Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day...

Monday I took a really nice long hot bath, got dressed and got up. The weather outside was perfect, even though it was supposed to get up to 75°. Robby and I took out on our regular cruise around Santa Cruz. As we were cruising down the reservoir I could see this young guy stumbling towards us. At first it looked like he was just too hot because he had a big thick jacket on but as we passed by him I noticed he had a really strong smell of alcohol, he looked like he was probably 14 or 15 and I felt so bad I didn’t know what to do. I came back and as soon as I came in the door I could smell wonderful things in the kitchen, Heather was here. She made or pork roast with carrots, potatoes and onions, a meatloaf, chard, quinoa, bok choy with ginger and some trout with lemon and capers. Is that a dream come true or what? When Teresa came she brought some mustard chicken, kale and potato soup... it was awesome also. I just love hanging around people that can cook and do it so well. Theresa put me to bed and we decided since I have so much awesome food at my house we will go to the Tiki room tomorrow night for dinner, I know it doesn’t make much sense. Last night as I was about to go to sleep I heard little toenails walking down the hallway towards the living room. I turned the volume off on my TV and I said “are you kidding me?” Then I heard even faster toenails coming back into my room. I think it gets really warm in here for Robby so he tries to sneak out to the living room, I just need to keep it cooler in here... I forget he has that big heavy coat on.

Tuesday I didn’t get up until noon but it was a great day. Teresa came in about 11:30 AM and got me up so that Robby and I could cruise around for a while. Robby got a much-needed bath this morning so he was ready to run around and dry off. We went through the lagoon and down to the lighthouse but we couldn’t go any further because they were working on the rails and they had everything balked so we turned around and went down to the wharf, it was so beautiful and not very crowded. We cruised through the boardwalk and started to go down the reservoir but it started getting really hot so we turned around and came back. Teresa and I went downtown for a little shopping, mostly just a lot of looking, and then we went to the Tiki room. Karen has been telling us about the Tiki room for a long time and we have been wanting to try it, we were not disappointed. Usually we end up eating way too much so we split a burger and some sweet potato fries. The burger that we got was a cheese, bacon, pineapple and grilled onions... of course my half didn’t have cheese on it. The burger was awesome and we will definitely be back. I never really liked sweet potatoes but the fries were really good. We came back and Teresa put me to bed.

Wednesday my personal care and extra long time but I got to take a nice long hot bath and go back to bed. Tonight is American Idol and cribbage, I’m really looking forward to that. I heard that there’s a good possibility if they don’t send James Durbin home tomorrow night on American Idol he will be back here around the 14th for a concert. I will definitely be there for that if possible. His family is supposed to be up a Mother’s Day brunch at the Coconut Grove on Sunday, I hope I get to meet them, or at least see them.

Thursday was the first Thursday I have gotten up for a long time and it felt great. I had the bright idea of putting my leg braces on and my large brace, all made of plastic. I got to be about 74° and I will never do that again. My evening caregiver wasn’t going to be here until 6:15 PM but they canceled one of her classes so she was here at 4:30 PM, I was so relieved she came early. I ran out of water by 2 PM. It really was great to get out and wander around. We went on our usual cruise around Santa Cruz and then came back to rest for a bit and cool down and we started to go again but I wasn’t sure how hot the ground was on Robby’s feet so we just came back and watch the rest of the movie I had “two weeks notice” always a funny movie.

Friday I got to sleep in and then I got a nice long massage followed by a nice long hot bath, it was awesome. I got up and Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, down to the lighthouse, to the end of the wharf, through the boardwalk and back home. I did a standing frame and then went to bed, the weather and the day were both perfect.

Saturday I was supposed to participate in the human race, a stroll down West Cliff for your favorite charity... of course mine was canine companions for Independence. The scheduling got all screwed up and I ended up not going, Susan’s mother-in-law said that she would pick up my T-shirt for me. Robby and I went on our extra long cruise through Santa Cruz, the weather was perfect. We got home and Robby had some water and I rested for a bit and we took off again. As we were cruising back from the lighthouse we ran into the owner of Robby’s grandma, I can never remember their names but they are very sweet. She said that they are looking at houses here, I really hope they move here. We took off at 11 AM, came back briefly and on our second trip we got back just as Cassy text me and said she was on her way. I went to bed and then Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I played cribbage. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and although the weather was not very nice the day was awesome. My mom, my aunt, Teresa, Karen and I went to a Mother’s Day brunch at the Coconut Grove on the boardwalk, where Heather works. The food was awesome and I went off of my illumination diet and it was so worth it. The custard French toast was out of this world and the best bacon I think I have ever had. The desserts were awesome, I had a chocolate chocolate truffle but they have a little bit of everything. Everybody really enjoy themselves. After the brunch my aunt and I went to see water for elephants. I thought it was a really good movie and so did my aunt, she read the book and now I’m going to have to. The sun finally came out at the end of the day but it was still cold and windy.


That corgi :) said...

It does sound like a nice way to spend Mother's Day with your mom and aunt, Tammie. The desserts looked good! I did hear Water for Elephants was a good money; glad you liked it!! I didn't realize James Durbin was from your area; I'm rooting for him on Idol.

sounds like the rest of the week was a good one too for you!


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