Sunday, May 20, 2012

This is going to be a great week…

I am "Thankful" for all those difficult people that I have crossed paths with in my life... They have shown me "Exactly" who I do not want to be......... Live Life :)

Monday was like my Friday usually is. I got a massage in the morning and a really long personal-care session. My cousins little girls came over to get their birthday presents. My mom and I got them each a butterfly nightlight and a butterfly Mobile, they were so excited and they love them. After that my aunt took them across the street for a nap, I wonder if she had any luck with that? I have had some potatoes that she took out of her garden and brought them over to plant in my front yard, I think potatoes will pretty much grow anywhere. I still plan on having my own little garden in the front yard, I think it will be really cool. Heather can just come through the gate, pick what she wants to cook and then come on into the house. I just relaxed the rest of the day and watched a couple movies… joyful noise and the final destination, very different movies on the nice scale.

Whether You Say You Can or Can't....
You're Probably RIGHT!!!!!!!

Tuesday was just the perfect day. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, through the soccer Park, up over the bridge… I like to look down and see how crowded the wharf and the beach are before I cruised down there. It was a little chilly on the end of the wharf and I noticed on the way back a dog sitting under the picnic table and I was surprisingly startled, Robby is actually the one who saw it 1st but he just wanted to play… I am so glad that that attack didn't change him. I cruised down to the boardwalk and went by a group of people with an unleashed dog, luckily the lady grabbed the dog as he leaped up… am I just noticing them more?? We cruised up and down the boardwalk a couple times, I kind of feel safe there because there's no dogs allowed. Then we cruised back down to the wharf but on the other side of the street because the group of people were still there. I saw a police car that nobody around. We cruised back home and practiced our commands for the day, Robby is so smart. The weather was nice and warm but unfortunately my arms hurt all day and I had constant shooting pain growing up my arms, I don't know what that is by just wanted to go to bed. I took a couple of Advil PMs and I slept really good for a couple of hours and just as I woke up my Bose system shut off in this time my mom wasn't able to turn it back on so I just listened to music  and an audio book, that's probably what I should be doing anyway instead of watching TV.

People keep telling me that when the dog comes up to Robby or I aggressively I should just ram them with my 650 pound wheelchair but I just can’t bring myself to do that, it’s not the animals fault… what I would really like to do is find the owner and ram THEM but that’s not right either. People know how their animals act in public and whether or not they are going to become aggressive around other animals are not but they always seem to act like they’re surprised, sometimes they even get mad at me because their animal acts aggressive towards me or my dog. I’ve had people say that the wheelchair scares their animal, just admit that you have an aggressive animal. I think that Robby being so submissive doesn’t help. When we went on our road trip we stopped at a couple of dog parks and the dogs always seem to go after Robby whether they want to attack him or hump him. Whenever it is I just can’t let myself be scared or cautious when we go out in public because it always is such an unpredictable situation. If I’m afraid all the time it’s going to radiate down the leash and affect Robby.

Wednesday once again my personal care took a long time and I was really exhausted after. I took a nice long hot bath, that always makes me feel better and just watched TV the rest of the afternoon. They called me and said that my Van wasn't going to be ready for 5 to 7 days. They have to order a part from Germany, of course it can't be driven until it's fixed. Apparently a couple of the hoses are broken and radiator fluid is leaking into the engine. Somebody told me if 3 things go wrong with your new vehicle within a year is considered a lemon and they should take it back. Unfortunately they probably can't because I put a wheelchair lift in it. I canceled my appointment with my podiatrist tomorrow and I will have to reschedule when I get my van back. As long as it's ready to go by the time Tom and Kelly get here I will be happy. They said they have to tell people 5 to 7 days but sometimes it gets here in 3 days, wait and see. Heather brought me some leftovers from the Mother's Day brunch at the coconut Grove, she makes up an awesome menu and I am so lucky.

Thursday was a nice long beautiful day. Gabe came over and we visited for a while and then he invited me over to my uncles to visit for a while, my uncle was making hamburgers. My uncle and aunts garden is so beautiful and everything is just growing perfectly, kind of makes me want my own but mine won't get as much attention so I'm not sure… I'm still trying to decide. I wish that I had just eaten because the hamburgers smelled so good.  My aunt also made some potato salad, fruit and they had chocolate milk… I can't remember the last time I had chocolate milk. I cruised around with Robby for a long time on our regular route, a couple times actually.  People are starting  to recognize Robby and I around town, I hope it raises some awareness and people start putting their dogs on a leash, not one of those retractable leashes but a real one. Pretty soon it was apparent that Robby was getting too hot and he needed some water so we came home. As soon as I cruised through the door I could smell something wonderful, Heather was cooking some barbecued ribs. A dog trainer from Los Gatos e-mailed me because she saw the article in the paper about Robby being attacked. She wanted to talk little bit more about it so I gave her my number, I'm really looking forward to talking to her. For breakfast I had a poached egg, salsa chicken and avocado. I had a pineapple/mango smoothie for lunch and for dinner I had blackened salmon, asparagus and mushrooms/zucchini medley. It is so awesome to have Heather around.

