Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back in bed for a couple of days…

Monday turned out to be a really slow day for personal care so I doubted I would be able to get up but I did. I thought we got everything done yesterday so I could get up early today but it didn’t work out that way… at least I got up. I went to take Robby for really long cruise and I ran into Otis in the yard so I talked to him for a while. He had 3 of his dogs with him so he showed me their Halloween costumes, they all look so cute. I told him about wanting to put planter boxes in the front yard to grow my own vegetables next summer and he thought that was a great idea. He is such a sweet man. Robby and I went on through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back, through the boardwalk where we stopped for a while because it was so beautiful and so deserted, down the river and to Ross. I was going to go in Ross and look around but I got such a late start I decided I better just get home and I will check out Ross tomorrow, that way if I find anything I cannot do without I can have Teresa meet me there. I cruised back home through town and got back just in time to go to bed.

Tuesday I got up and took off to my appointment at Claudius for manicure and pedicure, it has been almost a month. I stopped and talked to my uncle for a bit and as I was cruising towards my appointment, which was at 11 AM, my mom texted me and said Claudia called to see if I can, at 12 PM instead. I decided to go down to the end of the wharf and lay back and watch the ocean, it is so gorgeous there. I heard a voice behind me, sounded very intoxicated, saying “oh what a beautiful dog you are, are you friendly” I said “I’m sorry he’s working” I heard the footsteps getting closer and I could see him petting Robby so I said, as I was sitting up in my chair because I knew he wasn’t hearing me “he’s supposed to ignore people when he’s working” I sat up and rolled away. I decided to cruise down by the Boardwalk and try laying back again. After a couple of minutes I heard another intoxicated voice saying “what a beautiful dog, are you going to bite me” again I said, knowing it probably wouldn’t do any good “I’m sorry he’s working” I heard the intoxicated voice say as I was sitting up again “you look too friendly to bite” again I said “he supposed to ignore people when he’s working” as I sat up and rolled away I heard him say “you take care of your mom.” It is so frustrating that I can’t get people to listen to me. I went to my appointment at Claudius and then took Robby for a cruise and then went back home.

Wednesday I got up and took Robby for our regular long cruise and decided I’m not going to stop anywhere I think I will be approached, I have to lay back 15 min. out of every hour so it’s really hard. I try to put Robby in the corner or up against a wall so nobody sees him. There’s so many intoxicated/on drugs people and people who don’t put their dogs on a leash that it’s really hard to keep Robby’s attention from straying, we are trying really hard. I came back home and Teresa brought some buffalo wings from wing stop, plain ones, Parmesan and lemon pepper ones, french fries and for some reason they give you carrots and celery… I can’t imagine anybody eating the carrots and celery, we never do. Teresa put me to bed and my mom and I played cribbage with my uncle and aunt and Lee and Claudia, I lost $4.

Thursday was kind of a bummer day. On Wednesday morning for some reason it took us a really long time to get my back brace in place that we had to redo it a bunch of times. In order to put in my back brace I have to lean forward and we put it down my back. Apparently by doing it so many times we rubbed in bruise on my back. It’s not a good thing but it really won’t hurt anything, it just takes a couple days to heal and go away. Personal care took a really long time but at the end of it I got a nice long hot bath and went back to bed, I’m usually exhausted with the personal care takes that long so I was ready to relax and watch TV.

Friday was of course my weekly massage, it always feels so good. I decided to just stay in bed because the visiting nurse was supposed to be here at 11 AM, of course it was almost noon when she got here. She didn’t have very good news, I’m back to staying off my butt as much as possible. I guess when you get older your skin gets thinner and hopefully this isn’t a preview of what is to come.

Saturday was supposed to be my support group meeting. Of course the visiting nurse and Teresa said that I should not go so I missed another one, I hope more people showed up this time. I have a couple of groupon's that expired today said Theresa went out and got lunch for everyone. The rest of the day was just flipping from one side to the other and me flipping out, it is so frustrating but you got a do what you got to do. Hopefully I’ll be okay by Thanksgiving.

Sunday was another long personal-care day spent in bed. I do love to get a nice long hot bath before I go back to bed but it would be even nicer to get up and out of here, I’m sure Robby agrees. Thankfully it was cold and rainy all day. Heather came over and cooked a bunch of stuff, the smell of everything she cooks is also a treat when I have to stay in bed but I want to eat EVERYTHING right now.

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That corgi :) said...

That would be frustrating Tammie with those that approac you and Robby, not realizing he is working and shouldn't be approached that way. Honestly, I don't know why everyone things they have to pet every dog they see anyway, etc. I'm very picky about who gets to pet Koda and its not because we are snobbish or anything but some are gentle with him, some are a bit rough, etc so I usually don't let anyone pet him.

Sorry its been a bit of an up and down week for you. But I do hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!