Monday, May 16, 2011

James Durbin homecoming...

Monday turned out to be a good day, hopefully it’s going to start to get warmer. Robby and I went on our regular cruise but stopped at Ross to do a little shopping. We didn’t buy anything but I love that place. We came on home through town and after we crossed the street we were cruising down Pacific Ave. and I heard a little kid say “mommy, there’s that dog that press the button to change the light” they were so impressed. I have a very talented and helpful dog. We tried to get him to do the elevator but the buttons were on the wrong side and there was a rail so I couldn’t get Robby any closer... he helps me out when he can. I came home and Heather was cooking some wonderful stuff and it smelled so good. Teresa came and put me to bed and later on my uncle and aunt came over to play cribbage, my uncle was my partner and they put us to shame... we will get them on Wednesday.

Happiness is not found at the end of the road, it is experienced along the way. So take not for granted each moment of your life and you will find a reason to be happy each day.

Tuesday was really nice. I got to sleep in on and off until noon. After I got up Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, down to the end of the wharf and back, through the boardwalk and then back home. There wasn’t a lot of people around, it’s hard to believe that this Saturday is going to be so crowded everywhere with everybody wanting to congratulate James Durbin and welcome him home. Heather was making a spinach salad with cucumber, tomatoes, asparagus and crab... needless to say it was awesome. Teresa and I went downtown to Palace Art supply, Teresa needed a couple of frames. The weather was perfect except for on our way home it got a little cold and windy.

"The Canine Bill of Rights
I have the right to give and receive unconditional love
I have the right to a life that is beyond mere survival
I have the right to be trained so I do not become the prisoner of my own misbehavior
I have the right to adequate food and medical care
I have the right to socialize with people and dogs outside of my family I have the right to have my needs and wants respected
I have the right to special time with my people
I have the right to only be bred responsibly-if not at all
I have the right to some time and space all my own
I have the right to be foolish and silly, and to make my person laugh
I have the right to earn my person's trust and to be trusted in return
I have the right to be forgiven
I have the right to die with dignity"
~~ Carolyn Krause

Wednesday was really cold and really windy. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon and down to the end of the war before my manicure/pedicure. After we went down through the boardwalk and started down the reservoir but they were doing some roadwork so part of it was closed, we just turned around and came back home. It got really nice for a while and then the wind kicked up and I wasn’t really feeling very good so we were done. At night we played cribbage and watched American Idol, I can’t believe James Durbin will be here on Saturday... I hope I get to see him but it will probably be so crowded I won’t be able to.

Thursday was pretty close to a perfect day. I got up early so Robby and I took our usual cruise around Santa Cruz and came back to rest and get water, the laid-back switch on my chair broke so I’m afraid to be gone very long. We took off again but only had time to go through the lagoon, down to the wharf, through the boardwalk and partly down the reservoir. Some stupid dog owner had their dog off leash and chased us back towards the boardwalk so we decided to come back, very frustrating... I wish these people would keep their dogs on a leash. When Teresa came she waxed and shaved me and then I got a nice long hot bath and went to bed, I slept great.

Fridays I am really starting to like. I get to sleep in until 8:30 AM when the massage therapist comes and gives me an hour and a half massage. Karen comes in at 10 AM and gets me dressed and I’m usually up by 1 PM. I made it down to the wharf and the boardwalk and then had to come home because Cassy was going to be here at 3 PM to put me in the standing frame and then to bed. My uncle and aunt came over to play cards and they put us to shame. The weather was perfect.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings

Saturday I got to be being done real early so I could cruise around town and watch everything get ready for James Durbin homecoming. There sure were a lot of people around. I cruised by the beach stage about noon and people were already crowding around to get a good view of James singing. I cruised over to the wharf, through the boardwalk and down son Lorenzo reservoir and I noticed something going on at San Lorenzo Park so I cruised over. There was a couple of bands and a bunch of booths with people selling stuff. I cruised around for a while, they have a ramp going down to the lower part where it’s mostly grass and the concrete sidewalk was blocked with a portable toilet and some garbage cans so I had to turn around and go back. I came back home to rest for a while and started to get really cold and windy and the weather center was supposed to rain at 4 PM. I thought about it for a long time and decided it would be best not to go down to the boardwalk to watch James preform, I don’t think I would’ve been able to see anything because they say there was 20,000 people and I kept going outside and it was just too cold and windy, I didn’t want to get stuck out in the rain. I knew I would be sorry if I didn’t go but out also be sorry if I did. I just watched the results on face book and of course everybody had a great time.

Sunday was supposed to store them all day so I just took a nice long hot bath and went back to bed, of course the sun was out all day but it was very windy and cold. I did get a call from the guy that is installing my lift in my new van and he is almost done. After he sends it back to the place that did the conversion they will drive it here and install the tie downs where I want them and then it’s mine... finally. It will be nice to have a van that I know will start every time I needed to, the van I have has been a very good van but it’s time for a new one.

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That corgi :) said...

so close to getting your new van, Tammie! when you get it, you'll have to post a picture of it! Wise decision not to go and see James Durbin if the weather wasn't going to be good; it was sad to see him get eliminated from American Idol, shed a few tears when they made the announcement, but I think he is going to be just fine and pick up some type of thing with his music career!