Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The weather is getting warmer...

Monday it rained pretty much all day, it looks like it’s supposed to rain all week. Cassy, Heather and I went to have sushi at Mobos and then went to the movies to see True Grit. Both the movie and the sushi were really good. I had a calamari roll and a flying Tiger roll, both in think my favorites. We came back and heather cooked a bunch of awesome dishes to last me a couple of days. She introduced me to lamb sausage and cannelloni beans, one of my new favorites. The movie that we saw started at 130 p.m. and it was two hours, unfortunately Robby’s feeding time is at 3 PM, the movie was almost over with Robby jumped up and grab the leash and put it in my lap... I think he was trying to tell me something??

Tuesday can you believe my regular caregiver AND my backup did not come in so once again I had to cancel with Claudia for a haircut, manicure and pedicure... I really need a haircut. I think I have rescheduled her the last three or four weeks, thank goodness she is a family friend and understands. I watched a couple of movies and had a relaxing day regardless. Heather came over and made me calamari steak with capers, asparagus, Meyer lemon and butter over quinoa... needless to say it was awesome.

‎"One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why." ~Unknown

Wednesday was going to be a really good day but due to complications I had to go to bed early. Cassy and I were going to go have sushi and then go to see a movie, the roommate. We have both been watching a TV series called Friday night lights and one of the actresses from that series was going to be in the movie. Hopefully we will make it next Wednesday.

Thursday was just another rainy day and I didn’t feel very well so I stayed in bed again. Nothing really happened.

Friday the massage therapist came in late so I got a really nice massage, a nice long hot bath and went back to bed. Daniel was coming over to fix my chair, it seems like an ongoing thing but at least now I know it’s being taken care of.

Saturday was our Santa Cruz spinal cord injury support group. They had a couple of people there from the alliance to give us information on how to get help for things we need help with, it was very interesting. It was raining so hard so I had to ask my mom to give me a ride. I came back home and Heather was cooking an amazing dinner. Trout with lemon and capers, quinoa and asparagus and mushrooms. What a great day.

Sunday turned out to be an awesome day. We canceled puppy play date because without it was going to be cold and muddy so Cassy and I went out to eat and went to see a movie. Robby and I cruised downtown and met Cassy and Jack at aqua blue. I had a killer salad with miso wasabi dressing, Cassy had pad Thai noodles with chicken and Jack had a California roll with french fries. I have only been there twice but everything that everybody ordered looks awesome. After that we went to see a movie called the roommate. Cassy talked me into watching a series on Netflix called Friday night lights and one of the girls from that series was in the movie so we decided to go see it, it was a really creepy scary movie but I liked it.

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