Friday I had 5 people cancel on me. I didn't get my massage in the morning because Susan throughout her back, I feel bad because she has to stay in bed all day… I hope it doesn't ruin her weekend. Karen came in at 10 AM and we did some personal care and I got a nice long hot bath.  Luckily one of the 1st thing she does is turn on myself on because my afternoon caregiver left message saying that she wasn't coming in because she didn't feel good,  this means I couldn't get up even if I wanted to because there's no one to put me to bed. Teresa was going to come over and wax Karen and I, it had been a while. Teresa overdid it on Thursday helping out the nurse and she spent last week  spring cleaning her room so she was exhausted, she can't afford to be sick. She is going to be an awesome nurse but she does too much for everyone.  I didn't get to relax for very long and my uncle came in looking for cribbage game, even though Lee and Claudia canceled. We played about 4 games and my mom and I won again, $2. For breakfast I had barbecued ribs, a poached egg and avocado… I know ribs aren't really for breakfast but I couldn't wait to try them. I had a pineapple/mango smoothie and for a snack I had some salami and mozzarella cheese twist, I always get stuff for snacks for when we play cards but nobody wants to snack so I end up eating it during the day which I don't mind at all because I love that kind of stuff.

Saturday was just a huge disappointment. I had planned on going to the James Durbin concert for a long time and I wasn't able to go. Yesterday my weekend evening caregiver called in sick so I just assumed that she would still be sick today so I stayed in bed. I have a friend coming over from San Jose to go to the concert with me and she still wanted to come over after she found out that I wasn't going to be able to go but it just makes me uncomfortable when people come to visit me when I'm in bed, I really feel invaded upon. Teresa said  that she would come over and put me to bed but I think I was just annoyed because the evening girl didn't come in and I didn't think that Teresa should have to do it, she does so much. There's really going to be a lot of people there and I probably would've had to get there really early in order to see anything and it's really hard to get around when it's so crowded, even during the chili cookoff it's standing room only so I can only imagine how crowded the boardwalk is can be. Last year when James Durbin played they only advertised it pretty much in Santa Cruz and there was over 30,000 people. It would have been really nice to be a part of it. Karen left at noon and I got a message from the evening weekend girl at 1 o'clock asking me if I wanted her to come in. I asked her if she was still sick and she said “a little”. I can't risk having sick people around me, hopefully she will feel better tomorrow so I can get up and cruise around a little bit. For breakfast I had a poached egg, more of those killer barbecued ribs and avocado. I had a banana smoothie for lunch.  Karen filled out the paperwork for my appointment with the dietitian, they call it “life management classes”, next Wednesday. They want a pretty detailed description of everything that you eat for 3 days.

Sunday was a really great day. I got up and cruised around with Robby for a really long time until he just looked like he was getting too warm and then we came back home to rest and get some water. We cruised around the lagoon after Robby cool down a little bit and then came back home again. We practiced the day's commands, we practice 3 a day at the least. I like to cruise back and forth through the boardwalk  for a couple of reasons, one is because there is no dogs allowed and I know that he will not be attacked and the 2nd is because it's good practice for him to ignore and to be ignored. I'm getting better at just telling people “I'm sorry but he is working and he can't be distracted” most people understand but there are those that I hear say as they're walking away “that poor dog” are they saying this because they don't get the privilege of their attention? Sometimes I get really annoyed and asked them “why do you feel sorry for him, where is your dog right now” they usually say “my dog is at home” and I tell them “who would you say is the lucky one? The dog that is stuck at home or the one that is out cruising around?”. For breakfast I had a poached egg, Carnitas and avocado. After I got up I had a strawberry and banana smoothie with coconut water, walnuts and almonds, lactose-free yogurt and soy banana Mango fruit juice. For dinner I had barbecued ribs, Carnitas  and eggplant. It sounds like I need a lot but I always use the small saucer plates.

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That corgi :) said...

That would have been cool if you could have gone to the concert; I saw him perform this season on American Idol; you can tell he has matured a lot in this year; glad he's doing good, recording music, touring, etc. We're pretty excited because in the final this year on AI is Jessica Sanchez from the town I live in :) Whoever wins, it will be good though!

I'm always watching all the dogs when we are out and about with Koda if they are on leashes or not. It infuriates me that people have no regard for the leash laws. I don't even let little kids pet Koda even if they ask nicely. I'm sure their parents must think I'm weird but some pat him hard instead of petting him, rarely any of them pet him kindly if you know what I mean. If they want a dog to pet, get their own, LOL :) I do like the parents who tell their kids to not come by us when we walk; I like that they respect our privacy.

Can't believe it is almost Memorial Day already!