Friday, November 6, 2009

Countdown, two more days...

I cannot believe that I’m leaving in two days, I have not even started packing but I do have a list so hopefully it will go smoothly. Yesterday while I was getting dressed I saw something really big out my bedroom window which is the dog run. When Teresa pulled back the curtains there was a huge raccoon eating the squirrels apples and peanuts. I talked to my uncle later on that night and he said that the night before there was two raccoons on his back porch eating dog food. Today I am going to get my fingernails/toenails painted and my eyebrows waxed and then Teresa and I are going to take Heather out for her birthday, we missed it last week. Susan came yesterday to give me a massage, that girl is wonderful. She said that she is going to be dropping off her son for camp next week in Santa Rosa and if she can she will come by Canine Companions for Independence and give me a massage, that would be awesome.

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That corgi :) said...

wow that is a huge raccoon! we have squirrels around here that eat the neighbor's fruit

safe travels Tammie! can't wait to hear about your adventures with it