some more blood for a cholesterol test I think. Anyway I got up nice and early and got down there before it got too hot. It only took about 20 minutes and by the time I got home it was already getting really hot. I rested for a while and decided to take Robby for cruise through the lagoon and down to the wharf, we only made it to the lagoon and back. I think it was 98° today but it sure was nice to be up in my chair. I came back and watched TV for a bit and then Rosa came to put me to bed. My mom came down and told me that my cousin fell down and they think he had a seizure, a stroke or heart attack. He's been through so much any such a good dad he doesn't deserve this, I hope these can be okay. It's really frustrating to hear when things go wrong and all I can do is lay here and think about it, I wish I could be there just to make sure that everything is going to be okay.

Thursday was just really hot. Daniel came to check out my batteries again and he said they failed to load test, whatever that is. He brought me a new charger to charge my chair for a while and see if maybe my charger is the problem. If the charger is not the problem and they will have to take my chair for a couple of days and try something else, I hope it's the battery charger. I had an appointment at the sleep disorder Center, I thought it was a fitting to try and find out which apparatus will be better for me. The two that I tried out were miserable and uncomfortable, they practically covered your whole face. It turns out it wasn't a fitting follow-up on the machine that I didn't yet have, I thought I was disorganized. We had some time to kill before diabetes class so we went to Horsnyders pharmacy to get another hospital table, Omar took my other one so he can put my exercise hand cycle so I can just drive up to it and use it myself… I got started exercising. We came back home to drop off the table and to pick up my binder for the diabetes class and then headed over there. We were the first ones there besides the instructor. We played a game of nutrition Jeopardy, I hate answering questions in front of people because I'm always afraid I'm going to get it wrong and they will laugh. We actually want 600 to 1200 that was awesome. We came back home and Teresa put me to bed and we did some personal care.

Friday was another day I needed to stay in bed, one more day and I think my pressure sore will be well enough to get up for a couple days. Both my brothers will be here and I really wanted get up and feel comfortable. The guy came with my CPAP machine and I was so nervous, I just can't stand to have anything covering my face like that but he brought this one called the pillow and it was awesome, I can't wait to try it out. It just goes in your nose and you have the option of a chin strap to keep your mouth shut or you can just try to keep it shut by yourself, I will try first without the chinstrap. He said just to put it on while you're watching TV and stuff because it will distract you until you go to sleep. My brother Stanley, Janet, Robert and Corinne showed up so we visited for a while and then I strapped on the old CPAP machine and tried to go to sleep.

Saturday I decided to stay in bed again, my pressure sore is almost there but not quite. Lisa came in and said Robby and I can put me on my side for a while while she did a bunch of stuff around the house. My brother David and my nephew JohnPatrick showed up and it was great to see them. I really wanted to get up today so we can all spend some time together. We decided to order pizza and salad, the pizza looked killer and the salads tasted killer. I love Woodstock pizza! We all ate pizza and visited for a while and then Shauna came to give me a bed bath and wash my hair, I can't wait until I can take a bath again. Lexi, one of her friends, Corinne, Seth and I watched a movie called that awkward moment, it was pretty good. My mom came down and put on my CPAP machine and I tried to go to sleep, it was even easier the second night and I decided to listen to an audiobook and I went right to sleep.

Sunday was an awesome day. I got up and got dressed, it sure felt good to be up in the chair. I hung out on the back porch with the family for a while and then decided to take brought before a cruise, I wanted to stay and hang out but Robby really needed to get out. We cruised through the lagoon, through the park on Bay Street and started to go down Westcliff but there was some kind of marathon going on so we turned around to go down to the wharf… That's where it ended. It looked like it was pretty much over so we cruise down to the wharf, it looks like I missed a great 100 year war celebration… They even brought some sand, some benches and Driftwood. We cruised back home and rested for a while and then David, Robert, JohnPatrick and I cruised back down to the wharf to see if we could see Corinne and Seth… They had cruised down there earlier but we couldn't find them. We cruised back home and rested for a bit just in time for dinner. My aunt and Kelly made corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, carrots, chard and a salad… The cabbage and the chard were from my aunts garden. It was delicious. Teresa came by and for me to bed and we did some personal care, still only bed baths for now but the bedsore is looking much better.

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betty said...

That's a good idea to put on your stuff for the CPAP while watching TV so you get used to it; I'm sure you'll eventually get the hang of it, Tammie! It has been hot down here too, not our usual May weather; they say we should be back to normal by Sunday, I hope so!